My Ghostwriter Code of ConductA Code of Conduct is essentially a set of guidelines and ethical standards that govern the behavior of individuals within a certain context or profession. This Ghostwriter Code of Conduct sets a benchmark for professionalism, integrity, and respect for the work. It outlines the acceptable practices, expectations, and responsibilities of a ghostwriter. This can include aspects such as maintaining confidentiality, ensuring originality of work, avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting copyrights, and adhering to contractual agreements. The primary aim of the Ghostwriter Code of Conduct is to create a transparent and trustworthy environment where both the ghostwriter and the client feel secure and respected.

Why a Ghostwriter Code of Conduct is Necessary

Being a part of the creative world has shown me many things. One crucial lesson that I’ve learned is the importance of professional ethics, especially in areas like ghostwriting. Even as the words we pen become attributed to someone else, it doesn’t remove the significance of our craft or the ethical implications that accompany it. As I dive deeper into this topic, I carry my personal experiences as a compass, guiding my exploration and understanding of the Ghostwriter Code of Conduct.

In the realm of ghostwriting, a successful collaboration is fundamentally rooted in the relationship between me, the ghostwriter, and you, my client. It’s essential because it forms the backbone of a successful writing endeavor. The synergy that comes from our mutual understanding and respect for each other’s perspectives, ideas, and values can greatly influence the quality of the final product. A healthy relationship cultivates a safe space for open communication, where ideas can be freely exchanged and where feedback is both given and received graciously.

It ensures that I can capture your voice authentically, your ideas are represented accurately, and the final manuscript resonates with your vision. In a nutshell, a solid client-ghostwriter relationship isn’t just nice to have—it’s a must-have. It’s the engine that drives the creative process forward and ensures a rewarding experience for both parties. This is the basis for this ghostwriter code of conduct.

The Ghostwriter Code of Conduct

The ghostwriter code of conduct of The Writing King is described below.

