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Writing passion

Writing is a lot like going on an adventure, full of wild experiences, personal growth, and most importantly, a burning writing passion. This passion is kind of like a spark that lights up your spirit, sometimes leading you down roads less traveled. This story isn’t just about how I found my love for writing, but also how I looked after it, polished it, and eventually made it my job.

From my early days as an inquisitive teenager quizzing my grandpa, to now, where I ghostwrite for a living, my writing journey is as varied as it is fascinating. It’s a path filled with ups and downs, everyday inspirations, and a deep-rooted commitment to constantly getting better at my craft. This tale showcases the strength of never giving up, the magic of words, and the thrill that comes with a life dedicated to writing.

In the next few sections, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences, thoughts, and key moments on this amazing adventure. I’m not just hoping to give you a peek into my world as a writer but also inspire you to chase after your own passions. I’d love for you to join me as I look back on my journey, from the moment I first fell in love with writing, to now, when writing is more than just something I love – it’s my way of life.

The Guiding Star – My Mother’s Influence

I can’t talk about my journey as a writer without giving a massive shout-out to one of the biggest influences in my life – my mom. From when I was just a wee lad, she cultivated a deep love for reading in me. Her own love for books and spinning yarns was so infectious, I found myself quickly sucked into the mesmerizing world of literature.

My mom got me involved in the Scholastic Book Club as a kid, and before long, I’d built up a pretty amazing collection of books and magazines, a bunch of which are still some of my favorites. But mom did more than just introduce me to the wide universe of books; she pushed me to form my own opinions and was always ready to hear what I had to say.

Our library visits turned into a sort of sacred weekly ritual, and more often than not, I’d end up borrowing the maximum number of books, unable to resist the magnetic pull of the countless worlds each book held within its pages. Diving into my first adult books like “Stranger in a Strange Land”, “The Narrow Land”, and a book on the battle of Iwo Jima opened doors to genres I still can’t get enough of–fantasy, sci-fi, history, geopolitics, and whodunits.

Throughout my childhood, mom’s unwavering support has been my rock, even in the face of criticism and doubt. Her belief in me has often served as my lighthouse during the stormiest times of my writing journey. Her loving guidance has played a huge part in molding me into the writer and person I am today. Each story I pen down, every character I breathe life into, carries a slice of the wisdom she’s passed down to me.

Her influence keeps pushing me to stretch my creative limits and keeps the fires of my passion for writing alive. Thanks to her, I learned to delve into, understand, and ultimately celebrate the messy beauty of being human–a lesson I strive to weave into every piece I write. Her spirit continues to live on in the pages of my work, a guiding light lighting up my writer’s journey.

Unraveling Grandfather’s Chronicles: The Genesis of My Writing Passion

My first baby steps into the world of writing were under the watchful eye of an unlikely mentor – my grandad. He was something of an enigma in our family, a World War II vet whose past was shrouded in an air of mystery. Rumors swirled about his experiences as a cook on the Yangtze River patrol and his time in a Japanese POW camp. It was my budding curiosity about this strong, silent figure in my life that drove me to undertake a project at the age of 17 that would turn out to be a game-changer. I decided to unravel his story, effectively ghostwriting his biography.

Charting the murky waters of his past was no mean feat. He was a man of few words, his memory a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. But I was persistent. Over countless chats, he opened up about his ordeals during the war, his capture at Corregidor, his grueling time in the Bataan Death March and the Japanese POW camp. He also touched on his culinary skills, sharpened during his naval stint. These conversations were about more than just piecing together his past; they were about forging a deeper connection with him.

During these interviews, I found myself drawn to the magic of storytelling. The chance to spin a person’s life into words you could hold in your hands was downright mesmerizing. It was more than just about chronicling his life; it was about capturing his spirit. His tales of sheer grit and survival, mixed with his love for cooking, painted a vibrant picture of a man who lived life on his own terms.

Penning down his story was like stepping into a time machine. His words breathed life into his past, his struggles, his triumphs. I drew on his diaries and old photos to weave his tales into a cohesive narrative. I got to see a side of my grandad that many in our family never got a chance to. And it was in these precious moments that the spark for writing was kindled in me.

