National Coloring Book Day: 7 Excellent Ways to Celebrate

National Coloring Book day

Introduction: Celebrating the Colorful World of National Coloring Book Day

The power of colors is undeniably enchanting. They express emotions, evoke memories, and bring our imagination to life. One of the most delightful ways we’ve harnessed this power is through the creation of coloring books. These treasures of art and creativity have been illuminating our world for generations, making the seemingly ordinary days extraordinarily colorful. National Coloring Book Day, celebrated annually on August 2, is a tribute to the vibrant world of coloring books. This is a day to embrace your inner artist, reconnect with your childhood memories, and appreciate the joy of adding colors to life.

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The Enthralling History of Coloring Books

Adult Coloring BooksOur story begins in the mid-19th century when the concept of coloring books first took root. Initially intended as educational tools for children, these books were born out of the McLoughlin Brothers’ innovative minds, who published ‘The Little Folks’ Painting Book’ in 1880. With simple line drawings intended to be filled in by little hands, these books were an instant hit among children.

However, the journey of coloring books is not a simple, linear narrative. As the years rolled by, these seemingly straightforward books started to evolve. They mirrored societal changes, portrayed advancing educational concepts, and even encapsulated political scenarios of their times. Some coloring books, for instance, were used to educate children about events like World Wars, giving them a glimpse into the realities of the world they were growing up in.

Butterfly3 colored by Jennifer RutlidgeYet, the world of coloring books experienced a seismic shift in 2015. It was in this year that Johanna Basford published her ‘Secret Garden,’ an ‘art therapy’ book that unexpectedly ignited the trend of adult coloring books. The book, brimming with intricate patterns and elaborate designs, demonstrated the power of coloring as a form of stress relief and relaxation. This book not only topped the bestseller lists but also redefined the audience for coloring books, extending its reach to adults.

Thus, as we celebrate National Coloring Book Day, we find ourselves drawn to this colorful journey, a journey that started more than a century ago but continues to touch and transform lives in ways more profound than we can imagine.

The Resurgence of Coloring Books Among Adults

Richard Lowe the Coloring KingThe world of coloring books has seen a resurgence, and this time, the spotlight is on adults. What started as a seemingly nostalgic trip down memory lane soon emerged as a global phenomenon, as adult coloring books began dominating the bookshelves and topped Amazon’s bestseller lists.

However, it would be a gross understatement to describe these books merely as a compilation of intricate designs and patterns. Adult coloring books represent much more – they are a gateway to relaxation, mindfulness, and an escape from the constant hum of digital bombardment.

Adult coloring books offer an oasis of tranquility in our busy lives, a peaceful space where we can express our creativity, release our stress, and focus our minds. As such, National Coloring Book Day becomes a celebration of this newfound avenue of relaxation and the joy of coloring as a meditative practice.

Furthermore, the world of adult coloring books is as diverse as the people who indulge in it. From intricate mandala patterns and exquisite botanical illustrations to pop culture themes and motivational quotes, there’s a coloring book for every inclination and interest. Some books serve as a tribute to famous personalities, some are dedicated to fantastical worlds, and others provide an artistic exploration of real-world landscapes. This diversity and inclusivity are a testament to the universal appeal and enduring charm of coloring books.

Coloring Books and Their Resounding Impact on Culture and Society

Steampunk Dragons 08Beyond the confines of colorful pages, coloring books are much more than a source of entertainment or a tool for relaxation. They reflect the society we live in, they capture the essence of our culture, and they adapt to the changing times.

Throughout history, coloring books have served as a canvas for portraying significant events and shifts in society. They’ve been used to promote social causes, make political statements, and even facilitate learning about complex subjects. For instance, some coloring books celebrate diversity and promote body positivity, challenging societal norms and stereotypes. Others are designed to raise awareness about crucial issues such as climate change or endangered species, leveraging their mass appeal for spreading important messages.

Moreover, in recent years, coloring books have also become a platform for activism and advocacy. From books that discuss mental health to those that advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, coloring books have provided a unique and interactive way to engage with these topics.

As we gear up to celebrate National Coloring Book Day, it’s essential to reflect on the broader societal and cultural impact of coloring books. It’s a day to appreciate the multifaceted contributions of these seemingly simple books, which go beyond entertainment and relaxation. It’s a day to acknowledge that every colored page is not just an individual’s artistic expression, but also a reflection of our collective creativity, values, and society as a whole.

