Get the Toastmasters Advantage: 7 Powerful Steps to Confidence


As a writer, you’re always looking for ways to refine your craft, expand your skills, and broaden your horizons. Have you ever considered that public speaking could be the secret ingredient you’ve been missing? Joining Toastmasters, a renowned public speaking and leadership development organization, can transform your writing career in unexpected ways. Here’s why.

Unleashing the Power of the Spoken Word

Toastmasters is good for writersThe connection between writing and speaking might not be immediately obvious. After all, writers typically spend their time behind a keyboard, not a lectern. But the two are closer than you think. The most engaging writers are those who can breathe life into their words, painting vivid pictures in the minds of their readers. Public speaking training, like that provided by Toastmasters, helps you do just that.

Public speaking encourages succinct, powerful messaging. As a Toastmaster, you’ll learn to eliminate superfluous words and get to the heart of your message – a skill invaluable to writers. Crafting engaging speeches can translate into creating compelling narratives, enhancing your writing style and making your prose more impactful.

A Proving Ground for Ghostwriters

Ghostwriters, in particular, can greatly benefit from Toastmasters. As a ghostwriter, your job is to capture someone else’s voice and convey their message clearly and effectively. This requires a deep understanding of different communication styles, tones, and nuances – something Toastmasters is perfectly equipped to teach.

At Toastmasters, you don’t just learn to deliver speeches; you learn to analyze them. You understand the power of pauses, the effect of intonation, and the impact of body language. This comprehensive understanding of communication allows ghostwriters to deliver richer, more authentic content for their clients, boosting their credibility and success in the field.

Networking and Business Opportunities

The benefits of joining Toastmasters aren’t limited to sharpening your writing and speaking skills. The organization provides a vast network of professionals from various industries. Regularly delivering speeches before this diverse audience allows you to showcase your talents, opening doors to potential business opportunities.

Moreover, as you become more comfortable with public speaking, you’ll find it easier to pitch your writing services, negotiate contracts, and interact with clients. This boost in confidence can lead to increased business, higher income, and more opportunities for career advancement.

Enhancing Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

There’s something transformative about stepping onto a stage, looking out at a room full of people, and holding their attention with your words. It requires confidence. But more than that, it builds confidence. This is one of the less tangible, but equally valuable, benefits of joining Toastmasters.

For writers, the act of public speaking can feel intimidating, but it can also empower you to view your abilities in a new light. As you witness your speaking skills improving, your self-confidence grows, and this self-assurance spills over into your writing. Your new-found confidence encourages you to take risks with your writing, pitch bigger clients, and ask for the pay that you deserve.

Moreover, public speaking can be an antidote to the isolation that often comes with a writing career. Receiving real-time feedback and connecting with an audience can bolster your sense of self-worth, reminding you that your words have impact and that your voice matters.

Navigating Promotion and Career Progression

Promotion and career progression often involve more than just honing your craft. They require you to step out of your comfort zone, advocate for your work, and demonstrate leadership. Toastmasters can equip you with these skills.

Through its structured programs, Toastmasters allows you to take on leadership roles within your club, offering you the chance to manage teams, organize events, and even mentor new members. These experiences can help you become a more effective leader in your writing career, whether you’re managing a team of writers, running a large project, or even starting your own writing business.

Furthermore, the ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and confidently can make you stand out in job interviews or when discussing a potential promotion. With the skills you gain from Toastmasters, you’ll be better equipped to express your ideas, share your achievements, and negotiate your terms.

Pros and Cons of Toastmasters

Here are some pros and cons of Toastmasters.

Pros of Toastmasters

  1. Structured Program: Toastmasters offers a comprehensive program to build public speaking from scratch, helping you to gradually hone your skills.
  2. Safe Environment: It provides a supportive environment to practice, fail, learn, and grow as a speaker.
  3. Feedback System: The continuous feedback loop in Toastmasters is instrumental in refining speaking styles and improving confidence.
  4. Networking Opportunities: It’s not only about developing speaking skills but also about building connections that can be beneficial professionally and personally.
  5. Leadership Training: Toastmasters offers opportunities to grow as a leader, training members to organize meetings, lead teams, and coordinate events.
  6. Global Platform: Toastmasters is an international organization, providing you a global platform to learn and share.