I wrapped up the project fairly quickly, but the impact it had on me was deep and lasting. This experience taught me to look at life through different lenses, to question the status quo, and to form my own opinions. It drove home a priceless lesson – to find truth from within, not just based on what others see. This deep dive into my grandad’s past was my initiation into the world of writing, and boy, was I hooked. Little did I know back then, this was just the first step of an incredible journey that was still ahead of me.

Battling Shadows – Overcoming Doubt and Criticism

The path to becoming a writer, much like life, is a twisty trail filled with the exhilarating highs of success and the gut-wrenching lows of challenges. We all face our fair share of obstacles, but for a writer, these hardships often morph into lessons that infuse their words and characters with life. My journey was no different, riddled with its own set of hurdles.

One of the most jarring obstacles I faced cropped up during my college days when I received a blistering critique from my English teacher. Picking apart my work, they delivered a conclusion that felt like a gut punch to my aspirations–I was told point-blank that I’d never be a good writer. Such harsh criticism, coming from someone whose role was supposed to be fostering my passion for writing, threw me off balance. It knocked the wind out of my sails and made me question the path I’d envisioned for myself. This unwarranted negativity resulted in me shying away from the world of creative writing for over ten years.

During this hiatus, life unfolded a new chapter that nudged me back towards my original passion. By a twist of fate, I ended up writing technical manuals for Software Techniques. While this was worlds apart from the imaginative realm of creative writing, it rekindled my dormant love for stringing words together. My stint with Software Techniques, crafting crisp and concise guides, breathed fresh life into my dormant writing skills, slowly reigniting my passion for the written word.

My time at Software Techniques was more than just a job; it was a learning curve that laid the foundation for my later ventures into the realm of ghostwriting. This journey helped me distinguish between criticism and critique. While criticism aims to find fault, critique aims to improve. This realization became a cornerstone of my writing philosophy, influencing how I approached feedback.

As a ghostwriter, I began to see feedback as an integral part of my process, not as a dreaded judgement. Working closely with clients, I started to appreciate their insights and opinions, recognizing the value they added to the writing process. This newfound respect and gratitude for critique over criticism enabled me to hone my skills, fostering not just my resilience but also my writing prowess.

This phase of my life, grappling with doubt and criticism, underscored the power of resilience. It taught me that a writer’s journey isn’t always bathed in the warm glow of praise; it’s often forged in the fires of criticism and self-doubt. But it’s in overcoming these trials that a writer discovers their unique voice and inner strength. Today, I stand tall, unshaken by past criticisms, my pen steady, writing not just for others but also for myself.

The Nature of Inspiration – Walks, Talks, and Lifetimes

The fabric of my inspiration is stitched together with different shades of experiences, stories, and moments of enlightenment. One of the brightest threads in this creative quilt is the boundless spirit of nature. The unedited, raw splendor of the natural world has consistently been a reliable muse for me, providing comfort and sparking creativity.

My encounters at Joshua Tree National Park, a haven of breathtaking desert allure, serve as milestones in my personal and artistic journey. Following the loss of my wife, I found tranquility in nature’s solitude. I embarked on fifty treks across this mesmerizing terrain, each hike evolving into a personal pilgrimage towards self-discovery and healing. The vast desert, dotted with its distinctive plants and creatures, offered a visual backdrop for introspection and reflection.

Every journey in the park was more than just a hike; it was an introspective exploration, a heart-to-heart with nature. As I ventured through the mystical Wonderland of Rocks, the sparse greenery, and the iconic Joshua trees, I observed firsthand the cycles of life and death in nature, its stubborn survival, and its peaceful surrender to the inevitable.

One particular trek remains etched in my memory. A slight misstep resulted in a nerve-wracking slide down a shale cliff. In my panic, I grabbed the first thing in sight – a cactus. The resulting interaction with the prickly desert plant left a spine lodged through my foot. Despite the pain, this incident served as a stark reminder of the paradoxical nature of our world – stunningly beautiful yet unforgivingly brutal. Far from deterring me, this experience strengthened my resilience and deepened my admiration for the desert’s formidable beauty.

