Literature Related Holidays: Over 100 Festive Dates for Bookworms

Literature Related Holidays

In the world of books, every day holds a promise for celebration. Whether it’s the birth of a renowned author or a unique literary holiday that fans have cherished for years, there’s always a reason to revel in the magic of the written word. This literature related holidays list encapsulates these special dates, serving as your year-long guide to literary festivities.

Literature Related Holidays


1Charlotte Mason Birthday (1842)
2National Science Fiction Day; Isaac Asimov Birthday (1920)
3J. R. R. Tolkien Birthday (1892)
9Severus Snape Birthday (HP)
18National Thesaurus Day
18Alan Alexander Milne Birthday (1882)
19Edgar Allan Poe Birthday (1809)
Fourth WednesdayLibrary Shelfie Day
26Gilderoy Lockhart Birthday (HP)
28National Fun at Work Day
30Lily Potter Birthday (HP)


National Library Lovers Month
First week
Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week
2Groundhog Day
3World Read Aloud Day
6Arthur Weasley Birthday (HP)
7Charles Dickens Birthday (1812)
7Laura Ingalls Wilder Birthday (1867)
11Mo Willems Birthday (1968)
12Judy Blume Birthday (1938)
13Luna Lovegood Birthday (HP)
14Valentine’s Day
14Library Lovers Day
Second weekFreelance Writers Appreciation Week
22World Thinking Day (Girl Scouts & Girl Guides)
27John Steinbeck Jr. Birthday (1902)
28National Tooth Fairy Day


First Full Week
Read an eBook Week
Return Borrowed Books Week
National Ghostwriters Week
1Ron Weasley Birthday (HP)
2Read Across America Day
2Theodor Seuss Geisel Birthday (1902)
4National Grammar Day
9Sybill Trelawney Birthday (HP)
10Remus Lupin Birthday (HP)
11Douglas Adams Birthday (1952)
14Pi Day (3.14)
14National Write Your Story Day
16National Freedom of Information Day
17St. Patrick’s Day
20International Day of Happiness
21World Poetry Day
22James Brendan Patterson Birthday (1947)
23National Puppy Day
25National Tolkien Reading Day
25Kate DiCamillo Birthday (1964)
27James Potter Birthday (HP)
31Emily Cook Birthday (1980)


National Poetry Month
D.E.A.R. Drop Everything And Read Month
1April Fool’s Day
1Fred and George Weasley Birthday (HP)
2Children’s Book Day
4National School Librarian Day
5National Read A Roadmap Day
Second WeekNational Library Week
10National Siblings Day
10Encourage a Young Writer Day
12D.E.A.R. Drop Everything And Read Day
12Beverly Cleary Birthday (1916)
13National Scrabble Day
16National Librarian Day
17National Haiku Poetry Day
18National Columnists’ Day
22Earth Day
23National Talk Like Shakespeare Day
23William Shakespeare Birthday (1564)
23World Book and Copyright Day
25National Poem In Your Pocket Day
26National Pretzel Day
26Terry Pratchett Birthday (1948)
Last SaturdayIndependent Bookstore Day


National Get Caught Reading Month
National Family Reading Month
First SaturdayFree Comic Book Day
1May Day
1Aragorn’s Coronation
2Victorie Weasley Birthday (HP)
2Harry Potter Day (Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts)
4Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You)
5National Cartoonists’ Day
Second WeekReading Is Fun Week
12National Limerick Day
15Pomona Sprout Birthday (HP)
20Mary Pope Osborne Birthday (1949)
25Towel Day (in tribute to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
27A Literary Education Bookiversary (2017)
31National Speak in Sentences Day


Audiobook Appreciation Month
4Joseph Hill(strom King) Birthday (1972)
5Draco Malfoy Birthday (HP)
5Richard Russell Riordan Jr. Birthday (1964)
8World Oceans Day
10Maurice Bernard Sendak Birthday (1928)
21International Yoga Day
22Octavia Butler Birthday (1947)
23Dudley Dursley Birthday (HP)
28Dobby Birthday (HP)


Read an Almanac Month
1International Joke Day
4Independence Day (U.S.)
7World Chocolate Day
9Dean Koontz Birthday (1945)
11E. B. White Birthday (1899)
17World Emoji Day
19National Ice Cream Day
19Ernest Hemingway Birthday (1899)
20Space Exploration Day (in honor of the first Moon landing in 1969)
21National Junk Food Day
27Gary Gygax (D&D) Birthday
28Helen Beatrix Potter Birthday (1866)
29The Fellowship of the Ring Book Anniversary
30Paperback Book Day
30Neville Longbottom Birthday (HP)
31J. K. Rowling Birthday (1965)
31Harry Potter Birthday (HP)


2National Coloring Book Day
5National Underwear Day
8International Cat Day
9National Book Lovers Day
11Ginny Weasley Birthday (HP)
13International Left-Handers Day
18Bad Poetry Day
19World Photography Day
19Tina Goldstein Birthday (HP)
20H. P. Lovecraft Birthday (1890)
22BYL Anniversary (2012)
22Percy Weasley Birthday (HP)
22National Be An Angel Day
24National Waffle Day
26National Dog Day
26Dolores Umbridge Birthday (HP)
30Mary (Wollstonecraft) Shelley Birthday (1797)
30International Whale Shark Day
31National Eat Outside Day


