Self-Publish Your Book: 5 Powerful Reasons to Do It Yourself

You have the freedom to self-publish your book

In today’s digital age, the landscape of publishing has undergone a dramatic transformation. With the rise of self-publishing platforms, writers now have the freedom and opportunity to bring their creative works directly to readers. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional publishing houses and facing the daunting task of securing a literary agent. In this article, we explore the empowering world of self-publishing and why you should consider the option to self-publish your book.

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It’s a terrible feeling to write a great book, only to find that no publisher or agent is interested. Sure, you could pay some company to publish it for you, but then you’ll have boxes of books sitting in your garage and no royalties in your pocket. It’s sad that so many great books sit on hard drives or on piles of paper and never get out there for the world to read. You’ll never see those big royalty checks, and your writing career is over before it even starts. Except you can self-publish your book!

Self-Publishing opens the door for anyone to write their own book and publish anything they want. In the past, you were restricted and censored to a certain extent; in other words, your freedom to write what you wanted was limited based on what an agent and publisher felt would sell enough to justify large print runs. This is no longer true. For the first time in human history, everyone is free to write about anything they desire, and it’s possible to make a career out of writing and self-publishing books.

Doris Washington The Freedom of Self publishing

I’ve been an enthusiastic writer ever since my teachers in elementary school taught me how to handwrite my name in cursive. In fact, in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades I published a monthly newsletter for my classmates, foreshadowing my eventual writing career. I still remember the strong pungent smell of ammonia from the Xerox copy machine. As I got older, I wrote papers on every subject imaginable, including ecology, geology (my first passion), physics and history.

Self-Publish Your BookI dreamed of being a writer, but life and other priorities got in the way, as they do for many people. The responsibilities of a family, managing a large computer department, my religion and the community made it difficult to find the time to sit down and write anything, much less a book.

As I got older, I continued writing, mostly technical and business-related works for my job. I still wanted to be a published author, but life just got in the way. I’m sure you understand how difficult it can be to find time to do anything except job, family, church and community. There never seemed to be enough time in the day to get my own writing done.

Self-Publishing opens the door for freedom to write about anything you want

After 33 years working as a computer professional and senior manager, I decided it was time to pursue a writing career. I left my job at Trader Joe’s, the place where I’d been safe and happy for 20 years, moved to Florida and settled into a new routine.

These days my routine is spend about 8 hours every day writing books about subjects that i believe will be of value or entertainment to others. On an average day, I can write between 6,000 and 10,000 words, and I alternate between editing and writing – one day I write, the next day I edit with I’ve written. I found the way to fight writers block and to produce material quickly is not to mix writing with editing. In other words, when writing, just write. Then come back later and edit it to make it correct.

In June of 2015, I published my first book, Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex, following a few months later with Real World Survival. These books are now available for the Kindle, audiobook, paperback and hardcover. Early in 2016, I published Focus on LinkedIn and with some well-targeted promotion it reached into the top 100 of all Kindle books for a few days. My book How to Sell on eBay remains a steady seller in paperback.

I thought about hiring an agent and going the traditional publishing route, but I love the freedom of self-publishing. I can publish whatever I want regardless of sales potential or readership. Sometimes, as with Focus on LinkedIn, I purposely targeted a good-selling market. On other occasions, as with Turn of the TV, Get off Your Ass and Do Something, I wrote and published the book because I wanted to get out a message, not necessarily make sales.

Amazon made it simple for me to publish my own books by providing clear instructions and quality tools. Since that time, using my own Indie publishing company (The Writing King), I’ve produced 33 books on Kindle, 24 on CreateSpace and 21 on ACX (Audible). I love self-publishing because I get to pursue my dream of making a writing career consisting of writing and publishing my own books. The so-called “Writer’s Life” is a fantastic way to live, and Amazon, with their free self-publishing, has made that possible.

No longer do you have to search through hundreds of agents to find one that actually reads your book and agrees to submit it to a publisher. The days of waiting months or more to get rejected by a publishing company are gone. You can become a published author and establish your writing career by self-publishing your book. Isn’t it time you made your dream of becoming a money-making author come true.

There are many reasons to self-publish your book. Some of these are listed below.

Freedom to Express Your Creativity

Self-publishing removes the barriers that previously limited writers’ creative expression. Whether your book falls into a niche genre, challenges conventional norms, or covers a unique topic, self-publishing allows you to bypass the gatekeepers and share your voice with the world. By choosing to self-publish your book, you take control of the entire process and ensure that your vision remains intact.

Direct Access to Readers

By self-publishing, authors can connect directly with their readership. Through online platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Smashwords, you can easily make your book available in digital and print formats to a global audience. Building a direct relationship with readers allows for greater engagement, feedback, and the potential for loyal fans who eagerly await your next release. Self-publishing empowers you to build a community around your work and establish a strong author-reader connection.

Faster Time to Market

Traditional publishing often involves a lengthy process, from manuscript submission to contract negotiations and finally, the release of the book. With self-publishing, you can significantly shorten the time it takes to bring your work to market. From completing your manuscript to self-publishing your book online, you have full control over the timeline. This agility allows you to capitalize on timely topics, trends, and personal inspiration without the delays associated with traditional publishing.

Higher Royalties and Earnings

One of the most enticing benefits of self-publishing is the potential for higher royalties and earnings. Unlike traditional publishing, where authors typically receive a small percentage of each book sale, self-published authors can retain a more significant portion of the profits. By taking the leap to self-publish your book, you open up the opportunity to earn a higher income from your writing. You set your own pricing strategy, promotional campaigns, and special offers, maximizing your earnings and financial rewards.

Adaptability and Control

Self-publishing provides the flexibility to adapt and update your work as needed. You have the freedom to release new editions, revise content, and make improvements based on reader feedback or changing market demands. This level of control allows you to refine your book over time, ensuring that it remains relevant and appealing to your target audience. You are not bound by the constraints of traditional publishing contracts or outdated marketing strategies. Self-publishing empowers you to evolve as an author and adapt to the ever-changing literary landscape.


In the ever-evolving world of publishing, self-publishing has emerged as a powerful tool for writers to unleash their creativity, reach readers directly, and build successful writing careers. The ability to self-publish your book grants you the freedom, empowerment, and limitless possibilities to make your mark on the literary world. By taking control of your publishing journey, you can express your creativity, connect with readers, earn higher royalties, and maintain full control over your work. So, don’t wait any longer—self-publish your book and share your voice with the world.

Richard Lowe

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  1. Jane Sutter Reply

    I self published a book last year and loved the freedom and control. Now I’m ghostwriting a memoir, and my subject and I will be looking for a traditional publisher. But we also have self publishing as a solid Plan B.

  2. Ed Robertson Reply

    Richard, I implemented many of the strategies you suggest in Focus and LinkedIn and saw a noticeable difference in engagement. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

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