5 Effective Steps to Create Your Branded Email Address and Make a Lasting Impact

5 Effective Steps to Create Your Branded Email Address and Make a Lasting Impact

Brand Your Email Address

The world today has a stronger digital imprint than ever before. In this landscape, personal branding plays a pivotal role in shaping your identity and making you stand out from the crowd. It’s not just about who you are, but also how you represent yourself to the world. One essential, often overlooked element of personal branding is the power of a branded email address. An email address, simple as it may seem, has the ability to make a significant impression, often being the first point of contact with potential clients, employers, or collaborators.

What Your Branded Email Address Conveys

A branded email address can say a lot about who you are and how you conduct yourself professionally:

  • Email addresses with AOL.COM, COMPUSERVE.COM, or similar – Users of these services are often seen as long-time internet users, leading to an impression of being outdated or resistant to change.
  • Email domains from internet providers, like RR.COM, BRIGHTHOUSE.COM, and others – Such email addresses might give the impression of unsophistication or a lack of effort to create a more personalized email address, say with GMAIL or OUTLOOK.
  • GMAIL.COM and OUTLOOK.COM email addresses – Although these are generally acceptable and widely used, they don’t necessarily add anything to your personal branding efforts. They are quite generic and don’t convey much about your brand or identity.
  • Personalized email addresses, such as yourname.COM (or .ORG, .GURU, etc.) – These kinds of email addresses can effectively brand you as YOU. They subtly but powerfully suggest that you understand the importance of your personal brand and how to leverage it.
  • Company-based email addresses, like yourcompanyname.COM – These types of email addresses indicate your association with a specific organization, but they may overshadow your personal brand unless your personal brand aligns with your company name.

Using Domain Names and Extensions for Personal Branding

Branded Email AddressThere are numerous domain extensions, like .GURU, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .DESIGN, .SHOP, and so on, available to users today. Selecting one that aligns with your profession or industry can significantly bolster your personal brand. For instance, an email address like RICHARDLOWE.PHOTOGRAPHY positions Richard Lowe as an expert in the field of photography, while RICHARDLOWE.HEALTHCARE suggests his association with the healthcare industry.

In my personal experience, I use two domain names to distinguish my personal and business communications:

  • RICHARDLOWE.COM – This domain serves for personal communication, thereby solidifying my personal brand each time someone receives an email from me.
  • THEWRITINGKING.COM – This domain is employed for business-related communication, embodying a strong brand that symbolizes excellent results.

Crafting Your Branded Email Address: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on the journey to brand your email address involves several crucial steps:

Step 1: Evaluate your current email address The first step in the process is to assess the effectiveness of your current email address. Does it resonate with your personal brand? Does it instill a sense of pride when you share it on your business card, resume, or website? If it’s not clear, memorable, and aligned with your personal brand, then it might be time to rethink your email strategy.

Step 2: Choose a suitable domain name The domain name, the part of your email address that follows the ‘@’ symbol, can significantly influence how others perceive you. While popular providers like Gmail or Outlook are acceptable, a custom domain name can greatly enhance your professionalism and set you apart. Ideally, the domain name should be a reflection of you, your personal brand, or your business.

Step 3: Devise a professional username The username, the part of your email address before the ‘@’ symbol, is another critical piece of your email address. It should be easily identifiable, like your first and last name, or a blend of your initials and last name. It’s best to avoid nicknames, numbers, or any other elements that might seem unprofessional or confusing. If you’re part of an organization, their guidelines may also influence your username choice.

Step 4: Establish your new branded email address After settling on a domain name and username that align with your personal brand, it’s time to create your new branded email address. Several domain providers, including the likes of Siteground, offer email services alongside domain registration. You can set up an email account independently or reach out to their support team for assistance.

Step 5: Refresh your online presence With your new, professional, branded email address in hand, the final step is to update your digital footprint. Revamp your LinkedIn profile, personal website, social media accounts, and any other professional platforms with your new email address. Also, remember to notify your contacts about your new email to avoid any communication gaps or misunderstandings.

Building a strong personal brand is a process that is intricately tied to the details. A professional, branded email address can be a small but influential weapon in your personal branding arsenal, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers, clients, and partners.

Use a Branded Email Address to Cement Your Professional Identity

Your personal brand is a key component of your professional identity. It helps distinguish you from your competitors and leaves a memorable imprint. Enhancing your personal brand by adopting a professional, branded email address not only demonstrates your attention to detail but also bolsters your credibility and expertise.

By choosing a domain name and username that resonates with your personal brand, setting up your new branded email address, and updating your online presence, you are taking a decisive step towards refining your personal brand. This minor yet significant change can lead to new opportunities, bolster trust from clients and employers, and enhance your sense of professionalism.

Invest the time and effort into perfecting this essential facet of your personal brand, and watch as it opens doors and boosts your professional image. With your new branded email address, you’re on the path to greater recognition in your chosen field.


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Richard Lowe
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Kathleen L.

The idea of branding your email with your own domain name is very advisable to businesses. It doesn’t only attracts your clients with trust and safety but brings proof of legality. Building your own domain name is like building your own house to the internet world showing that you have definitely got an address then the land is your website or the host..


You can use your domain name within Gmail, for the convenience. I guess I should delete my AOL account? Haha

Kim Steadman

I love your analysis of name after the @, LOL. You pretty much spot on performed a personality analysis on a person based on how their business/ professional email name looks. I personally enjoy the ease of using my Gmail account for retrieval and writing of emails, but having my kimsteadman.com email address as my professional address. The two are linked in the Gmail cloud. It makes it easier for me and no one knows the difference.