These experiences, each singular and transformative, broadened my worldview and fostered a deep sense of self-acceptance. They reminded me of our shared human journey, our trials, our endurance, and our invincible spirit. Staring at the vast desert under the star-speckled sky, I felt more than just a lone hiker; I felt a part of a sprawling, interconnected universe.

These adventures, these intimate chats with nature, stoked the fire of my creativity. They informed my writing, infusing it with a depth of insight and subtlety that only personal encounters can offer. From pondering life and loss to celebrating resilience and acceptance, these treks reshaped my writing style. They gave life to my characters, layered my narratives, and painted my descriptions with the colors of real-life experiences.

Thus, nature, in all its unwavering majesty, remains an everlasting muse. My treks in the desert, my chats with people, and the life stories I’ve watched unravel around me–these are the reservoirs from which my creativity springs. Every stroll in the wilderness, every conversation, every life observed contributes a line to the ever-evolving poem that is my writing journey.

Beyond Words – A Million Frames of Life

Yet another remarkable twist in the narrative of my life was a decade-long chapter where I embraced the role of a photographer. This period added a whole new dimension and depth to my writing. During this time, my camera lens roamed across a multitude of landscapes, documenting countless shades of life, and illuminating the visual narrative that complements the written word. Peering through the viewfinder, I caught glimpses of the world’s spirit, amassing a visual library of over a million photographs. Every snapshot added more colors, experiences, perspectives, and emotions to the canvas of my writing.

National parks across the Southwestern United States transformed into my outdoor photo studios, each showcasing its unique natural artistry. The breathtaking colors of sunrise over the Grand Canyon, the dramatic interplay of shadows in Joshua Tree’s valleys, the stark, untouched allure of Death Valley—these images aren’t merely photographic keepsakes, but sparks of inspiration that infuse life into my stories. The peace and untouched majesty of these landscapes gave me a profound appreciation for nature’s ability to weave stories, influencing my own narrative style.

A significant part of my photographic voyage was dedicated to capturing the dynamic energy of Renaissance Faires. These events, brimming with colorful characters and historical reenactments, provided fertile grounds for capturing raw human emotions. The frolicking jesters, heroic knights, and intricate costumes were not just photographic subjects; they were gateways to a different era, aiding me in understanding the range of human experiences throughout history. This immersion into a past era sharpened my skill in creating vivid, believable settings in my historical narratives.

Beyond landscapes and festivals, my lens also homed in on an array of performances—from mesmerizing belly dances and intense wrestling bouts to captivating burlesque shows and passionate salsa displays. Each performance was a unique concoction of emotion, rhythm, and narrative—a dynamic tableau of human expressivity. This eclectic exposure expanded my comprehension of various cultures and personalities, significantly enhancing the diversity and authenticity of my characters in writing.

My journey as a photographer was more than a profession—it was an exploration of life’s diverse colors through the silent language of imagery. It was about observing and understanding life from diverse angles, about seizing fleeting moments and preserving them within frames. As a writer, I continue to tap into this treasure trove of experiences, threading these captured moments into the tapestry of my stories. Photography taught me about the power of perspective and the significance of detail—precious lessons that I carry over to my writing, illustrating scenes with words as I once did with light.

The Writer’s Rhythm – Orchestrating Work, Writing, and Life

Being a writer and a solopreneur requires a certain finesse in striking a balance—a deft juggling act between work and personal life. The rhythmic tango of writing, marketing, and everyday life responsibilities forms an intricately choreographed routine that brings structure and purpose to my day.

My day typically springs to life with the first rays of dawn. During these early hours, I channel my energy towards marketing—an indispensable gear in the engine of my writing business. I connect with potential clients, strategize promotional campaigns, network with fellow writers and industry insiders, and evaluate the effectiveness of previous marketing endeavors. These tasks need my full concentration and creative agility, which I find are at their sharpest in the morning.

