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Writing Ideas for articles are all around you

Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published AuthorBelieve it or not, I’ve have a goal to churn out 10,000 words daily. This might seem like a tall order, but it’s achievable when you’re tackling a variety of content: blog articles, paid work, novel chapters, and eBook sections. Today, I’ve accomplished just that! Now, you might be wondering how I come up with endless writing ideas.

My secret? Drawing inspiration from life itself. I keep my eyes open, remain curious, and ask questions. Before I know it, I’ve got an article brewing in my mind.

Take that guy asking for a dollar on my way to work—how did he end up there? How does he survive? Does he sleep on the street, and if so, how does he stay warm? A few questions later, I’ve got an article in the making.

And what about the local gang member with tattoos adorning his arms, neck, and back? Don’t those hurt? What do those symbols mean? Why does he have them? How did he get those tattoos, and do they signify anything about the gang? What about the colors of his clothes—is that important? A quick chat with him, and I’ve got material for multiple articles: one on tattoos, another on gang life, and another on how to communicate with a gang member.

The point is, writing ideas are everywhere—in every aspect of your life. Believe it or not, even the most ordinary life is brimming with potential stories. So, let’s explore some areas where writing ideas abound!

Subjects for Writing Ideas

Other subjects which I’ve written about:

  • My first job interview.
  • The first time I had to fire someone.
  • How I handled the bankruptcy of the company I worked for.
  • How to please your wife.
  • How to pick a great present for a spouse.
  • Who was Caesar?
  • What happened on Iwo Jima?
  • How to pass a test.
  • How to study.
  • How to find good, cheap books to read.

And so on. You can find article and story ideas in all aspects of your life. Believe it or not, even the most ordinary life is filled with writing ideas.

Areas of Your Life Where Writing Ideas Abound

From your job to your personal experiences, let’s dive into the various domains that can spark countless writing ideas:

Your Job: Regardless of your occupation—whether you flip burgers, work at a supermarket, manage a nuclear reactor, or operate computers—your job is a treasure trove of writing ideas. Each day, you’re solving problems and encountering interesting people. Think about the challenges you face, the lessons you’ve learned, or the stories of your colleagues. Your job can inspire an infinite number of articles.

  • School: Whether you’re a current student or reminiscing about your school days, education offers thousands of story ideas. Write about studying strategies, memorable moments, intriguing professors, or the unique aspects of your campus. Your school experiences can serve as the foundation for countless articles.
  • Travel: Transform your travel adventures into captivating stories or informative articles. Recount your experiences, like waking up early to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, and the life lessons you’ve gained from your journeys. Travel experiences can provide endless inspiration.
  • Romance: The realm of love and relationships offers an inexhaustible source of article ideas. Reflect on your romantic adventures and the wisdom you’ve acquired—how to communicate, plan memorable dates, choose thoughtful gifts, or handle holidays.
  • Holidays: Special occasions can spark various article ideas. Explore the history, traditions, and cultural aspects of different holidays, and share tips on how to celebrate, prepare food, or navigate the festivities.
  • Social Gatherings: Write about navigating social events, dressing appropriately, engaging in conversations, and enjoying yourself. Share your tips and observations from your experiences at parties, conferences, or networking events.
  • People You’ve Known: People are always curious about the lives of others. Share the stories of those you’ve encountered—how your boss got promoted, how a friend managed a challenging project, or why someone is always the life of the party.


In conclusion, writing ideas surround you in every aspect of your life. All you need to do is stay observant, ask questions, and delve into your experiences. With a little research and an open mind, you’ll never run out of interesting topics to write about. So, go forth, and unleash the power of your pen!

Richard Lowe
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Kathleen L.

I like to write from my own experience and other people’s. Reading books, novels, articles from newspaper and magazines and doing your first time experiences are really good place to find inspiration. It just give me joy of expressing ideas and it’s a way of sharing a part of me into the world.

Gayle Cornell Schaming

I find lots of ideas from newspaper or magazines, hard copy or online. Sometimes a couple of articles will provide an idea for a great comparison or debate.

Maree Moreland

I totally get what you are saying. I have so many books or articles in my head, it is very crowded up there. The biggest thing is actually doing the writing. Sitting down at the computer and having time to myself, that is a real blessing. I need to find the time, NO, I need to make the time.