36 Ways to Show Heartfelt Author Appreciation

Show Heartfelt Author Appreciation

There are many ways to say think you and show author appreciationWords have the power to inspire, comfort, and transform. The ones who string these words together to create captivating stories and insightful ideas are authors. Appreciating the work of your favorite author goes beyond enjoying their books; it’s about recognizing their effort and encouraging them to continue their incredible journey. This article offers you 36 inspiring methods to show heartfelt “author appreciation.”

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  1. Showing Support by Purchasing Books: Purchasing an author’s book, especially from their website, is one of the most direct ways to support them. It helps them earn from their hard work and encourages them to write more. When you buy from the author’s website, you’re ensuring the majority of your payment goes directly to them, as compared to third-party vendors who take a commission.
  2. The Gift of Literature: Spreading Their Words: Giving an author’s book as a gift not only supports the author financially but also introduces their work to a broader audience. The recipient might turn into another avid fan, further propelling the author’s popularity and sales.
  3. Engaging with the Author’s Blog: If your favorite author has a blog, take the time to read and engage. Reading their blog posts gives you a deeper insight into their thoughts and their writing process. Leaving comments shows the author that you appreciate their work and can provide valuable feedback for their future projects.
  4. Leaving Positive Reviews: A Boost for the Author: Posting a positive review on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, or any relevant site goes a long way. Not only does it let the author know that their work is being appreciated, but it also helps other potential readers discover the book.
  5. Social Media Shoutouts: Spreading the Word: Write about the book on your social media platforms and tag the author if possible. Sharing your love for the book exposes it to your network, potentially attracting new readers. Don’t forget to add a touch of personal experience, as it gives a unique flavor to your recommendation.
  6. Tweet about the Book: Quick and Influential: Tweeting about the book provides a concise and powerful endorsement. Using relevant hashtags can get the book trending, while tagging the author keeps them in the loop of your support.
  7. Ask Your Bookstore to Stock the Book: Widening the Reach: If the book is not available at your local bookstore, you could request them to stock it. This action not only makes the book more accessible to you but also to other potential readers who visit the store.
  8. Make the Book Stand Out: A Small Act with Big Impact: If the book is already in your local bookstore, turning the cover to face out instead of spine out makes it more noticeable. This minor adjustment could catch the attention of other bookstore visitors, increasing the chances of a spontaneous purchase.
  9. Encourage Interviews: Broadening Exposure: Suggest the author for interviews on podcasts or local radio stations. Media coverage could significantly boost an author’s visibility and attract a larger readership. This approach particularly works if the author has a new book releasing soon.
  10. Personal Recommendations: Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Rave about the book to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Personal recommendations often carry more weight than online reviews, and it’s an effective way to promote the author’s work.
  11. Share a Personal Touch: Photos with the Book: Click a photo of yourself holding the book and send it to the author. This personalized gesture is more likely to make the author feel appreciated and cherished.
  12. Video Testimonial: A Powerful Endorsement: Record a video sharing your views about the book and send it to the author. You could talk about what you loved, how it impacted you, or why you would recommend it to others. A sincere, enthusiastic testimonial can serve as a powerful endorsement for the book.
  13. Social Media Testimonials: Widespread Impact: In addition to sending a video testimonial to the author, consider sharing it on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Don’t forget to tag the author. Your video could inspire others in your network to check out the author’s work.
  14. Preorder Their Next Book: Show Anticipation and Support: Preordering an author’s upcoming book shows your anticipation and support for their work. It gives authors a morale boost, and high pre-order numbers can also improve the book’s visibility upon release.
  15. Follow the Author on Social Media: Stay Updated and Engage: Keep up with the author’s latest news by following their social media accounts. Regular engagement, such as liking and sharing their posts or leaving comments, can also strengthen your connection with the author.
  16. Pen a Fan Letter: A Personal Touch: Writing a fan letter can be a beautiful way to express your appreciation. In this digital age, a heartfelt letter can stand out and make a lasting impression on an author. Plus, it provides a tangible token of your admiration that they can revisit whenever they want.
  17. Use Your Own Blog to Support the Author: If you run a blog, write a post about the author’s book. This kind of exposure can attract more readers to their work. Don’t forget to link to their book so that your readers can easily find and purchase it.
  18. Help Their Books Win Awards: Nominating and voting for the author’s book for relevant awards can boost their reputation and visibility in the literary community. It’s a significant way to show your support and help the author gain recognition for their work.
  19. Join the Author’s Mailing List: Stay in the Loop: By joining an author’s mailing list, you’ll stay updated with their latest work, book signings, and more. This direct line of communication also shows the author that you’re interested in their work beyond just one book.
  20. Library Advocacy: Promote in Your Local Community: If the author’s book is available in your local library, checking it out can increase its circulation numbers. You can also recommend the book to other library-goers or request it if it isn’t available, thereby boosting its visibility.
  21. Show Appreciation through Art: If you’re artistically inclined, create fan art based on the author’s work and share it with them. It’s a unique and creative way to express your appreciation. Not only will the author likely cherish your artwork, but it may also be shared on their social media, further promoting the book.
  22. Attend Their Book Signings or Virtual Events: Participating in book signings, readings, or virtual events not only allows you to interact with the author but also shows your support for their work. Plus, a signed book is always a treasured possession!
  23. Join the Author’s Fan Club or Reading Groups: If the author has a fan club or reading group, join it. These platforms offer opportunities to engage in in-depth discussions about the author’s work, meet like-minded fans, and even interact with the author directly.
  24. Refer the Book in Reading Clubs: Suggest the author’s book for your local book club or reading group. This can give the author’s work exposure to a wider audience and generate thoughtful discussions.
  25. Create and Share Bookmarks: If you’re crafty, create themed bookmarks based on the author’s work and share them with fellow readers or on social media. This small yet thoughtful token can showcase the love for the author’s work.
  26. Start a Hashtag Trend: Initiate a hashtag trend on social media related to the book or the author. It could be about sharing favorite quotes, experiences while reading the book, or how the book inspired you. A trending hashtag can increase the visibility of the author’s work.
  27. Conduct an Author Interview on Your Blog or Channel: If you have a blog or YouTube channel, consider interviewing the author. It could be about their latest book, writing process, or their journey as an author. This can provide a platform for the author to reach your followers.
  28. Collaborate with Local Schools or Libraries: Work with local schools or libraries to arrange author talks. These sessions can be inspiring for young readers and provide the author with a broader audience.
  29. Send a Token of Appreciation on Author’s Day: Send a small gift, card, or even a donation to a charity in the author’s name on Author’s Day (November 1st) as a token of appreciation. This unique recognition can make an author’s day truly special.
  30. Commission Fan Art or Merchandise: If you have the means, commission an artist to create fan art, t-shirts, or other merchandise inspired by the author’s work. This not only supports the author but also supports independent artists.
  31. Show Appreciation with Financial Tips: Platforms like ko-fi.com or Patreon allow fans to financially support creators directly. A small contribution can go a long way in supporting the author’s writing career.
  32. Create a Book Trailer: If you’re video-savvy, create a book trailer and share it on social media. This creative endeavor can serve as a unique testimonial and encourage more people to read the book.
  33. Host a Book Giveaway: Conduct a book giveaway on your social media platform. This can generate excitement around the book and introduce it to potential new readers.
  34. Write a Wikipedia Page: If your favorite author doesn’t already have a Wikipedia page, consider creating one for them. Make sure to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines for notability and neutrality.
  35. Create Fan Fiction: If the author is comfortable with it, create fan fiction based on the author’s work. This form of appreciation extends the world the author has built and shows your love for their creations.
  36. Book Club Meetup with the Author: If the author is available and willing, arrange for them to attend a book club meeting (virtually or in person). This gives fans a chance to engage directly with the author and ask any questions they may have about the book.