As the day unfolds, I earmark a chunk of time for assorted tasks. This part of the day is devoted to activities that require a different sort of attention—administrative duties, attending appointments, running errands, and self-care. Occasionally, it also involves engaging in recreational pursuits like reading, photography, or a revitalizing walk outside—activities that fuel my creativity and invigorate my writing.

Late afternoon escorts in my most cherished time of the day—the dedicated writing hours. As the world around me begins to settle down, I find a profound sense of tranquility that pairs perfectly with the creative process. During these sacred hours, my office morphs into a haven of imagination. Surrounded by books and illuminated by the gentle light of my desk lamp, I plunge deep into the realms I’m crafting.

My writing space is a mirror of myself—from the generous desk facing the living room, which acts as my creative hub, to the surrounding bookshelves brimming with literature from all genres. And let’s not overlook the charming accents of the revolving bookshelf and the dazzling array of butterflies in acrylic overhead—elements that add a touch of whimsy.

As night falls, I continue writing, thriving in the tranquility that only the nighttime can offer. Using tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, AI assistants like ChatGPT, and grammar-checking software like ProWritingAid, I bring my ideas to life.

Please be aware: The link provided above is an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase the recommended application, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support my work. Thank you.

However, my job isn’t solely about putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. It’s also about setting aside time to refine my craft, constantly evolving as a writer. I read widely, participate in writers’ workshops, and actively solicit constructive feedback. This commitment to growth and learning allows me to become a better writer, not just for myself, but for every client who entrusts their stories to me.

This is the rhythm of a writer—an elaborate dance between the practical and the creative. A dance I revel in each day, discovering new moves as I journey through the ever-changing landscape of my writing adventure.

Time to Pivot – Entering the World of Ghostwriting

In what feels like another lifetime, I found myself immersed in the world of technology. I managed a data center for Trader Joe’s, overseeing a crucial hub that contained extensive computing and networking equipment. My duties spanned from computer disaster recovery, the process of restoring IT infrastructure post-disaster, to controlling security systems. The role was challenging, with stress running high.

As time marched on, the strain of such an intense role took its toll. I noticed the environment was slowly but surely turning toxic. I started to yearn for a more stable and fulfilling career, one that offered a quieter and more gratifying rhythm of life. One day, I chose to honor my truth. I stepped away from my tech job and crossed over into the enchanting realm of writing.

At first, I ventured into writing and selling my own books. I devoured a plethora of relevant texts, referred to multiple guidebooks, and wrote with fervor. But I soon discovered that while I relished the act of writing, marketing was not my forte. I lacked the patience it required. After some introspection, I decided to navigate the sea of ghostwriting.

My ghostwriting career began on a humble note. I worked for a ghostwriting company, earning a modest $1,000 per book. However, I sensed that I could achieve more, and indeed, I did. Despite some naysayers who doubted the profitability of writing books, I soon landed a project worth $10,000. This victory bolstered my confidence and solidified my faith in my writing abilities, inspiring me to stay on this path.

Ghostwriting and Beyond – Crafting Narratives for Others

Ghostwriting is a profession both intricate and deeply personal. It requires me to fully immerse myself in another person’s voice and vision, a process that is both wonderfully enriching and enlightening. My approach to ghostwriting involves active collaboration and close, sustained interaction with my clients. The journey commences even before the first word finds its way onto the page.

This journey springs into life with comprehensive interviews with my clients. These interactions are not merely procedural; they are deep explorations into their passions, histories, and dreams. This preparatory work is crucial to understand my clients’ individuality, equipping me with the necessary insights to translate their experiences and ideas into captivating narratives.

Interestingly, the ghostwriting process greatly differs for fiction and non-fiction. In fiction, it often starts with an intriguing concept, a spark that I then carefully nurture into a blazing narrative, meticulously building the story from the end back to the start. This approach, a kind of story reverse-engineering, helps me remain true to the overarching storyline, ensuring each chapter, event, and character seamlessly lead to a satisfying conclusion.

