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Alfredo Zapata: 5 Great Secrets to Mind-Body Mastery

Alfredo Zapata is a passionate nutritionist, fitness coach, speaker, and author. Hailing from Mexico, Alfredo brings over 30 years of expertise to his holistic approach to well-being. With his program, “Connect Mind and Body,” he has dedicated his life to understanding the intricate connection between physical and mental performance. Alfredo’s journey has taken him from.. read more →

Ginny Carter: 5 Secrets of a Top Ghostwriter Revealed!

  Ginny Carter is a bestselling ghostwriter of 25 books, a book coach, and an award-winning author in her own right. She takes entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants from everyday expert to respected thought leader and in-demand speaker, through the book that grows their reputation and expands their business. She loves writing, and it frustrates her.. read more →

Bonnie Dillabough: Her 6 Incredible Books Shape Her Journey

Bonnie Dillabough: From a Recurring Dream to the “Dimensional Alliance” Series. 🌌 Dive into Bonnie’s journey from a perplexing lifelong dream to creating the captivating sci-fi fantasy series. Inspired by Mercedes S. Lackey’s advice, Bonnie’s tale proves it’s never too late to chase your passion. 📖✨ read more →

Interview with Melissa Desveaux

Melissa Desveaux, born in Sydney Australia, is an author of her memoir “My Life of Loss” and co-author and compiler of “Comfort for the Tears, Light for the way” and “Comfort for the Tears” Melissa became an author after sharing her experience of pregnancy loss. She has helped families around the world write their own.. read more →

Interview with John Lynch, Historical author and ghostwriter

  John Lynch is a ghostwriter who retired from a lifelong career in sales and marketing and who has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica. He’s really seen the world! He is an exceptionally well-read and sensitive thinker who writes wonderful historical and contemporary fiction as well as writing huge amounts freelance and.. read more →

Interview with Catherine Meyrick

Dive into Elizabethan England with Catherine’s novel, Forsaking All Other, exploring the struggles of ordinary people amid political turmoil. Discover love, freedom, and societal norms in a riveting historical narrative. read more →

Interview with John DeHart

John E. DeHart, author of Post 60, All In All, Vayu Con Dios, Thin Air, and The Going, writes of the longings of the heart, the haunts of the past, and the ultimate price of one’s soul. Within the walls of a boarded up roadside diner, a trapped man peels back the dark layers of.. read more →

Interview with Richard Rumple

Join us on Author Talks as host Richard Lowe interviews Richard Rumple, radio personality turned horror writer. Dive into his creative process, experience with the paranormal, and unique approach to societal issues in his work. read more →

Interview with Alison Morton

Ever wondered what might have been if a small part of the Roman Empire still existed in the 21st century? Well, Alison Morton has explored this in acclaimed Roma Nova thriller series featuring modern Praetorian heroines. She blends her deep love of history with six years’ military service in a special communications regiment and a.. read more →

Interview with Brenda Haire

Brenda has been sharing transformative messages since 2006. Through her writing, coaching, and speaking, she serves the defeated, discouraged, and distracted. She’s been there. Through her transparency, she helps individuals move along their faith journey. It is a journey! Brenda’s passion is to help you live a life worthy of your calling. She values life.. read more →