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Interview with Stephen Oram

Stephen Oram writes science fiction. He’s been a hippie-punk, religious-squatter and a bureaucrat-anarchist; he thrives on contradictions. He has two published novels, Quantum Confessions and Fluence. His collection, Eating Robots and Other Stories was described by the Morning Star as one of the top radical works of fiction in 2017. Stephen Oram writes thought provoking.. read more →

Interview with Mercedes Lackey

Author Talk with Bonnie Dillabough is proud to present an interview with Mercedes Lackey. Mercedes Lackey is the author and co-author of over 130 fantasy and scifi books, nearly all of which have ended up on best-seller lists. She is a popular guest at scifi and fantasy conventions as a panelist and speaker. Well known.. read more →

Interview with Debbie Zaken

Debbie Zaken is an award-winning Young Adult author. Her debut novel, Colliding Skies, is the first in a YA sci-fi series from Oftomes Publishing. It received 1st place in the Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Florida Rising Kite 2016 Award. Born in Miami, Debbie grew up in Guatemala and is fluent in English,.. read more →

Interview with Jo Ullah

To begin with, I’m dyslexic and I feel this has informed my life in many ways. I read my first novel at 13 – The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander – stolen from my mother’s bookshelf & smuggled into my all girls boarding school under a Woman in White cover. It opened my eyes, literally,.. read more →

Interview with Robin Donovan

Robin Leemann Donovan is the president of Bozell, a marketing/communications firm. She is also the author of the Donna Leigh Mystery series on Amazon (rldonovan.com). Her first book in the series: Is It Still Murder Even If She Was A Bitch? won an AMA Pinnacle award. In addition to the Donna Leigh Mystery series, Donovan.. read more →

Spotlight On Creativity: David Victor Formerly of Boston

David Victor, formally of the multi-platinum band Boston, is an American rock vocalist and guitarist. He scored a number one hit called “Heaven on Earth” in 2014 with the band Boston. He’s produced and released three albums of original music both playing solo and with his band Velocity. David is originally from the San Francisco.. read more →

Interview with Suzanna Linton

Suzanna Linton is a fantasy and urban fantasy author. Her latest novel, Secret Burdens, came out in July 2018. It is the third book of the Stories of Lorst Series. Listen to all the Author Talk interviews Learn more about book coaching Learn more about ghostwriting Interview Transcript Suzanna Linton Richard Lowe  00:01 Welcome to.. read more →

Interview with Carol Cooper

Today’s guest is Dr. Carol Cooper, a general practitioner and writer. Carol has been writing for major publications for many years, has published a series of non-fiction books and now has written 2 contemporary romance fiction novels. In this fascinating interview she in addition to telling her story and giving great tips for authors, she.. read more →

Interview with Kyle Waller

Kyle Waller has been writing as far back as he can remember. His first story he wrote for himself at six years old was a melting pot of Sailor Moon, Timesplitters 2, Star Wars, Army Men, and Star Trek. Since then, he has gone on to prepare several novels in his series for publication (since.. read more →

Interview with Cheryl Merz

Cheryl Merz’s fascinating journey from dreamer to prolific writer: 50 years in the making, Many novels later. Her love for writing and adventures shines through her words. 🖊️🏞️🎶📚 read more →