In contrast, non-fiction is rooted in real-life experiences, requiring intensive interviews and thorough research. The challenge here goes beyond simply recording facts. It’s about capturing truth, understanding perspectives, and weaving together multiple threads to form a comprehensive, coherent, and captivating representation of the subject.

Among the many ghostwriting projects I’ve undertaken, one particularly resonates with me. It involved a client named Doris, who entrusted me with a collection of handwritten notes detailing her dreams. Faced with a seemingly insurmountable maze of disjointed entries, my task was similar to deciphering an intricate, cryptic puzzle. It was a challenging process, but one that offered immense satisfaction.

I found myself submerged in the multicolored spectrum of Doris’s dream world, assembling fragments of her subconscious into a cohesive narrative. Despite the chaotic nature of the notes, I managed to weave a tapestry that accurately reflected her vibrant dream world. The outcome was a book that encapsulated her deepest dreams and reflections, a book that fulfilled her lifelong aspiration of becoming a published author posthumously.

Ghostwriting brings joy in helping others find their voices, narrate their stories, and share their experiences. In the process, I also grow as a writer, expanding my horizons and deepening my understanding of the human experience. It’s not merely about creating narratives for others; it’s about discovering new narratives within myself.


Ghostwriting is a profession that is as intricate as it is intimate. It requires me to fully comprehend and channel someone else’s voice and vision, a process that I’ve found to be extraordinarily enriching and profoundly enlightening. My approach to ghostwriting is collaborative, characterized by a deep and sustained engagement with my clients. It’s a journey that begins even before a single word makes its way onto the page.

This journey begins with a series of extensive interviews with my clients. These aren’t just routine interactions; they are voyages of discovery where I delve into the depth of their passions, sift through the sands of their histories, and explore the landscapes of their visions. This groundwork is pivotal to understanding who they are as individuals, providing me with the foundational insights necessary to translate their experiences and ideas into compelling narratives.

Interestingly, ghostwriting differs starkly between fiction and non-fiction. With fiction, the genesis is usually an intriguing idea, a spark that I then nurture into a vibrant fire, methodically constructing the narrative from the end to the beginning. This reverse-engineering of the story helps me stay aligned with the overall arc, ensuring that each chapter, each event, each character, converges to a fulfilling and satisfying conclusion.

Contrastingly, non-fiction is a terrain grounded in reality. It causes an exhaustive process of interviews and meticulous research. The challenge here is not merely about capturing facts but about capturing truth, about understanding perspectives, about weaving together the multitude of threads into a tapestry that presents a comprehensive, coherent, and compelling account of the subject matter.

Out of the myriad ghostwriting projects I’ve embarked on, one stands out as a precious memory. It involved a client named Doris, who entrusted me with a trove of handwritten notes chronicling her dreams. Confronted with a daunting jumble of disjointed entries, my task was akin to solving a complex, cryptic puzzle. The process was challenging, yes, but it was also deeply rewarding.

I found myself immersed in the kaleidoscope of Doris’s dream world, piecing together fragments of her subconscious into a consistent narrative. Despite the chaotic nature of the notes, I wove a tapestry that did justice to her vivid dreamscapes. The result was a book that encapsulated her deepest reveries and reflections, a book that posthumously fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

The joy of ghostwriting is in helping others find their voices, tell their stories, and share their experiences. And in doing so, I, too, grow as a writer, broadening my horizons and deepening my understanding of the human experience. It’s not just about crafting narratives for others; it’s about discovering new narratives within myself.

Influences and Inspirations – My Sister, Belinda

My sister, Belinda, embodies intellectual curiosity and serves as a shining beacon of inspiration in my life. She is an ardent devotee of science, constantly submerged in a world of experiments, her mind perpetually spinning with new theories and discoveries. I often find myself in awe of her intelligence, wholeheartedly believing that she is the smartest person I have the privilege of knowing.

Our childhood was filled with shared explorations that have grown into cherished memories. We navigated chemistry sets together, our young minds ablaze with intrigue and thirst for knowledge. Our backyard was our vast playground where we built tepees and set out on countless biking escapades. All these moments were underpinned by a steadfast friendship that has been our life’s most enduring constant.

