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Freelance Creative Writing Jobs Increase by 58%

SAN FRANCISCO, California, July 19, 2023 — In recent times, as we find ourselves deeply entrenched in the digital age, there’s a growing demand for freelance creative writing jobs amidst a palpable sense of awe and apprehension surrounding the swift progression of technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), with its remarkable capabilities, coupled with the growing ubiquity.. read more →

Angela Booth’s Online Ghostwriting Course: Unveil Awesome Secrets!

🚀 Dive into the world of ghostwriting with our comprehensive look into Angela Booth’s new Online Ghostwriting Course! 🌟 Discover the art of unseen writing! 😊 read more →

Strike Update: 7 Interesting Things to Watch Out For

The recent strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) might have blindsided many viewers. With the booming success of streaming platforms and a whopping 599 scripted series produced in 2022 alone, one might presume that those responsible for crafting these beloved narratives, the writers, would be thriving. However, behind the gloss of shows like.. read more →

Texas Book Banning Law Faces Legal Challenge

Texas Book Banning Law: The Rising Controversy The tumultuous climate surrounding a recently passed law in Texas, aimed at imposing a rating system on books based on their sexual content, has escalated to the federal level. The “Book Ban“, as it’s colloquially referred to, is now the subject of a federal lawsuit initiated by an.. read more →

Global Ghostwriting Services Market Set to Reach $3.60 Billion by 2032, Signaling a Bright Future for the Industry

Explore the comprehensive study of the Global Ghostwriting Services Market for 2023-2032. With a projected CAGR of 7.6%, the report delves into key players, technological advancements, ethical considerations, market segmentation, and regional analysis. read more →