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Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas? [Roundup]

Writers are so very creative and come up with some wonderful stories. Where do they get their ideas? read more →

Do You Hide Any Secrets In Your Books That Only A Few People Will Find? [Roundup]

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find or know about? 8 authors share their secrets with us. read more →

How Has Writing Changed Your Life? [Roundup]

How Has Writing Changed Your Life? You definitely want to read this. read more →

What Is The Best Thing You’ve Done To Promote Your Books? [Roundup]

11 authors describe what they have successfully done to promote their books. [roundup] read more →

What Are Your Goals With Your Writing? [Roundup]

To succeed, writers should set goals, which are the targets they want to reach. I asked some writers about their goals, and here are the answers. read more →

What Caused You To Become A Writer? [Roundup]

A large number of writers explain why they became writers. Their answers are fascinating. read more →

What Was Your Hardest Scene To Write? [Roundup]

Many writers explain the most difficult scenes they’ve had to write. Get their answers here. read more →

What Advice Do You Have For Writers? [Roundup]

Every writer has different experience and learns different lessons as they go about writing, publishing and promoting their works. Here is some of their advice. read more →

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? [Roundup]

Every writer is different, and sometimes we have certain rituals or quirks that help us write. read more →

What Hobbies Do You Have That Support Your Writing and How Do They Do That?

What Hobbies Do You Have That Support Your Writing and How Do They Do That? Get some answers here. read more →