Show and Tell: 12 Powerful Techniques to Enrich Your Writing

Attention Writers!

Wondering Why Your Books Are Not Selling? 

Does it seem that no one wants to read your book? Are the Amazon reviews either nonexistent or mostly uninspiring?

Show and Tell training may help!

My name is Richard Lowe, and I’m an author of over 60 books. For a long time I didn’t understand why my fiction books and stories weren’t selling. I put my heart and soul into my works, but still the sound of silence was deafening.

I almost gave up on fiction writing completely. I mean, why write if no one will read it? But I kept trying and failing. I asked people to read my books, and everyone seemed to think they were fine, when they responded at all. So what was wrong?

But I couldn’t give up. Writing is in my soul. My goal has always been to write fiction, but it just wasn’t working…

Show don't tellI kept writing but switched to non-fiction. My books about LinkedIn, eBay, Business and Ethics sold, and some of them sold very well. The reviews were positive and uplifting. So, I knew I could write…

But apparently, I couldn’t interest anyone in my stories to save their own lives.

I went to writing critique groups, and the feedback was “great story”, “loved it”, “Enjoyed the ending”.

But something was missing because no one seemed to want to read my fiction. I sent my stories to beta readers and never heard back from most of them. I sold copies without any reviews.

What the hell was wrong?

One day a not-so-kind Amazon review held the answer to my problem

The reviewer said simply “Show, Don’t Tell”

Okay, but what does that mean? I’d heard that before – all writers hear that all the time – but what does it really mean? After researching extensively and testing with story after story, I finally understood the secret of “Show, don’t tell”.

That knowledge changed my writing life forever

Now, when I ask people to read my books and stories, they actually finish them. No, actually, they read them from beginning to end in one sitting.

I asked Ofelia to read one of my stories and she wrote me back the next day:

“I’m on page 78 omg!! It’s so good! Really exciting can’t stop reading, I’ll be done tomorrow! You have a great sci-fi story the characters are great, explaining the work of the nanobots was great, the shock on Erica’s voice perfect the other ships as well, I can totally see it & feel the story!”

That was the first time I’d gotten that kind of excitement from anyone about my fiction stories. It felt good, damn good.

Richard, Just my 2-cents on your product Show and Tell. I purchased it several months ago to see how you attacked this problem. I was the editor on a small daily paper for about four years and I had to explain this concept to several new reporters. Some had degrees from good journalism schools and others who did not. They all had trouble understanding this.  I wish I had this at that time. Your explanation is much better than what I was able to give them. While you direct this to fiction writing, it equally applies to non-fiction writing, particularly when writing about what someone says. Had one who would tell what a person said, and then use a quotation showing what they said. Ralph Pokorny


Show And Tell

Delight Your Readers with Vivid Imagery

Like many writers, I’d heard all about “show, don’t tell” in school, in writing classes and from critics. But now, I KNOW what it means. Best of all, I know how to apply show and tell to get readers to not just read my stuff, but to DEMAND more.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass” ― Anton Chekhov

All the lessons are in this product, prepared in easy-to-understand language so you can write stories that engage your readers, get good reviews, and sell better than ever before. All because you change your style to show and tell.

The Lessons You Learn From This Product Will Change Your Fiction Writing Forever

  • Make your writing POP – Learn how to write stories that grab your readers and pull them into the story.
  • Paint pictures with words – Put images into the minds of your readers so they can visualize your story.
  • Pull readers into the story – Grab your readers attention and don’t let go until they reach the end.
  • Clear examples – The examples show exactly the difference between SHOW and TELL.

Show Versus Tell Made Easy

Show and tell trainingDid you ever wonder why some books become best sellers and others just sit on the shelves?

Books that sell create vivid imagery in the minds of their readers. By showing, your readers feel like they are there, standing right next to your characters, perceiving everything they see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.”― Ernest Hemingway

BonnieBy learning effective techniques to SHOW your world, your characters and their emotions, you will write better stories that keep your readers engaged. They will demand to read more; and they will want to purchase every story you’ve written.



“Excellent.  Not just another ebook.  This is more like a college level course by a really good teacher. I have to say I was impressed how you really bring home the point how just a little extra effort can make such a huge difference in what you write.” – Bonnie Dillabough

Just look at the Benefits

  • Improves engagement and sales.
  • Get more positive Amazon reviews.
  • Make your writing POP.
  • Put your readers into the story.
  • Cause readers to demand more in your series.
  • Stop throwing your reader out of your story.
  • And many. many more…

It’s Been So Nice Getting Back Excited Comments From Readers

“Ok! Here it is! Great story very fast read & I really like it, I’m the kind of reader, that see’s the character’s, as I read, so for me it was great, I recommend it! I liked Trevor at the end he had a big heart, think God would let him into heaven!! Thanks for the great explanation of Show and Tell.”

“I’ve really gotten into noir stuff during the past year, and I thought this definitely fell into that category. Brief and powerful.”

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Richard Lowe