10 Sep 2017

10 Powerful Reasons Why You Need a Blog


Why do you need a blog?Why do you need a blog? Before you go to the effort of setting one up, consider that question carefully. A blog, done properly, requires a lot of effort, and this is not just a one-time task. Once you’ve created the blog, you have to post regular articles, keep everything up-to-date, maintain security, and make changes occasionally to improve it’s look and feel.




Why Do You Need A Blog For Your Business?

So, what are the reasons why you need a blog? How will it help you and your business?

  1. Your home on the web – Your blog gives you a stable, unchanging location on the internet where your customers, vendors, employees and others can find you. Get a domain name that matches your brand – your company name, personal name or something else – and point it to your blog. Use this name on all of your stationary and anything you send.
  2. Centralized place for all your content – All your content – articles, links to videos, photos, spreadsheets – can be stored or referenced from your blog. That way if anyone wants information about you, they can find it.
  3. You own the content – If you put the content on Facebook or LinkedIn, and for some reason the account is shut down, you may lose it entirely. If it’s on your blog, that won’t happen – unless you don’t pay your hosting bill (don’t use free hosting).
  4. Information about your business – Your blog will be where you post everything there is to know about your business. Put it all on your blog, and link to it from elsewhere. That way, people have a consistent place to find out about you.
  5. Articles for your audience(s) – Regularly post articles about your business, and information related to your subject. Once article per week is a good rate. If you don’t post often, people will not come back.
  6. Convert traffic into leads – Be sure to give them a way to sign up for your newsletter so you can keep them up-to-date on what you’ve written. Also include a contact form so they can ask you for information.
  7. Establishes your authority – Ensure that 80% of your articles, at least, inform rather than sell. People don’t want to see advertising all the time. but they do love to get information.
  8. It’s a long term investment – Your blog will not directly make you money. That’s not the point. MY advise is to not even try to strictly monetize it with advertisements and such. Instead, your blog is part of your brand, and reinforces that you are the leader in that area. You’ll make money because you have a blog, but you won’t make it directly from your blog.
  9. You can monetize it – If you DO happen to get a lot of traffic, thousands of visitors per day, you can attempt to monetize the blog directly. You can use Google Adsense and other methods to make a few extra dollars. A really good way to make a few dollars is to make videos and post the links on your blog, and turn on monetization in Youtube. Again, this will only work if you get very large amounts of traffic.
  10. Build your email list – This bears repeating. Ensure you get people to sign up for your email list. That lets you keep in contact with customers who were engaged enough to sign up for your newsletter. You’ll make money directly from this list if you want.

If you are in business, an excellent way to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert is to create and maintain a blog. Keep in mind, though, it requires a lot of effort every single week to keep it relevant and useful.

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Kathleen L.

Great article, very precise and and true. Nowadays people jump to blogging only to make quick easy money. But if you find a good niche and it relates to your passion. You’ll surely can write the best content out of it and will take you anywhere.
Since blogging is a long term commitment it’s better to think and seek what your good at before starting this career.

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