Whickers and Writing CoachingHave you ever considered writing coaching?

Picture this – a quiet night 🌙, the rhythmic tick-tock of the clock the only sound piercing the silence. Suddenly, a loud thump echoes through the house! The calm of the night disturbed by the pitter-patter 🐾 of furry paws on a wild chase. My cat, Whiskers 😺, eyes reflecting the moonlight, leapt onto the refrigerator 💫, then disappeared under the bed 🛌, her fluffy tail the last sight of the mad pursuit.

What could rouse such fervor in the dead of night? A tiny, wily ant 🐜 with wings, weaving an unpredictable path, much like the elusive perfect narrative for your next big story or book 📚.

The ant and writing coachingJust as Whiskers, you too, have found yourself dashing down the labyrinth of your imagination, hunting for that captivating narrative. The wee hours of the morning ⏰ witness your fervor, the clatter of the keyboard a testament to your determination.

Writing Coaching to the Rescue

Yet, the narrative remains as elusive as the flying ant 🐜. That’s where I come in, with writing coaching 📝, to help you strategize, explore the nooks and crannies of your creative mind, and spring upon the elusive narrative when it shows up. 🎩🔮

Now, let’s return to our writer – you, hunched over your keyboard, the faint glow of the screen lighting up your determination. You’re more than a midnight scribbler; you’re a dream chaser, a story catcher, a word weaver. And just like Whiskers, you’re relentless, filled with boundless energy 🚀. But sometimes, even the best of us gets lost in the maze of our own creation. 🌌🔮

Now, I bring out my trusty writing coaching kit. 💼📝 I’ll provide a clear direction, helping you plot a course through your narrative jungle. 🗺️🧭 I’ll offer the support and motivation you need in your solitary craft. Writing can be lonely, but with me by your side, you’ll have someone who understands the thrills and challenges of the chase. 🤝🌟 And finally, I’ll share my knowledge and insights, learned from years of experience, to make your writing more engaging, powerful, and evocative. 📘🎯

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of the writers I’ve worked with have to say:

“Richard Lowe is a brilliant and articulate man. He has helped me enormously with his expertise, and I highly recommend him for any job that requires the very best in publishing. Thank you, Richard xx” – Suzi Bay, Author 🎉🏅


“As an editor, the enjoyment I get out of my job directly correlates with the quality of the writing I have to work with. I’ve collaborated with Richard on his book projects a number of times now and each one has been an absolute pleasure. His writing is evocative and intelligent, and he has a masterful ability to take stories from life and weave them into revealing, compelling narratives. Plus, he’s an all-around nice person to work with.” – Robin Schroffel, Editor & Writer 📚💡


“Richard is a professional writer on the highest level. I was trying to write my book but with the help of Richard he made it so easy to work with to get my message across. In the end we have as a result a great sales book to help my clients. I would recommend Richard for everything you consider when you need help writing. Thanks for everything.” – Benjamin Brown, Author 🌈🚀


What a Writing Coach can do for You

  1. 🌠 Navigating the Maze of Your Imagination 🚀🌌: Just as Whiskers ventures into the most elusive corners in pursuit of her quarry 🐜, as a writing coach, I encourage you to delve into the depths of your imagination. Fear not the winding paths and shadowy corners 🌑. With my guidance 🧭, we will illuminate these areas, bringing forth ideas you might have overlooked. Let’s discover the narrative gems 💎 that often lie hidden in our subconscious, waiting to shine. ✨
  2. 📐 Structuring Your Narrative 🏰📚: Imagine if Whiskers had a map 🗺️ to her pesky ant! Similarly, I offer you the tools 🛠️ to structure your narrative effectively. We’ll construct a framework, a blueprint of sorts 📜, which will guide your writing journey. Like the plans to a magnificent castle 🏰, this structure will support your story, ensuring it stands tall and captivating in the minds of your readers. 🏞️
  3. 🎯 Honing Your Writing Style 🖋️📖: Every writer has a unique voice 🎙️, as distinctive as Whiskers’ midnight romps 🌜. Together, we’ll refine your writing style, making sure it resonates with your target audience. We’ll work on making your narrative as engaging as possible, keeping your readers hooked from the first page to the last. 📚🔥
  4. 🌱 Nurturing Confidence and Persistence 💪🚀: Writing is a journey, with its fair share of bumps and hurdles. But remember, every chase that Whiskers undertakes, every leap and pounce, makes her swifter, more agile. Similarly, each word you write, each narrative you weave, strengthens your craft. As your coach, I’ll be there to encourage you every step of the way, celebrating your successes and helping you learn from the obstacles. 🎊🎯

By the end of our coaching journey, you won’t just be a writer; you’ll be a narrative navigator, a word artist, and most importantly, a confident storyteller. So, are you ready to unleash your inner Whiskers and pen your masterpiece? 🖋️📖🏆

🔍 Understanding the Investment: Unveiling the Cost Structure 💰

I understand that you might be wondering about the costs involved in availing my writing coaching services. It’s important to note that coaching is not merely an expense but a fruitful investment in yourself and your writing journey. Here, I present the cost structure for my coaching services, designed to offer flexibility and cater to varying needs.

Cost Structure Table

Costs of writing coaching services are listed in the table below.

Number of HoursRate per Hour
First hour$100
2 to 5 hours$90
6 to 10$80
More than 10$75


🎈 Delving into the Details of Cost 💡

This cost structure aims to accommodate both brief sessions and more extended engagements. The first hour always costs $100. If you decide to move forward with additional hours, the table above applies, and you will be invoiced for them separately.

If you’re looking for just an hour of brainstorming or need a quick consultation, the rate is $100 for the single hour. For more extended assistance, the hourly rate reduces, much like the satisfaction of Whiskers catching her elusive flying ant after a long chase! 🐜🎯

After the first hour, if you plan on booking between 2 to 5 hours, each hour costs $90. A more significant commitment of 6 to 10 hours drops the rate down further to $80 per hour. For the most determined writers, those ready for more than ten hours of engaging, insightful, and tailored coaching, the rate is the most cost-effective at $75 per hour.

💼 Invest in Your Writing Journey 📈

Consider this: every dollar spent is an investment in enhancing your narrative skills, sharpening your style, and boosting your writing confidence. My goal as your writing coach is to ensure that this investment yields positive, palpable results, bringing you closer to your writing dreams. So, ready to catch that flying ant together? Let’s embark on this exciting journey! 🌍🚀🖋️📘

While Whiskers continues her nightly escapades, with your story, I promise we’ll have better luck. 😸🍀🏁 Are you ready to turn the chase into a captivating tale? Let’s catch your flying ant together! 🎯🏁😺 Let’s unleash the Whiskers in you. Are you ready to write your masterpiece? 🏆✒️📘

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