23 Nov 2020

Why You Need To Stop Working For Free And Get Paid To Write

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Stop working for freeStop working for free. I know that that its hard to get paid to write. Oh sure, you can find a site here and decide there that will pay you a few pennies or even dollars to write something, and you can always find clients on content mills such as Fiverr. You’ll find, though, that the competition is stiff and rising above the crowd to make yourself known can be a difficult proposition.

Should I be Get Paid to Write?

Many factors come into play when you decide that you’re going to write for a living.

  1. Writing needs to be your passion.
  2. You need to have marketing skills in order to make yourself rise above the pack.
  3. You must know your audience. Who are they and what are they looking for?
  4. You’ll need patience and persistence because it can take time to build a name and finals clients.
  5. You’ll need to work hard, especially at the beginning, to break through into the big times.
  6. You must keep regular hours and treat it like a job.
  7. You need to avoid getting distracted and focus on writing and things related to your career.

However, if you’re writing from the heart, and writing is your passion and your goal, then you’ll find nothing more satisfying in life.

What Should I Take Into Account?

To determine that, answer these questions:

  1. Are you willing to treat your writing like a career in the business?
  2. Even when you’re not motivated and have a strong case of writers block, can you write?
  3. Can you take it when you receive criticism?
  4. Can you write quickly – a minimum of 4,000 words per day – while still maintaining high quality?
  5. Can you market yourself and build up you as a professional brand?
  6. Will you stick with your writing career even if you don’t make the money you want?
  7. Are you self-motivated enough?
  8. Can you manage the relationships with clients, editors, and other people needed to further your career?
  9. Can you meet deadlines while maintaining quality?
  10. Is writing your passion?
  11. Can you manage every writing task that you receive as a project?
  12. Do you have good English (or whatever language or writing in) skills (grammar, spelling and style)?
  13. Are you able to find one or more influencers – writers who are well respected in the field – and are you willing to accept advice and coaching from them?
  14. Can you step in the role of salesperson or promoter?
  15. Do you enjoy feedback and critique and use it to help you learn and make your writing better?
  16. Will you take the appropriate training and time to become the best writer that you can be?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then making a living as a writer is a possibility.

My Advice Is To Stop Working For Free

My advice is to make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover a few months of living and business expenses to cover those times when clients are thin and jobs become difficult to get. Alternately, keep your day job, or work part time. Another alternative is to find other ways to make business online while you’re making it as a writer. You can always sell on eBay or Etsy, for example.

Most of all, stop working for free. It can be tempting to give away free time and effort to get your foot in the front door, but don’t do it. You deserve to get paid to write.

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