11 Jan 2021

Use a Book Coach To Get Your Book Written Without Breaking The Bank

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A book coach can help you get your book written without breaking the bank!

You say you want to write a book, but the process of getting a book done is a mystery. Maybe you started a few times, written a few pages, and realized how difficult it will be. You look into hiring a ghostwriter, and it seems to get a good one will be very expensive – more than you can afford. But you really need a book to promote your brand or record your memoir for your children and family.

But what can you do? You’re not a writer, you’re not sure what to do, and you don’t have the money that ghostwriters are asking. You already figured out the going to the cheap, low-end ghostwriters would be a mistake. Your name will be on the book, and you don’t want to be associated with garbage.

Are you stuck? Do you have to give up your dream of a book?

As it turns out, you can get your book written without the expense of a ghostwriter or going to classes taking the time to learn how to write. No, it’s not magic, and you don’t need to cast any spells or sell your soul or anything like that.

You can work with a professional writer in a collaborative manner in one form or another.

This goes under a variety of names: book coaching, developmental editing, and book collaborating, among others. All of these boil down to the same thing: you working with professional writer or ghostwriter to help you get your book finished in a timely manner.

How Does A Book Coach Work?

The process is actually very simple.

  1. Find a professional writer who offers the service. You can hire The Writing King to help you with your book using our book coaching service.
  2. The service includes a free consultation up to one hour to discuss your requirements, and let you know how the process works.
  3. You pre-purchase a block of hours, which you use up as you go through the coaching service.
  4. Calls are scheduled, and you and your book coach work through your book from beginning to end. Generally, the book coach will start with understanding your goals, reviewing your synopsis, and helping you write each chapter one by one.
  5. You write the chapters yourself with the help of your book coach. Your coach will be there every step of the way, guiding you, looking over your shoulder to ensure that you create the best book possible.
  6. Your coach can help you with grammar, editing, plotting, organizing, outlining, and everything else involved in putting your ideas down in written form.
  7. Once you use up your initial block of hours, you purchase another block, and continue the process.

The Advantages of Using A Book Coach

The advantages of this method are many.

  • Using a book coach or developmental editor is far less expensive than having your book ghostwritten.
  • While you’re being coached, you’re also learning how to write a book. Thus, you’ll be much more able to write future books on your own, or require less help from your book coach.
  • One of the jobs of your book coach is to help motivate you so that you get your book completed. This makes it far more likely that you’ll actually finish your project and get your book published.
  • Far less money is on the table at any time than with ghostwriting. Your typical ghostwriter will ask for a 25%, nonrefundable deposit upfront. You can engage a book coach by purchasing a block of 20 hours. This money nonrefundable, but the amount is far smaller than a 25% deposit for the entire project..
  • Perhaps most important of all, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you wrote your book. In a ghostwriting relationship, your ghostwriter write your book and you take credit for it. That’s not true in a book coaching relationship. You actually do write your own book.

Does that sound intriguing?

Schedule an appointment with The Writing King today to discuss how we can help get your book completed in a way that makes sense for you, your skill level, your time, and your budget.

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