Writing Services for Your Book and Writing needs

Writing Services to meet all of your needs including:

Are you writing a book? Do you understand everything you need to do to get your manuscript from an idea to the hands of eager readers all over the world? Does the whole process seem overwhelming and difficult to understand? Or are you stuck at some point and need help?

I understand because I’ve been there. When I wrote and published my first book two years ago, I was so confused! So much to learn, so many things to do. And then when I finally had my masterpiece on Amazon, I had to learn how to promote and sell it, which was a whole new ballgame.

Writing Services Can Help

Writing a book is difficult, yet it is just the beginning of the journey to getting your story to your readers. Consider all of the components you need to be concerned about to produce a professional book that sells.

  • Coming up with the idea.
  • Researching
  • Outlining
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing to Kindle and/or Paperback
  • Creating an audiobook if desired
  • Publishing other format such as hardcover
  • Optionally putting on a launch party
  • Building your author platform
  • Creating a free product to giveaway to attract readers to your email list
  • Creating your email list and blog
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Getting Amazon and other reviews
  • Finding influencers to recommend your book and help you get it out there
  • Promotion

We can help with your questions:

  • Do I need an author platform?
  • How do I publish my book?
  • How do I publish on Kindle?
  • How do I create an email list?
  • How do I get Amazon reviews for my books?
  • How to I promote my book?
  • How do I create an outline?
  • Do I need a blog? If so, how do i create a blog?
  • Should I use WordPress?
  • How do I find proofreaders?

I’ve published over 60 books in just two years, so I understand the complexities of each of these tasks. I learned from some of the top trainers in the world as well as from the school of hard knocks,

The Writing King is a team of experts who each have years, and sometimes decades, of experience in every stage of writing, publishing and promoting books. Regardless of your writing, publishing and promoting needs, we can provide the Writing Services you need.