Coloring Books and Their Unparalleled Role in Education

Steampunk Dragons 22Undeniably, coloring books have etched an indispensable position in early childhood education. The impact of these books is profound, offering a unique blend of entertainment and education. With their vibrant illustrations and interactive nature, coloring books aid in developing essential motor skills, enhancing focus, and stimulating creativity in young children. Teachers across the globe swear by these vibrant tools, integrating them into their curriculum to make learning a more engaging, hands-on experience.

National Coloring Book Day serves as a tribute to the pedagogical role that coloring books play, bridging the gap between fun and learning. It’s a day to appreciate the intersection of art and education, to celebrate the power of colors in igniting the spark of learning in young minds.

The significance of coloring books extends beyond the realm of conventional classrooms. They are excellent tools for home learning, helping parents introduce their children to a world of knowledge disguised in colorful images. From shapes, colors, animals to historical events, children are exposed to a variety of themes through the pages of these books, transforming education into a delightful journey.

Moreover, there is a wide range of subject-specific coloring books available in the market today. Children can explore the ocean’s depth with marine-themed coloring books, journey through time with history-themed ones, or even learn the basics of mathematics through number coloring books. Such diversity amplifies the learning potential of coloring books, making them a favorite educational tool among both children and adults.

So, as we look forward to celebrating National Coloring Book Day, let’s take a moment to recognize the invaluable role of coloring books in shaping young minds, enhancing their learning experience, and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

The Power of Coloring Books in Unleashing Creativity

Tips for new coloristsOne of the magical attributes of coloring books is their potential to tap into our creative energies. National Coloring Book Day celebrates this expansive power of coloring books in stimulating imagination and artistic expression. Diving into the pages teeming with shapes waiting to be brought to life, we’re presented with an opportunity to experiment with colors and express our creativity.

For children, the journey with coloring books often serves as their first foray into the world of art. These books provide a safe space where they can experiment with different color combinations, learn about various objects and animals, and start developing an understanding of visual differences. These early experiences with art help build their confidence, encourage artistic exploration, and foster creative thinking.

However, the magic of coloring books doesn’t just stop at children. Adults, too, have found an artistic haven within these books. The soaring popularity of adult coloring books proves that creativity has no age limit. These books offer a much-needed creative outlet that doesn’t demand any prerequisite skills, providing a much-needed breather in our increasingly busy lives.

In a world dominated by screens and digital distractions, coloring provides a tangible, calming experience. The simple act of selecting colors, filling in patterns, and seeing a picture come to life can be incredibly satisfying. It promotes mindfulness, reduces stress, and even reignites our dormant creative capabilities.

So, on National Coloring Book Day, let’s unleash our creativity. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of colors, let our imaginations roam free, and let our spirits experience the joy of creating. Here’s to every coloring book that has, and continues to, inspire, entertain, and liberate our creative souls!

The Multifaceted Impact of Coloring Books on Learning

Butterfly4 colored by Susan Ross 2016-12-15When we explore the multifaceted significance of coloring books, their educational value stands out prominently. By making learning an interactive and enjoyable process, coloring books have revolutionized early childhood education. They play a pivotal role in cognitive development, enhancing concentration, fine motor skills, and color recognition.

Teachers and parents worldwide turn to these vibrant books as a resource to make education more enjoyable and less daunting for young learners. National Coloring Book Day serves as a tribute to this educational role of coloring books, celebrating their immense contributions in shaping future generations.

Coloring books offer a hands-on learning approach, which has proven to be more effective in retaining information. When children color, they learn to recognize colors, shapes, and patterns, enhancing their visual-spatial awareness. It’s an activity that simultaneously keeps them engaged and facilitates learning.

Belly Dancer 4 Scan_0045With a broad spectrum of themed coloring books available, the learning opportunities are endless. Books about animals and plants introduce children to biodiversity, books about countries ignite curiosity about different cultures, and books about historical figures make learning history fun and relatable.

As we approach National Coloring Book Day, we have a unique opportunity to enhance these educational benefits. From organizing a community coloring competition, introducing new educational coloring books, or spending time coloring with your kids at home, there are countless ways to celebrate the day.

Let’s use this day as a springboard to make learning fun, engaging, and colorful! Let’s appreciate the humble coloring book for the mighty educational powerhouse it truly is. National Coloring Book Day is more than a celebrationโ€”it’s an invitation to bring learning to life through the joy of coloring.

