From the earliest days I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the mysteries of the Earth, with a special fondness for rocks. As a kid, I started a rock collection, intrigued by the different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each rock was like a puzzle piece, waiting to reveal its part in the grand story of our planet. This budding interest soon blossomed into a fascination for geology, the first scientific discipline I found myself immersed in.

Petrified Wood, Lola and Rock Shows

Geology passion: Some of rocks and minerals in my collection
Some of rocks and minerals in my collection

As a child, the wonders of the Earth captivated me to the core. My interest in geology took root in the humble act of collecting rocks, the first science I ever explored.

One event that stands out is when I got my first petrified wood specimen. It was like a jewel from the past, and I yearned to have one. Word got around at school, and unexpectedly, a classmate handed me some rocks before disappearing. Those rocks turned out to be the petrified wood I so coveted, adding a significant charm to my growing collection.

Every year, my family and I would visit the Rock show at the Orange Show Grounds in San Bernardino. The thrilling spectacle of geodes being split open to reveal their crystal secrets, exploring the many rock displays, and adding new specimens to my collection made these shows my personalized geology classroom.

Each rock in my collection was a story of Earth’s past. Whether it was an igneous rock, forged from molten lava, a sedimentary rock shaped by erosion and time, or a metamorphic rock transformed under heat and pressure – I knew each of their histories. I documented their stories, their formation processes, and their ages in my notes.

Then I met Lola, a woman who, to my young eyes, seemed ancient and wise. Her house was a treasure trove of curiosities, but her collection of rocks and minerals stole the show. From geodes to crystals, her collection adorned every corner of her home.

The afternoons I spent with Lola were nothing short of enlightening. She painstakingly explained the nuances of each rock, the formation of crystals, and the geological processes involved. Lola even taught me how to grow my own crystals with a mixture of bluing and ammonia.

What set Lola apart was her respect for my intellectual curiosity. She didn’t belittle me or simplify her explanations. She acknowledged my intelligence and nurtured my fascination for geology, leaving an enduring impact on my life.

Her influence fueled my passion for geology. I began consuming every book on the subject, frequenting libraries to quench my curiosity. My enthusiasm for geology remained unwavering until high school.

Unfortunately, a dull and uninspiring teacher tainted my love for this science. His tedious approach to teaching was so disheartening that I ended up discarding my cherished rock collection and distanced myself from geology for a long while.

However, the year 2010 marked my rekindling with geology and rock collecting. This time, my collection expanded with more fascinating items. From geodes and crystals to cathedral geodes and an amethyst table, I filled my display case with geological wonders. Each rock, a silent testament to my enduring love for the Earth’s fascinating tale.

My Love for Geology is Rekindled

In 2010, the seed of my childhood passion for geology, which lay dormant for many years, sprouted again. This unexpected resurrection of my love for rocks and minerals may have been triggered by a seemingly casual trip to a local gem show or a fascinating documentary about Earth’s formation that resurfaced my fond memories of my youthful explorations.

With the passing years came wisdom and resources which I now had at my disposal to delve deeper into this reignited interest. I embarked on a more ambitious journey into the vast and enchanting realm of geology. I initiated my collection with geodes, spherical rocks that house stunning crystal interiors. These geological wonders served as a testament to the captivating mysteries and surprises that the field of geology holds within it.

However, my collection didn’t stop there. I found myself adding pieces of stunning crystals. Their precision-cut geometric beauty and light-reflecting facets held a charm that was just as mesmerizing as they had been during my younger years. These natural masterpieces, formed by the relentless forces of pressure and time, were a humbling reminder of the grand scale of geological phenomena that spanned millions of years.

The true crowning jewels of my collection were the cathedral geodes. These magnificent pieces, five in total, echoed the grandeur of ancient architectural wonders. Each cathedral geode, with its intricate formations and delicate beauty, was an awe-inspiring display of the power and finesse of geological forces. They stood as microcosms of the Earth’s crust, bearing the marks of the violent yet constructive geological forces that birthed them.

Adding a touch of functional art to my collection, I procured an amethyst table. This splendid piece, adorned with deep purple crystals set against a sleek surface, was not just a conversation starter, but also a tangible testament to my renewed love for geology.

Beyond these, my collection expanded to encompass hundreds of unique rocks, each about the size of a golf ball. These added a layer of depth and diversity to my collection, showcasing the plethora of forms, textures, and colors that nature has to offer.

To house my extensive and growing collection, I acquired a beautiful display case. This case served more than a utilitarian purpose; it was a shrine dedicated to the artistry of Earth. Illuminated glass shelves were home to my geodes and crystals, each basking in a light that accentuated their natural beauty. The cathedral geodes took their place on dedicated stands, standing tall as testament to Earth’s strength and resilience. The amethyst table was a proud centerpiece, surrounded by the golf-ball-sized rocks that created a mosaic of colors and shapes, reflecting the rich diversity of the geological world.

Reviving my interest in geology and rock collecting connected me back to a cherished childhood passion, but it also kindled a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the Earth. It was a reminder of our planet’s rich history and the intricate geological processes that have sculpted it over billions of years. Through this renewed journey, I realized that my love for geology was never extinguished; it had merely lain dormant, awaiting the right spark to set it aflame once more.