Showing Pretty Women: 9 Brilliant Tips for Writing Beauty

Show a pretty woman

Can’t quite wrap your head around the concept of “Show Versus Tell”? Let’s explore with an example of “showing pretty women“.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. This intricate puzzle leaves even seasoned writers occasionally scratching their heads, trying to decode its true meaning and implications. The doctrine of “Show Versus Tell” undoubtedly stands as a cornerstone in the grand edifice of fiction writing. Its importance is amplified by the stress laid on it in most writing courses and creative writing sessions, with instructors preaching the mantra, “You’ve got to SHOW not TELL,” as if it were the golden rule.

So, what does this esoteric piece of wisdom signify in the context of actual storytelling? Let’s try to uncover its essence through an example.

Showing Pretty Women

Nikki-Nisaa and example of showing pretty women Nikki loves to play at the Renaissance Festival

Consider Nikki, our protagonist, a vibrant soul who finds absolute joy amidst the colorful chaos of the Renaissance Festival. Her eyes sparkle in harmony with the fest’s bright hues, revealing her heart’s exuberance.

A simple, straightforward way to tell your readers about Nikki might go like this: “Nikki, a beautiful blonde woman, is pretty adept at flirting with her eyes”. This statement, although correct, is as bland as a plain loaf of bread. It’s devoid of the subtle nuances that make up Nikki’s character.

Imagine the act of showing pretty women like Nikki in your story. Your description should transport the readers into the scene, enabling them to visualize her captivating smile, the suggestive twinkle in her eyes, her delicately crafted jewelry catching the sunlight, the golden curls of her hair dancing in the breeze, and other unique aspects that define her. A mere mention that she is a beautiful blonde barely does justice to her character’s depth and complexity.

Now, in some instances, depicting pretty women requires only a brief description. It might be adequate to just provide a snapshot, particularly if the character doesn’t play a significant role in your narrative. However, showing pretty women in a story and doing them justice often demands a more thorough representation, which is time-consuming. The statement “The coals were hot” is evidently much quicker to pen and digest than an elaborate narrative detailing the fiery glare of the coals, subtly indicating their intense heat.

To bring the concept of showing pretty women into sharper focus, I decided to consult with a few fellow writers. I challenged them to show Nikki, our beautiful blonde, in a scene from the Renaissance Festival. Their creative responses are an eye-opener and a testament to the power of ‘showing’ in storytelling. They managed to bring to life the concept of showing pretty women with their imaginative and descriptive interpretations. So, without further ado, let’s delve into their rich and vivid responses.

The crowd moved passed the decorative woman. Her smile spread across her face as she gave the camera a flirty look. Her ethnic jewelry jangled as she moved about. The smell of confection and sweat filled the air. – Rebecca

Her many crystal and brass ornaments tinkled as she twirled to face me. The mischief in her sparkling eyes challenged anyone not to laugh with her. “What did you say?” she said cocking her head, her eyebrow raised. “Did you call me ‘honey’? I’m not that sweet, I promise you.” She tossed her dark curly hair as she turned to go. I watched her leave, shaking my head. Her many scarves swished as she undulated away from me. “Why don’t they teach us how to talk to women in school?” I asked myself. “That would probably be a lot more useful than geometry.” – Bonnie

The woman was a collage of exotic features with brass and gem jewelry plaited into her dusky bangs and brightly colored flowers tucked into her dreadlocks. Her bronze flesh was smooth and dotted with small ink designs along her brow and chin… – Thomas

As her smile burned brighter than her jewels did, I noticed that she was the angel I have prayed for to come forth. – T.C.H

Malati broke off her dancing and came to greet us with a sideways smile, her white teeth, and dark eyes seeming friendly, but with an air of distrust. The facial tattoos and silver jewelry framed her face, highlighting her youth and good health. Wisps of brown hair cusped her cheeks and a blue flower protruded from her bun. “Why have you come here?” she asked. “You know my father will have you killed.” – David