  1. Promotion.
    • My services will be promoted honestly.
    • I will not misrepresent my abilities, knowledge and understandings.
    • I will not use any unethical SEO practices to promote myself, my services or my products. This includes black hat and gray hat SEO practices.
    • I will follow the terms and conditions of all social networking platforms that I use for promotion.
  2. Negotiations.
    • I will not guarantee results that are beyond my control.
    • I will accurately inform clients about any gaps in my knowledge, skills, abilities or knowledge.
    • I will ensure that clients understand that phone calls, Skype sessions, zoom sessions and so on are recorded and, if they object, cease recording immediately.
    • For clients that are minors, I will ensure that I get the agreement of and communicate with their parents or guardians.
    • I will ensure clients understand payment is in advance of services and there are no refunds of any amounts paid under any conditions.
    • I will not promise to meet schedules which are unrealistic.
  3. Written Agreement.
    • At the start of each project, I will create a statement of work that specifies the terms of the agreement between myself and my clients.
    • I will not start work with a client until the agreement is fully understood and signed.
    • Clients may terminate the agreement at any time with written notice without refund of any fees already paid. If they terminate, they are not responsible for any remaining fees or amounts.
  4. Changes In Scope.
    • I will quickly and accurately communicate any changes to the scope of work.
    • I will not perform work resulting from changes in scope without consulting with my clients.
    • I will ensure clients understand additional fees (if any) associated with changes in scope, and that those fees are due in advance of making the changes.
  5. Fees.
    • I will charge fair rates for my services.
    • For fixed-price agreements, I will complete the work within the price unless the scope of work changes.
    • For projects which are changed hourly, by the word, or by the page I will accurately track and invoice the exact amount of time used.
    • I will ensure clients understand any additional fees charged, such as credit card fees.
  6. Treatment of Clients.
    • I will serve my clients with utmost integrity and competence.
    • I will keep the relationship between myself and my clients on a professional level.
    • All clients will be treated with respect and courtesy.
    • I will not burden clients with any aspects of my personal life.
  7. Clients Treatment of Me.
    • I will not permit myself to be disparaged by clients.
    • I will not permit my clients to disparage others during interviews and discussions.
    • I will not tolerate being verbally abused by clients.
    • Projects will be terminated immediately without refund if client does not immediately cease abuse or disparagement.
    • I will not allow the work for one client to interfere with the scheduling or work of another.
  8. Works.
    • All works that I create for my clients will be the product of my own efforts.
    • I will not plagiarize the works of others.
    • I will ensure that any and all sources are properly cited.
    • I will ensure that clients receive electronic copies of all work, even if projects are terminated before the end.
    • Copyright of all works produced for clients remains with the client.
    • I will respect the rules for usage of trademarks and logos of other businesses in any works.
    • I will meet the schedules that I have agreed to.
    • I will adhere to FTC regulations regarding giving reviews and testimonials to clients or about client products and services.
  9. Interviews.
    • Most interviews will be performed over the Internet using Skype, the telephone, or a product such as zoom.
    • I will make it clear that except for local clients no in-person interviews will be performed, unless the client comes to my location.
    • Projects are expected to include a number of interviews, generally one per chapter or article.
    • Interviews will be on-point, and will be controlled so as to not waste time with subjects that are not related to the project.
    • I will keep adequate notes during interviews.
  10. Confidentiality.
    • All information provided by clients will be kept confidential and only divulged if required by law enforcement personnel.
    • Information provided by clients will not be divulged without written permission from the clients.
    • I will not violate the trust of any client regardless of the status of any project.
    • I will not violate the trust regarding information disclosed during pre-sales interviews, regardless of whether these result in work.
  11. Referrals.
    • When there is work on a project that I am not able to perform myself I will refer my clients to qualified professionals when possible.
    • I will only refer competent and qualified professionals.
    • Referrals will not be swayed by the presence of absence of any referral fees.
    • I will disclose to my client referral fees, if any.
  12. Conflicts of Interest.
    • I will avoid conflicts of interest and, if there are any, I will disclose them to my clients.
    • I will not perform ghostwriting services where such services themselves are unethical, such as term papers and school projects.
  13. Products and Services.
    • I will recommend products and services that are in the best interest of my clients regardless of if I receive an affiliate commission or referral fee.
    • I will disclose any commissions or referral fees to my clients.
    • If any services, such as web hosting or domain registration, is included in the project, I will use the clients existing accounts or create new ones for them. Under no circumstances will I host their sites or anything else in my accounts.
    • I will ensure clients receive usernames and passwords that are required to access websites, domain names and so forth.
    • I will ensure that any websites that I deliver to clients are free from security problems and up to date with any installations.
    • I will not use any unethical SEO techniques for anything delivered to clients.
    • I will not violate the terms and conditions of social networking platforms for client projects.
    • I will ensure the client owns or purchases the rights for all graphics and other material included in any delivered works, unless those can be documented to be in the public domain.
  14. Ethics.
    • I will not take on clients who are involved in businesses which violate the law or my own ethics and integrity.
    • I will not accept projects that:
      • promote illegal activities.
      • promote human trafficking.
      • promote drug abuse.
      • promote violence.
      • promote smoking.
      • slander individuals using actual names and situations.
      • promote violations of human rights.
      • disparage religious beliefs.
    • I will not knowingly violate the law performing my services.
    • I will not knowingly violate copyrights.
  15. General
    • I will not take on more work than can be completed in the time available on my normal work schedule.

Conclusion to the Ghostwriter Code of Conduct

Drawing this discussion to a close, it should be apparent how vital a Ghostwriter Code of Conduct is in maintaining the integrity of our craft. Ghostwriting is more than just writing; it’s about respect, transparency, and upholding the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. From my journey as a writer and a ghostwriter, I’ve learned that we become the silent custodians of others’ voices. This responsibility is as immense as it is rewarding. This Ghostwriter Code of Conduct not only protects the writer and the client but also upholds the sanctity of our collective creative expression.