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Every business needs a book to establish credibility and build customer confidence.

If you want to garner instant respect from your clients, vendors, family members, and just about anyone else, publish a book about your area of expertise. When you show people your book and sign a copy for them, you instantly establish yourself as the expert in that area.

The truth of the matter is most people look up to authors, even in today’s world of self-publishing.

But what if you don’t have the time or skills to write a book yourself? Hire a ghostwriter to put your concepts and information into book form, in your voice and with your unique message.

When you author a book using a ghostwriter to do the hard work, you can write about anything you want to establish your brand and demonstrate your kills and knowledge.

  • Tell your story and background. This lets your readers get to know you and understand why you are uniquely qualified to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.
  • Explain your unique knowledge and abilities. Tell your readers about your skills, knowledge and value.
  • Deliver your message. Talk about your brand and what it means to your customers.
  • Explain how your industry works. You can explain the unique characteristics of your business so your customers have a better understanding of the process.
  • Define terms unique to your business. If there are words and phrases unique to your business, you can explain them in your book and even use that to provide additional examples of services or products you provide.
  • Include testimonials from happy customers. This builds your credibility.
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By having your own book, you have complete control over the content and length. It can be 50 pages of all text or 100 pages with dozens of drawings and pictures. It’s your book, so it’s entirely up to you. Your ghostwriter will discuss the options with you during the initial interview and help you come up with the right length and format for your brand.

The Writing King serves Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding area, providing expert ghostwriting, general writing, and social media services, including LinkedIn profiles. Richard Lowe Jr, the owner of The Writing King, is the author of over 60 books, including the bestseller Focus on LinkedIn.

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