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Explore the “Branding” category – a goldmine of tips and strategies to enhance personal branding. As an expert in LinkedIn branding and a seasoned player in various social networks, these articles provide valuable insights and actionable steps towards building a powerful personal brand. Learn from a Senior LinkedIn Branding expert’s experiences, and leverage the information to make a remarkable impact on your market presence. “Branding” is the place to start your journey towards a recognizable and influential personal brand.

10 Steps to Crafting a Powerful Brand Identity: A Complete Guide

What sets you apart in a world bustling with brands vying for consumer attention? The answer lies in your brand identity. Simply put, brand identity is a collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer. It’s your business’s personality, its voice, its way of making a lasting.. read more →

10 Power Tips for an Effective Social Media Bio

Discover 10 additional tips to craft a compelling social media bio that effectively showcases your personal brand. From authenticity to positivity, these strategies will help your bio resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression. read more →

Why You Should Write Your Book Now – 13 Compelling and Inspiring Reasons

Unearth the potent reasons to write your book now and discover how it enhances personal branding, bolsters credibility, and amplifies your voice in the world. read more →

7 Powerful Ways a Medical Book Transforms Your Practice and Delights Patients

Discover the transformative power of a medical book: boost patient satisfaction, establish expertise, and revolutionize your practice. read more →

10 Essential Steps to Boost Personal Branding by Publishing Your Own Book

Uncover how to amplify your personal branding by becoming a published author. From establishing credibility to self-marketing strategies, read more →

5 Effective Steps to Create Your Branded Email Address and Make a Lasting Impact

Boost your personal brand with a professional touch by learning how to effectively brand your email address in this insightful guide. read more →

7 Powerful Ways to Make Money from a Book: A Comprehensive Guide for Authors and Entrepreneurs

Discover how to make money from a book, not just by selling copies, but by leveraging it as a promotional tool for your business. read more →

12 Incredible Strategies to Boost Your Personal Brand by Blogging

Your personal brand serves as a mirror to your professional and personal identity. With a myriad of branding strategies at your disposal, finding a starting point to boost your personal brand can be daunting. Nevertheless, one avenue outshines the rest – blogging. In the sea of social media platforms, focusing on a few major ones.. read more →

Professional Writer [Interview]

Adopted from a live interview By Gail Mercer MacKay 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint Gail: Richard, there has been a lot of excitement in our writing community about your success. Can you tell us your process for ghostwriting and freelancing? Richard: Well, the first thing is to be confident. You need to be confident of your value. Never go for.. read more →