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The “Publishing” category on this website serves as an invaluable guide to the ins and outs of publishing, from Richard’s perspective. Drawing upon his years of experience as a professional ghostwriter and author, Richard provides detailed insights into the publishing industry, including both traditional and self-publishing avenues. Readers can expect practical advice, industry tips, and helpful resources for aspiring and seasoned authors alike. This category is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the publishing process, helping readers to navigate their publishing journey with confidence.

3 Publishing Types to Boost Your Book’s Success

Discover the complex world of book publishing 📚. Unveil the ‘Ghostwriter job description’, explore traditional, self, and hybrid publishing types and choose the best fit for your masterpiece. Embrace the journey with us! 🚀 read more →

Self-Publishing Income: 10 Powerful Steps to Financial Freedom

Unlock the potential of earning a substantial self-publishing income. Learn from a successful self-published author’s journey, understand the steps taken, and the lessons learned. Become part of the self-publishing revolution today. read more →

11 Powerful Publishing Platforms: Every Author’s Key to Success in 2023

Explore 10 powerful publishing platforms that are transforming the self-publishing landscape. Learn how to optimize your use of these platforms for success. read more →

10 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Self-Publishing: Master the Art Today!

The Power and Potential of Self-Publishing Are you an aspiring author caught in the whirlwind of writing a book? Sometimes, the process might feel like a herculean task, but there is no need for dismay. The world of self-publishing is vast and diverse, offering myriad opportunities to bring your book to life. And believe me,.. read more →

10 Powerful Reasons Why Self-Publishing Books is Your Path to Success

The golden age is before us, not behind us. — William Shakespeare Self-Publishing books in the digital age – a term that stirs up much debate within the literary community. It finds itself often juxtaposed against traditional publishing, with a large cohort swearing by the latter. But why should you consider leveraging self-publishing for personal.. read more →

10 Essential Steps to Boost Personal Branding by Publishing Your Own Book

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Self-Publish Your Book: 5 Powerful Reasons to Do It Yourself

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The ISBN Number Blueprint: Unleashing the 10 Powerful Secrets for Book Identification Success

An ISBN number uniquely identify each edition of a book so that it may be sold or distributed. It is required by bookstores and distributors. read more →

Professional Writer [Interview]

Adopted from a live interview By Gail Mercer MacKay 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint Gail: Richard, there has been a lot of excitement in our writing community about your success. Can you tell us your process for ghostwriting and freelancing? Richard: Well, the first thing is to be confident. You need to be confident of your value. Never go for.. read more →

Self Publishing, Book Marketing, Ghostwriting and LinkedIn Marketing with The Writing King Richard Lowe [Interview]

In this interview, I discuss how to self publish, how to market your books, ghostwriting, and how to use LinkedIn to further your credibility and career. read more →