03 Aug 2016

I met Richard at Trader Joe’s when he was Director of Technology for Trader Joe’s. What was most amazing was the knowledge and thorough understanding of all the unique systems and how everything fit nicely together into the Information Technology Enterprise. He started when Trader Joe’s was a small company and was the primary architect and strategist of how everything fit together including the datacenters backup and business recovery strategies. It’s not often you see all these capabilities in one person. I strongly believe Richards ability and foresight were the reasons why Trader Joe’s could grow from a small company to the 12 billion dollar enterprise it is today without growing the Information Technology Department exponentially. Today the headcount remains a small and efficient department probably 1 tenth the size of most departments for a company this size. It’s nice to see Richard transition into new fields of endeavor. I’m sure he will be equally as successful as an author and entrepreneur. The best always, Sid

Richard Lowe