18 Apr 2017

What is a blog, Anyway? It’s Your Powerful Home Base

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What is a blog?

“a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.” — Dictionary.com

How to write a blogTo have a successful blog, your content must be updated at least two posts a week or even more. Well-written, interesting content that is targeted to your brand is a must. Articles should make readers feel they have learned something new and important that they want to share with friends and colleagues. Providing value is the secret sauce to a successful blog.

What is a Blog and How The Writing King can Help

You might feel that keeping your blog up to date is hard work and it is. Your job becomes more complicated because those posts must also appeal to the search engines, especially Google and Bing. SEO techniques must be applied so search engines see your articles as important enough to place them high in ranking. Only then will your blog really bring in the traffic.

Thinking up topics that are useful and interesting to your particular audience on a consistent weekly schedule, using keywords and other methods to invite ranking, and inspiring reader loyalty is an art. Many people think that if they write a well-written post and stick it on the blog, traffic will magically appear. However wonderful you may think your posts are, unless they cause the search engines to notice, your blog will be invisible.

There are more considerations when writing blog posts. The right keywords to use, how often to use them, and choosing short-tail or long-tail keywords, as well as how often to use them are all important factors. Links of value to other sites, and getting others to link to your site are also methods that must be considered.

Complicated and frustrating?  It could be if you don’t understand the skills needed to write blog articles that will attract loyal visitors and which the search engines will find attractive enough to add to their indexes. Don’t be discouraged. You can have a highly successful blog that does everything needed to drive traffic and success!

The Ghostwriting King has the skills and understanding to write blog posts that will attract visitors, as well as search engines that will find useful to their indexes. We can write single blog posts as you need them, or we can write them on a schedule of your choosing. If you don’t have a blog yet, that’s not a problem.

We can create a beautiful WordPress site for you with a theme of your choosing and write the content for you. No muss, no months-long learning curve to understand the dynamics of a successful blog, and no head scratching to come up with great content.

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