Freelance Creative Writing Jobs Increase by 58%

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO, California, July 19, 2023 — In recent times, as we find ourselves deeply entrenched in the digital age, there’s a growing demand for freelance creative writing jobs amidst a palpable sense of awe and apprehension surrounding the swift progression of technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), with its remarkable capabilities, coupled with the growing ubiquity of automation across sectors, has cast a long shadow on the conventional notions of job security and the value of human expertise. Speculations abound regarding the role humans would play in a world dominated by machine learning and robots.

Yet, amidst these waves of technological revolutions and the doubts they bring,’s Fast 50 Q2 2023 report emerges as a beacon of hope. It doesn’t just offer statistics; it provides a comprehensive narrative on the enduring and resilient demand for human creativity, innovation, and expertise. Even as machines learn and evolve, there’s an undeniable, burgeoning demand for skills and nuances that remain uniquely human. This report underscores the reality that in an ever-evolving, AI-driven ecosystem, human ingenuity isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving, adapting, and reclaiming its vital space.

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs Increase by 58%

The advancements in AI have brought forth an array of tools capable of mimicking and even surpassing human capabilities in various sectors. Yet, there’s an undeniable, burgeoning demand for the genuine touch and emotional depth that only human creativity can offer. Freelance creative writing jobs stand as a beacon to this trend, with a staggering 58% growth. This growth is a clear reflection of a broad spectrum of industries— from advertisers to novelists— yearning for the authentic human narrative, a touch of genuine sentiment, and the depth of perspective.

Beyond traditional forms of freelance creative writing, roles like Microsoft Word Writing, Copy Typing, and Ghostwriting are also making waves, seeing growth rates of 38.6%, 31.2%, and 22.8%, respectively. This expansion suggests that the digital marketplace is in constant pursuit of diversified, genuine, and innovative content forms.

Matt Barrie, Chief Executive at, opined on this rejuvenation of human-centric roles: “In a landscape progressively dominated by AI and mechanized tasks, the resounding return to and appreciation for human-driven content is both invigorating and telling. Our platform’s data resonates with the evergreen essence and irreplaceable value of human creativity and sentiment.”

Diverse Skills Flourishing in the Modern Marketplace

The realm of content isn’t the only area witnessing human-centric growth. Roles once prophesized to be overshadowed by the AI revolution are holding strong and showcasing their indispensable nature. Data Processing jobs, for instance, have grown by a significant 21%, while roles requiring expertise in Excel have surged by 15.5%. Such figures underline the multifaceted demands of today’s businesses, even in an era of advanced AI.

Moreover, the demand for Data Entry, previously labeled as the “World’s Most Boring Job” in a survey, remains surprisingly robust. This consistent demand accentuates the intricate, complex, and varied needs of the contemporary digital realm.

On the flip side, the tech sector is in a state of flux. Domains such as software development, API, and iOS development are seeing a decline. These trends offer a captivating look into the dynamic interplay between evolving tech advancements, industry demands, and broader economic influences.

The Delicate Dance Between Human Ingenuity and Technological Advancements’s latest report does more than just present job trends; it paints a vivid picture of the ongoing interplay between human potential and technological progress. In our modern world, where we constantly grapple with the balance between the prowess of AI and the depth of human expertise, these findings offer hope for a future where both can coexist and even complement each other.

As AI continues its relentless march, reshaping countless facets of our lives, the demand for the intrinsic human touch remains unwavering. Especially in domains that value deep creativity, nuanced understanding, and genuine empathy, human skills stand tall and indispensable. The comprehensive analysis from offers a panoramic view of the current freelance landscape and serves as a beacon for envisioning a harmonious future where humans and technology seamlessly blend.

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