National Library Card Signup Month
Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month
6National Read A Book Day
8International Literacy Day
8National Ampersand Day
8Star Trek Day
11September 11th
13Positive Thinking Day
13Roald Dahl Birthday (1916)
15Make a Hat Day
15”Tomie” dePaola Birthday (1934)
19International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19Hermione Granger Birthday (HP)
20George R. R. Martin Birthday (1948)
21Stephen King Birthday (1947)
21International Peace Day
21The Hobbit Book Anniversary
22Hobbit Day
22World Car-Free Day
24National Punctuation Day
24National Cherries Jubilee Day
25National Comic Book Day
25Shel Silverstein Birthday (1930)
25Garrick Ollivander Birthday (HP)
26Quirinus Quirrell Birthday (HP)
Last Week of SeptemberBanned Books Week
Last Week of SeptemberInternational Week of the Deaf


Children’s Magazine Month
Dyslexia Month
National Book Month
National Cookbook Month
Medical Librarian Month
National Reading Group Month
1International Coffee Day
4World Animal Day
4Minerva McGonagall Birthday (HP)
4Anne Rice Birthday (1941)
6National Poetry Day (UK and Ireland)
6Mad Hatter Day
8R. L. Stine Birthday (1943)
10World Mental Health Day
14Dessert Day
16Dictionary Day
16Oscar Wilde Birthday (1854)
17Filius Flitwick Birthday (HP)
17Wear Something Gaudy Day
17Black Poetry Day
20The Return of the King Book Anniversary
Third Week of OctoberTeen Read Week
Third Week of OctoberFriends of Libraries Week
25World Pasta Day
30Molly Weasley Birthday (HP)
30Mischief Night


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
National Life Writing Month
Picture Book Month
National Family Literacy Month
1All Saints Day
1National Authors Day
1National Family Literacy Day
3Sandwich Day
3Sirius Black Birthday (HP)
6National Nacho Day
6National Nonfiction Day
8“Bram” Stoker Birthday (1847)
10Neil Gaiman Birthday (1960)
10World Science Day for Peace and Development
12National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
12Neal Shusterman Birthday (1962)
13World Kindness Day
13Robert Louis Stevenson Birthday (1850)
14World Diabetes Day
15I Love to Write Day
15National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
16International Day for Tolerance
18High Five a Librarian Day
18Mickey Mouse Day (celebrates the release of his first cartoon)
22Go For a Ride Day
22Silvanus Kettleburn Birthday (HP)
25International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
29Bill Weasley Birthday (HP)


Read a New Book Month
1Jan Brett Birthday (1949)
1World AIDS Day
5International Volunteer Day
6Rubeus Hagrid Birthday (HP)
6St. Nicholas Day
7Letter Writing Day
7International Civil Aviation Day
10Dewey Decimal System Day
10Human Rights Day
12Charlie Weasley Birthday (HP)
12Gingerbread House Day
13Ice Cream Day
16Jane Austen Birthday (1775)
20International Human Solidarity Day
21Crossword Puzzle Day
21Winter Solstice
24Christmas Eve
25Christmas Day
25A’phabet Day or No L Day
31New Year’s Eve
31Tom Riddle Birthday (HP)

As the year unfolds, may each literary date bring you closer to the heart of storytelling, reminding you of the power and beauty that lies within the pages of a book. Whether you’re an avid reader or an occasional bookworm, let these dates inspire a year filled with literary exploration and appreciation.

Richard Lowe
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Fransic verso

Wow, soo cool it goes way back although first time to know about them but it’s good to know about it. Thank you for sharing!


The world of books is truly magical and every day brings the promise of new discoveries and adventures. It’s amazing how literature has the power to transport us to different worlds and connect us with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I’m excited to explore the literary holidays on this list and celebrate the amazing authors and books that have shaped our world. Thank you for sharing this wonderful guide with us!

Zab Zaria

Thanks for sharing them! Having all this information is very helpful to me

Bryan Carey

There are so many designated “day” on the calendar, for so many different things. I like that you also include famous authors birthdays.


What an impressive compilation! Your list of literature-related holidays is a true treasure trove for book enthusiasts. The variety and detail in each entry showcase your passion for books and culture. A delightful resource that’s sure to excite fellow bookworms!

Nikki Wayne

This is a really great and very informative post. I didn’t know a lot about this! Thanks for sharing this with us

vasu devan

What a delightful read! I’ve always been a literature enthusiast, so stumbling upon your article about literature-related holidays was a real treat. The way you’ve compiled this list of unique holidays celebrating books and reading is both informative and inspiring. I’m already looking forward to celebrating some of these literary occasions in a whole new light.


I had no idea we had so many literature related dates! This is a fantastic resource for readers, social media influeners and even educators!

Leanne Wong

This is a wonderful resource. There are so many ways that you can work holidays into writing, especially with so many out there.


Holy cow! I had ZERO idea there were so many things that had their own days. That’s really cool!