Coloring Books: A Gateway to Relaxation and Mindfulness

Belly Dancer 4 Scan_0038In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, coloring books serve as a gateway to relaxation and mindfulness. This is especially true for adults, who have turned to coloring books as a form of ‘art therapy’. National Coloring Book Day serves as a reminder of this therapeutic potential, inviting us to slow down, relax, and color our worries away.

As we fill the pages with color, we’re also filling our minds with a sense of calm and focus. The rhythmic action of coloring can induce a similar state to meditation, where our attention is fully absorbed in the present moment. This, in turn, helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and can even improve sleep quality.

So, as we gear up for National Coloring Book Day, let’s also gear up for a day of relaxation and mindfulness. It’s a day to celebrate coloring books, but it’s also a day to celebrate our well-being. So grab your favorite coloring book and let’s color our way to tranquility!

Conclusion: The Enduring Popularity of Coloring Books

bird Scan_0024National Coloring Book Day is more than a celebration; it’s a testament to the enduring popularity and relevance of coloring books. From their historical roots and educational value to their therapeutic potential and the creativity they inspire, coloring books touch various aspects of our lives. They’re an expression of art, a tool for learning, a means to relaxation, and above all, a source of joy and entertainment.

As we celebrate National Coloring Book Day, let’s appreciate the colorful journey of these cherished books. Each colored page is a testament to the enduring charm of coloring books. Here’s to the simplicity and joy of filling a page with color, to the calming rhythm of our coloring strokes, and to the countless creative journeys sparked by a simple coloring book. Happy National Coloring Book Day!

You can find all my coloring books on my coloring book page.

Takeaways: National Coloring Book Day offers a unique opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the multi-faceted significance of coloring books. They’re not just a source of entertainment, but also powerful tools for learning, creativity, relaxation, and mindfulness. As we honor these beloved books, we’re also celebrating the art, the education, the therapy, and the joy they embody. So, let’s pick up our coloring pencils, embrace our inner artists, and color our day with joy, creativity, and tranquility.

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khoingn | The Broad Life

Wow, I haven’t known that there is such a national coloring book day. I’m sure this day is truly meaningful to the kids. A real invention for kids’ entertainment.

Fransic verso

OMG, I love coloring books. Help me feel good and I enjoy coloring. The final look of it also gives a good feeling tbh haha. This is interesting!

Zab Zaria

Wow, sounds like a great day for adults! National Coloring Book Day is absolutely cool and amazing

Ntensibe Edgar

Ooohhhh…I love the sound of a colouring book for adults. We need something less techy yo inspire us and distract us a little. I think I should get one.

Jennifer Prince

I loved reading the history. I really had no idea nor had ever thought about the origination. And YES there was such a resurgence for adults in 2015!


Great ways and books here. Adult coloring is now a huge trend and many are finding that it is not only fun but also a great way to reduce stress and spend time with friends.

Alita Pacio

Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children, but over the years adults have gotten more and more involved too. Great ways to celebrate the day.


I have so many great memories of coloring books as a kid. I have tried some of the adult coloring books too. And recently I saw a reverse coloring book – so neat!


Your suggestions for celebrating National Coloring Book Day are fantastic! The creative and engaging ways you’ve listed make it exciting for everyone. Your enthusiasm for this special day shines through, inspiring readers to embrace the joy of coloring. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!


I didn’t even know they had such a day but what a fun way to incorporate coloring books. My kids and I love coloring in our coloring books, not only is it therapeutic it’s relaxing and fun. So many creative coloring books are on the market and many that have a great purpose for teaching.


National Colouring Book Day is a great way to remember how much fun and learning we can have with these easy books. Colouring books really do have something for everyone. They can help kids get creative and give adults a way to relax. The teaching parts are especially important because they make learning fun and interesting. Let’s embrace the fun of colouring and celebrate how it has changed our lives in many ways, especially on this special day! ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ“˜๐ŸŒŸ


My mom was part of a community of friends. One of the things they did was go to a weekly coloring group. She took me there to show me her work on display. I was touched that it mattered so much to her.


It’s wonderful to see how you’ve illuminated the myriad dimensions of coloring books and their profound impact on our lives. The power of colors to evoke emotions and spark imagination is indeed enchanting, and coloring books have harnessed this power to create a world of art and creativity that transcends generations.

Kimberley Asante

I did not know there was a national day for a coloring book day. We love coloring in this household. We have many different kinds, plus we have a whiteboard table that we use every day to draw on. These are some great ways to celebrate coloring book day. Thanks for sharing.


I have an adult colouring book I got as a present from my sister in law and I will get started on it soon. Would you be able to please recommend any coloring books?