01 Jan 2021

Why Write a Book? The Best Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

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“It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end, it is people that are going to hire you.” — Mike Davidson

The Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

Why write a book? Books give you power in the marketplaceBooks have immense power and those who have published garner respect, confidence, and even awe. It seems that anyone who is famous or well-known has published a book, including virtually every modern president, industry leaders, senators and sports figures.

One of the best ways to define your brand — to put you out there for people to see and understand — is to publish a book. A book gives you a soapbox for you to stand on and shout out your message, vision, and history for anyone who cares to listen. You can communicate exactly and only what you want people to understand.

A book gives you credibility and showcases your expertise.

I wrote my book Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author to establish a secondary brand as a writing coach for writers who need help. Once I completed it, I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment. Now that it’s done, writers come to me for help. After all, I wrote the book on the subject, which makes me the expert.

A politician, for example, can write about their history and background, then lay out their agenda, beliefs and platform in a clearly understandable manner. They can define their legend which can then be used to support their campaigns and further their goals. A book of this nature gives their constituents information to help establish a bond and build an understanding.

In business it works much the same way, a book helps to build a rapport with potential customers, clients, vendors and employees. A CEO might write a book to show how they managed to pull themselves out from an impoverished childhood to become powerful, rich and yet still caring. The manuscript can demonstrate that the CEO has empathy, understands the plight of clients and people, and has worked a lifetime to build excellent products and deliver superb customer service.

I worked with Ben to write a book to help him establish his sales business. He now uses it as part of his sales coaching service, “In the end we have as a result a great sales book to help my clients.”

Don’t Regret Not Writing a Book

So many people think about writing a book but never even get started. How many times have you heard someone say they want to write the great American novel, or they need a book for their business?

How many of them never even get started? Of those who start, how many get frustrated or run out of time and their book stalls, half finished, and is filed away forever in a drawer in their desk or a file on their computer?

Don’t be one of those people who never achieve their dream of publishing their own book.

“I walked into the office of a business coach, looking for help to define my image and persona. As he led me into his office, I noticed a shelf filled with books, each with his name and picture on the cover. He saw my glance, smiled and handed a copy to me. My impression of him changed immediately — he had written a book about his business and his philosophy. That had quite an effect on me. As we talked, he used the book to illustrate points. It was impressive, and I walked out a new customer. In fact, he made a great show of signing a copy which he presented to me as a gift. He wrote a book which made him the expert on the subject.” — Eli

In the example above, the business coach used the book as a marketing and sales tool. It defined his brand; the book included a few chapters of his life story, a description of his philosophy, and the rest was about his services and why they were relevant and helpful.

Now Is The Best Time To Write a Book

If you want to write a book, but like many of us, don’t have the time or lack the writing skills, then you are in luck.

But why is it important to start on your book now?

A potential client contacted me about ghostwriting a memoir of the life of his father, who was 85 years old at the time. The book would have been incredible, documenting a lifetime of adventures traveling around the world just before World War II. After 6 months of delay, he decided to move forward… and on that day, his father had a heart attack. He survived, but the book was shelved forever. A story of the incredible adventures of a phenomenal man will now never be written.

The best time to write a book is NOW. There will always be something that comes up; life is like that. The more you delay, the more likely it is that your book will not be written. That would be a shame because you have a story to tell, a powerful tale that you need to share with others.

There is even more urgency if your book is intended to be a tool to help market your business. Your book will serve as the basis of your marketing efforts. It will focus you and your clients on your message, your abilities, your expertise and your offerings.

The sooner you get your book completed and published, the sooner you will use it to market yourself and your business.

Words do not exist to adequately describe what I felt when I held a copy of my first book in my hands. I felt excitement and the satisfaction of a job well done. I’ll remember it as the thrill of a lifetime, right up there with that feeling of joy after getting married. There is nothing else that compares to the feeling of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction. — From a client

Don’t delay. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards.

One of my clients set about on the journey to create a book to get noticed by the CEO and gain a few speaking engagements. He got far more than he expected. The CEO wrote the forward for the book; my client now regularly gets booked for speaking engagements and is noticed by the press. His book is even a textbook in several schools!

Points to consider

Keep these points in mind as you consider whether you need a book:

  • A book is a powerful sales and marketing tool.
  • You can deliver the exact message you need to make your points.
  • Your book supports your credibility, documents your expertise and tells your unique and interesting story.
  • The sooner you complete and publish your book, the sooner you’ll be able to use it to increase your market presence.

Hire The Writing King to help you achieve your goal of writing a fantastic manuscript to support your business, to sell on Amazon, or just to accomplish a major bucket list item.

Do it today, while you are thinking about it.

There’s never a better time than the present.

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