Cons of Toastmasters

  1. Time Commitment: Toastmasters requires a significant time commitment, which includes regular meetings and additional roles and tasks.
  2. Formality: The meetings can be very formal, which might not appeal to everyone, especially those seeking a casual and relaxed environment.
  3. Dependent on Club Quality: The effectiveness of the Toastmasters program can greatly vary depending on the quality and ethos of the club you join.
  4. Membership Fee: While not exorbitant, Toastmasters does require a membership fee which might be a deterrent for some.
  5. Slow Pace: For some, the pace of progression through the Toastmasters program might seem slow, especially if they’re seeking quick results.
  6. Public Speaking Focus: While Toastmasters does touch on other aspects like leadership, its primary focus is public speaking, which might not cater to those seeking a broader skill set development.

Despite these cons, for many, including myself, the benefits of Toastmasters far outweigh the drawbacks. It’s a safe haven for those looking to conquer their fears, embrace their voice, and step into the spotlight.

7 Great Benefits of Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is renowned for fostering an environment that bolsters public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. Let’s delve into seven significant benefits of Toastmasters that can enhance a writer’s journey.

  1. Boosting Self-Confidence: Toastmasters provides a friendly and supportive environment that allows members to work on their public speaking and communication skills. This consistent practice builds self-confidence, not only in public speaking but also in professional and personal interactions.
  2. Improved Communication Skills: At its core, Toastmasters is about effective communication. The experience you gain from speaking in front of a group can help enhance your ability to articulate thoughts clearly and persuasively.
  3. Leadership Development: Toastmasters is not just about public speaking; it also offers opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills. By taking on various roles within the club, you can develop abilities that translate well into a professional setting.
  4. Valuable Networking Opportunities: Toastmasters clubs attract a diverse group of professionals from various fields, offering ample opportunities to network. These connections can be beneficial for writers looking for new opportunities or collaborations.
  5. Enhanced Listening Skills: Toastmasters encourages active listening as it forms the basis of providing constructive feedback to fellow members. This skill is invaluable to writers as it helps them to better understand their audience and engage with their readers effectively.
  6. Constructive Feedback: One of the key aspects of Toastmasters is the provision of constructive feedback. This process helps members identify strengths and areas for improvement. For writers, this kind of feedback is essential for growth and refinement.
  7. Increased Motivation and Accountability: Being a member of a Toastmasters club means regular meetings and prepared speeches. This structure provides the motivation to practice regularly and the accountability to follow through, which can be particularly beneficial for writers needing to maintain discipline and meet deadlines.

Toastmasters provides a multifaceted platform for personal and professional development. For writers, the benefits range from boosting self-confidence to nurturing effective communication and leadership skills. By offering opportunities for networking, enhancing listening abilities, facilitating constructive feedback, and fostering motivation and accountability, Toastmasters creates a dynamic environment conducive to growth. If you’re a writer seeking to break boundaries and elevate your craft, embarking on the Toastmasters journey could be your game-changer.


Toastmasters provides an invaluable platform for writers to enhance their communication skills, refine their writing, network effectively, and build self-confidence. The hands-on experience gained from this program not only improves public speaking skills but also provides a path for career progression and leadership. By actively participating in Toastmasters, writers can break the mold of solitary scribing and engage in an enriching community that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Takeaways: Toastmasters provides an invaluable platform for writers to enhance their communication skills, refine their writing, network effectively, and build self-confidence. The hands-on experience gained from this program not only improves public speaking skills but also provides a path for career progression and leadership. By actively participating in Toastmasters, writers can break the mold of solitary scribing and engage in an enriching community that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Richard Lowe
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Fransic verso

Before, I did not have the confidence but some of these steps that I followed which helped me a lot. However, some of these that I did not know. Thank you for sharing!


The insight into how Toastmasters can refine a writer’s clarity, narrative skills, and even business networking opportunities is both enlightening and inspiring. Thank you for shedding light on this invaluable resource!

Alice Mola

It seems like joining the Toastmasters can really help in both someones personal and career life! I think public speaking is a life skill that all should be taught from a young age, but you’re never too old to develop and hone your skills!


I have previously worked with a few members of Toastmasters. The programme is awesome.


I was not familiar with Toastmasters before. Sounds very interesting! It would be a useful tool to help with growth and personal progress. I can see how there are so many great benefits.

Kimberley Asante

Joining Toastmasters is such a fantastic decision! It’s an incredible platform for honing public speaking skills, building confidence, and connecting with like-minded individuals. Your post beautifully highlights the value and benefits of being part of such a supportive community. Here’s to embracing personal growth and mastering the art of effective communication!


I definitely need Toastmasters. I do a lot of ghostwriting, and it’s so important to capture my clients’ voices.


I have a hard time getting out there, so this is something that would really help me. I’m so glad you featured this!

Luna S

Sounds like it would be a really helpful tool to use! I will also share this with my daughter, she likes writing a lot of fanfics and gets great feedback online, but she is shy and looking for more ways to improve.