I stopped dead in my tracks, faced with an exotic vision. A young girl with one pearly tooth amidst the perfect rack of ivory drew my eyes. She was richly clad in tribal garb that drew the eye to every facet of her beauty. One to be wary of, I thought. She is used to bending men to her desires, then spitting them out like an annoying fig seed. – David

She smiles to her mother as she finishes adorning her youngest daughter for her right of passage ceremony. Her eyes show her trepidation as she prepares to face the crowd and walk down the aisle to meet her destiny. – Brandi

10 Examples of Showing Pretty Women

Let’s look into the vibrant world of showing pretty women, in particular, a mysterious blonde woman. By employing the power of vivid imagery, selective detail, and sensory language, we can truly capture her beauty and intrigue. Here are ten examples to show the pretty mysterious blonde woman named Nikki:

  1. “Nikki’s ice-blue eyes, reminiscent of winter skies, held a secret shimmer as if hiding tales of distant realms only she had witnessed.”
  2. “Her laughter, light and airy, flowed like a playful breeze, yet held a subtle note of mystery, causing a ripple of curiosity through the crowd.”
  3. “Cloaked in the halo of her golden curls, Nikki moved with a hypnotic grace, an enigma under the fair daylight, her beauty stirring whispers of intrigue among the onlookers.”
  4. “Her smile, captivating yet elusive, was a riddle wrapped in the golden gloss of her lips, leaving an aftertaste of wonder.”
  5. “Bathed in the mellow sunlight, Nikki’s blond hair glowed with a heavenly radiance, forming a stark contrast to her enigmatic persona.”
  6. “The radiant sheen of her porcelain skin suggested an innocence, a stark contrast to the smoky mystery swirling in her sapphire eyes.”
  7. “Every movement she made, from the delicate flick of her hair to the soft sashay of her hips, was steeped in alluring secrecy, creating an irresistible paradox.”
  8. “Each strand of her golden hair danced freely in the wind, shimmering in the sunlight like spun gold, yet shadowed with an unspoken mystery.”
  9. “Nikki’s beauty was a captivating sonnet, but her beguiling aura and the cryptic glint in her gaze composed an unsolvable riddle.”
  10. “Her laughter rang out, full and rich, yet within it lay a hint of a secret, an untold story that added an inexplicable charm to her striking beauty.”

In each of these examples, we’re not just telling the readers that Nikki is pretty and mysterious, we’re showing them through her actions, demeanor, and the reactions of others around her. Each sentence paints a vivid picture of Nikki, enabling the reader to form a more personal and intimate connection with her character.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know how this helped you with your writing and what kind of ideas it’s given you for future stories.

Richard Lowe
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Such great ways to describe beauty. Your examples really brought the characters to life. It is a good example of how good writing gives the reader such a vivid picture of what is being written.

Nikki Wayne

What a nice words you have there. What a great example to write or describe beautiful.


Yes, I had been experimenting with this in my own writing. I sometimes make it too convoluted but, I think over time I will find some balance


It can be a tricky concept to grasp, but your explanation and the examples you provided really helped me understand it better. I especially loved the creative responses from your fellow writers; they truly showcased the power of “showing” in storytelling.


These are excellent writing tips for describing beautiful characters! It helps to bring the woman’s features to light, allowing the reader to envision her in their head.


WOW, these are some awesome examples, I love how you use description of characters also, to me it really gives you that insight of beauty.

Kimberley Asante

Your article on “Showing Pretty Women” delves into the complex portrayal of women in media and entertainment. It’s thought-provoking how you explore the balance between appreciating beauty and respecting individuality. Your insights prompt readers to reflect on societal norms and stereotypes, encouraging a deeper understanding of representation in popular culture.


These are great tips and examples. It’s so much more powerful to use description to show beauty rather than just tell it.

Angie Vallejo

This was a great example to learn better descriptions of characters. Will bookmark this for sure.