What Hobbies Do You Have That Support Your Writing and How Do They Do That?

What hobbies do you have

I asked several authors about their hobbies.

What Hobbies Do You Have That Support Your Writing and How Do They Do That?

Here are the unedited responses.

S. A. Schneider

Stephen SchneiderI don’t know if my hobbies are directly related, but seem to be common with writers. I enjoy reading, which should be obvious. It’s hard to say you’re a writer if you don’t read. I did get away from reading due to life – kids, work, etc – but have made an effort recently to make sure I was reading more. The interesting thing is that I notice the writing differently. It is sometimes difficult to fully immerse myself in the story instead of analyzing the words, grammar, plot, characters, etc. While that may take away from my complete enjoyment of the story, it does help with my writing as I learn from the reading.

I also enjoy games – mostly card games but plenty of board games. Collectible card games and deck builders are my favorites. Board-types games are more in line with the European type of game rather than things like Monopoly and Parcheesi. We try to have family game nights, but with so many kids it becomes crazy and we miss out a lot. We get together  with others for game nights when we can.

Tammy Arlene

Tammy ArleneI enjoy road trips and especially love visiting National Parks. This hobby helps me in writing in two ways. First, I am exposed to many different people and situations that I would not be if I stayed home. I am an avid explorer, people watcher, and even more—a listener. This helps me create more vivid situations, characters and realistic dialogue. Although, I have to admit, some real life events I see and overhear are pretty unbelievable. Secondly, my hobby is invaluable to my writing career is exploring outside. This opens my imagination in so many ways including giving me a sense of peace and calm that I simply can’t find indoors. The simple act of walking and wandering in open spaces and breathing fresh air is calming and relieves day to day stress so I can focus on creativity.

Coincidently, as I write this, I am returning from a trip to the redwood forest and ocean in northern California. I carry a small notebook with me when I wander, and ideas seem to be floating all around me as I relax and explore. I captured as many as I could in my trusty journal—hopefully you will be able to enjoy them with me in the near future.



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Paty Jager

I have two hobbies that help me with my writing. One is sewing. I make book bags that I give away with the books people buy at events I attend. And the other is walking. When I walk, I either listen to a book on tape or I dictate a book I’m working on. It just depends on how behind I am on a project as to whether I’m dictating or listening.

Paty Jager

Richard Lowe
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