14 Nov 2017

What does a Smart Entrepreneur do to Make it Big?

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So you’re an entrepreneur? You started your own business, perhaps with a partner or two, You’ve put in the basics, got a great product or service, and have been promoting it like crazy. Perhaps you are doing podcasts, speaking at events, and shaking a lot of hands at local events.

But nothing seems to bite. You’re doing a lot of work, but your product or service isn’t connecting.

I know the feeling. Getting a business off the groups is an incredible amount of work. It’s even more difficult to get people to notice you, take you seriously and even purchase what you’re trying to sell.

There’s little in life that’s worse than trying to get a business going and it doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

What can be done?

The best option is to write a book! People take authors seriously. It means you, the author, must know what you are talking about. You must be an expert, and your word is to be taken seriously.

Okay, so you publish a book. What would it be about?

  • Tell your story.
  • Talk about your product or service, and the story behind it.
  • Include testimonials from happy clients.
  • Explain why your product or service is needed.
  • Tell stories about your clients, humorous or heartwarming stories work great.
  • Talk about the history behind your offering.

Why is a book important? Do people really care?

Why do you think so many famous people have published books? Everyone from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to Lee Iacocca and Ellen DeGeneres has at least one book published under their name.

Why do they do this?

  • A book establishes the brand.
  • Being an author defines credibility
  • Their book makes them the expert on the subject and raises them over the competition.

Keep in mind, though, that your book is not a sales tool. Rather, it used to create your brand, promote your expertise and establish you as the authority on the subject.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you’re an entrepreneur with a great new application. This is a really cool app that helps people immensely. Yet, you’re having difficulty getting the press (reporters) to notice, you can’t get significant financing from venture capitalists, and you’re having a hard time promoting it.

A book about you and your product will:

  • Help you get noticed by the press. You can use it to get interviews and press releases.
  • Tell your customers you are serious and credible.
  • Raise you above your competition.
  • Cause you to be treated more seriously by financial sources.

Okay, so you want a book, but you’re not a writer. What do you do now?

Hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you. A ghostwriter works with you to write a book in your voice with your information and concepts. You are shown as the author once the book has been published. For all intents and purposes, you write the book. The ghostwriter is merely the conduit between you and the written word.

Get started today and get your business noticed! A book is the best way for you to shine above your competition.

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