In the end, every act of appreciation, regardless of its size, contributes to the author’s journey and helps them continue doing what they do best – creating unforgettable stories.

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Author Appreciation FAQ

How do you appreciate an author?

Appreciating an author can be expressed in many ways. You can write them a letter or an email expressing how much you enjoyed their book and what it meant to you. Publicly posting a positive review on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, or social media also helps spread the word about their work and can be a meaningful form of appreciation. You can also support the author by purchasing their book, attending their book launches, readings, or signing events, and recommending their work to others.

How do you show appreciation for a book?

Showing appreciation for a book often involves promoting it within your personal network and the wider reading community. You can write a thoughtful review sharing what you liked about the book and post it on platforms where it can influence potential readers, like online bookstores or book-focused social media. Another way to show appreciation is by recommending the book to friends, family, or book clubs. Also, engaging with the author directly, if possible, to express your thoughts about the book can be a sincere gesture of appreciation.

What is a good author's note?

A good author's note provides insight into the process of writing the book, the inspiration behind it, or additional context that may enhance the reader's understanding or enjoyment of the story. It should be personal, giving readers a glimpse into the author's mind and the journey of creating the book. A well-written author's note can add depth to the book, create a stronger connection between the author and reader, and offer a memorable ending or beginning to the reading experience.

Conclusion: Appreciating Authors in Your Life

Showing appreciation for authors goes beyond a simple “thank you.” It’s about making meaningful connections, boosting their visibility, and supporting their journey. Every action, no matter how small, counts. So, take the time to express your author appreciation in the ways listed above, and you’ll likely brighten an author’s day and perhaps inspire a new story!

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This is so true! Authors work hard to bring stories to life; showing gratitude in meaningful ways is essential. Whether writing a thoughtful review, recommending their work to others, or engaging with them on social media, these small acts of support can make a real difference in an author’s life. It’s incredible how a little appreciation can inspire and encourage them to keep sharing their stories with the world.


It is good to show appreciation to authors. I feel like authors don’t get enough credit for their hard work!


The creation of a Wikipedia page is an amazing idea! I should do this for some of my favourite authors.

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Great tips on showing appreciation for authors! Love the diverse and thoughtful ways to support and celebrate their work. Thanks for sharing these creative ideas!


Such excellent ideas to show a bit of love to our fav authors. Would never have thought of doing this so I appreciate the suggestions.


These are all great ideas! I think it’s important to show the authors that have inspired us gratitude for the hard work they do.