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The “Legal” category on Richard’s website provides a wealth of information pertaining to legal matters related to writing and technology. While Richard is not a lawyer, his extensive experience in the industry has equipped him with crucial insights into the legal aspects of these fields. The articles in this category are intended to help readers navigate common legal scenarios they might encounter. However, these resources should not be construed as legal advice and consultation with a legal professional is recommended for specific concerns.

Mastering AI Copyright: 9 Vital Things to Remember

The rapidly advancing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies continues to push the boundaries of what we know, simultaneously opening new frontiers and raising complex questions. As AI technology becomes more sophisticated and autonomous, a hotbed issue, previously in the background, has come to the fore: AI and copyright law. In an era where AI.. read more →

A Ghostwriting Statement of Work Protects Your Book Project

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Exploring the Legality of Ghostwriting: Unraveling the Gray Areas

What is the legality of ghostwriting? Is ghostwriting ethical? In a world where content is king, the role of ghostwriters has become increasingly prevalent. But what exactly is ghostwriting, and is it legal? This intriguing topic delves into the gray areas of the writing industry, where the lines between originality, attribution, and intellectual property can.. read more →

Understanding Copyright Law: 7 Useful Essential Elements Explained

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Is Ghostwriting Unethical? 5 Important Reasons to Reconsider

Is ghostwriting ethical? It depends on the situation. Hiring one to write your term paper is not ethical; using one to write your business book is fine. read more →

10 Critical Elements of Copyright Law for Writers: A Comprehensive Guide

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10 Powerful Strategies to Avoid Copyright Infringement: Ensuring Your Content Stays Legal

Taking images, text, or anything else and using them without compensation or permission is called copyright infringement, and it’s stealing. Don’t do it. read more →

Ghostwriter Ethics: Unveiling the Ethical Dilemmas and Benefits

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