Belinda’s journey beautifully illustrates triumph over adversity. She faced life’s rough patches with unwavering resolve, drawing strength from a deep well of resilience that never fails to inspire me. She transformed her passion for science into a tangible force for good by establishing a non-profit school in San Jose, leaving a profound impact on the lives of thousands of students. Her dedication to sparking scientific curiosity in young minds, supported by a devoted team, is a testament to her extraordinary character.

My bond with Belinda and understanding of her remarkable journey serve as invaluable pillars of strength for me. When I find myself grappling with disappointment or melancholy, I need only to remember her success to reignite my motivation. Her unwavering perseverance and dedication not only lift me from my low moments but also spur me on to strive harder and improve.

Belinda’s relentless passion for science and her unwavering resilience have indelibly shaped my journey as a writer. Her influence seeps into my work, infusing it with a sense of awe and appreciation for the intricate tapestry of life, mirroring the mesmerizing world of science that she so passionately embraces.


Being a writer for me has been a journey of self-discovery as much as it has been about spinning tales and crafting words. Writing isn’t merely a job or a skill to me. It’s an adventure, a voyage, a lifestyle. Be it authoring my grandfather’s biography, ghostwriting for clients, or weaving my own stories, each endeavor has been a learning experience, molding me into the writer I am now.

Reflecting on my path, I see my writing journey as a magnificent tapestry stitched together with a myriad of experiences, influences, and inspirations. From my grandfather’s dramatic experiences in World War II to my mother’s steadfast support, each individual, every event, every piece of feedback, every critique, each solitary walk in nature, and every deeply felt loss has woven a distinctive thread into this rich tapestry.

As writers, we are perpetually on the hunt for that next spark, the upcoming project or concept that will ignite our imagination and fan our passion for writing. Be it in the tranquil solitude of nature, the diverse canvas of human interactions, or an enticing new project full of potential, inspiration is always lurking somewhere, ready to be unearthed.

My passion for writing is also firmly rooted in my lifelong love for reading, kindled and nourished from a young age by my mother. Innumerable trips to the library and membership in the Scholastic Book Club led to a home library packed with a wide range of books across genres—fantasy, science fiction, history, geopolitics, and mystery. These literary gems sparked the inspiration for my series of books, “Book Empire,” designed to guide budding writers on the art of short fiction.

As I gaze into the future, my vision is lucid. I am dedicated to persisting on this writing voyage with the same enthusiasm, curiosity, and energy that I had at the outset. I eagerly anticipate the fresh experiences, challenges, and victories that are waiting for me. Because it’s not solely about reaching the destination. The journey itself is the true reward.

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It must have a blessing to have had great mentors supporting you early on.


It’s not just about crafting the perfect sentence or spinning an engaging tale, but about discovering oneself and the world around us. My personal experiences and inspirations have certainly shaped me into the writer I am today, and I have no doubt that your passion and dedication will continue to fuel your writing journey

Bryan Carey

Writing, and nurturing an interest in it, takes time, and it all starts with great influencers. Your family really played a strong part in guiding you to where you are today.

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I really enjoyed reading your post about how you became a writer. Your passion clearly shows in your writing.

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Your post beautifully captures the essence of writing with passion and how it can transform both the writer and the reader. I’m inspired by your personal journey and the practical advice you offer to aspiring writers to help ignite their own creative fires.

Catherine Kay

These steps will Ignite your passion for writing! This post will help aspiring writers.


Your journey in writing from childhood to today has been quite an adventure!! It’s so interesting seeing how you’ve shifted gears through the years and continued to develop the craft.


It’s amazing to see how these incredible people played such key roles in shaping your future in writing! I loved reading about each one.


This was such an enjoyable read! I’ve been following your blog for a long time, now, and it was so fun to see how you came to be a writer and how you keep your passion for it.


I completely resonate with your sentiment. Writing truly is a journey of self-discovery. Along my own path, I’ve uncovered so much about myself and the boundless creativity of my mind. The passion for writing and reading runs deep in my family, instilled by my parents, and I’m endlessly grateful to them for it.