19 Sep 2018

Would You Say That To Their Face?

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I’m a member of hundreds of social media groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and elsewhere.

As I said, these can be very informative – and they can also be very frustrating.

What often happens is someone will post a remark of some kind and he will get flamed (a hostile response, often involving cursing). The two will start throwing comments back and forth, and before long others jump in to add their two cents.

I’ve seen these “wars” go on for days and hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of posts (usually this kind of abuse occurs on newsgroups – people who are receiving emails of this kind of nonsense usually protest and put a stop to it much more quickly.)

What is really happening is sometimes it is difficult to understand that something said in email (hence in writing) automatically takes on more force than something said orally. On top of that, people will say things in email that they would never dream of saying to someone’s face.

What people really need to remember is social media etiquette. There are some simple “rules” to follow which will make communications much simpler.

Think for a second before possting. I usually take an extra couple of seconds to ask myself “how would I react if I got this message?”

  • Don’t say anything on social media you would not say to a person’s face.
  • Don’t write anything in a post that you would not want repeated to your boss, wife or best friend.
  • Don’t type in all caps (this is interpreted as shouting).
  • It’s a good idea to avoid cursing
  • Don’t respond to flames
  • Don’t get involved in flame wars
  • You are well advised to resist the opportunity to call that person with the naive questions a babbling idiot.
  • Keep your cool
  • Don’t give out anyone’s personal information (including his email address, address or phone number).

And please, most important of all, remember that you are dealing with human beings, not emotionless machines. Sometimes a carelessly worded email can hurt more than anything else.

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Very Useful content for girls..you are absolutely right. there exist many factors which mostly girls are facing on social media. Good work.

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