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Romance Is the Hottest Genre of All!

And it’s time to Create Your Very Own Romance Book Empire!

“Romance readers are a really, really different animal from any other kind of reader out there. They are incredibly voracious. They consume content like locusts.”Laura Bradford, who founded the San Diego-based Bradford Literary Agency, which focuses on romance fiction, in 2001.

50.957 Million Romance Books Sold in the United States in 2017

The Best-Selling Romance Book on Amazon is Ranked #12 in ALL Paid Books

Romance Book EmpireThe truth of the matter is women LOVE to read Romance books.

For them, it is a form of entertainment and escapism. While it might be stereotypical and hackneyed, it is “comfort food” for many women.

Women are looking for a connection with someone. They all crave relationships, a deep and loving bond with another person. They want someone they can trust, who won’t betray them and who will love them like they want to be loved.

If they can’t have that in real life, at least they can get what they need from romance books.

Women particularly crave romance. In fact, they crave romance like men crave a physical relationship.

Reading romance novels helps women get a fantasy of what’s missing from their lives.

It could be they haven’t been on a date in a while.

Maybe the men in their lives don’t fulfil them.

Perhaps they aren’t so good at relationship or are shy and introverted.

The bottom line is they are looking for a little romance.

They read romance books because they hope to someday find their price charming, handsome millionaire, rogue pirate, swashbuckling hero or some other male to declare their love and sweep them off their feet.

Romance is a HUGE Market!

Let’s look at author H. M. Ward. She had been writing since 2010, had published in the traditional manner, and had found and shopped agents. She knew the game.

In late 2012, she wrote a book about Peter, a man who was a nice guy with a mix of all of the great attributes of a man – handsome, smart, patient, rich, and strong – with no bad qualities. He was the dream man.

Rather than go to a traditional publisher, she self-published it as a eBook on Amazon. Within a few days the book shot up to #6 in the Kindle store and maintained #1 for several weeks. The book, and the resultant series, sold 12 million copies in 3 years.

Romance Fiction Sales from Traditional Publishers Alone Comprise 30.89% of Their Sales!

Romance readers are addicted to their books.

Sometimes buying a dozen books at a time.

Many budget $20, $40 or even more per months to feed their Romance habit.

Romance eBooks Sell Like Hotcakes!

Best of all, romance is ideally suited to the short Kindle eBook format.

Readers love short Kindle eBooks.

Short eBooks are generally priced to sell at $3.99 or less, which readers to feed their romance habit by buying more of the books they love.

Reading a longer romance book can take weeks, but short Kindle eBooks can be read in a matter of hours over a few lunch breaks while sitting at the park.

Romance stories are typically simple, and the short plots fit perfectly within the shorter format.

Women love their romance stories, but with today’s responsibilities of family, job, and kids can seldom commit to reading a book that will take weeks or months to read.

Introducing Romance Book Empire!

Get Into the Biggest, Most Best-Selling Genre of All! Learn to Write Short Kindle Romance eBooks!

Romance-BookEmpireRomance Book Empire teaches you the process for writing short Romance Kindle eBooks.

  • Learn how to write a short Romance book.
  • Understand the elements of Romance.
  • Brainstorm story ideas.
  • Learn how to plot and outline.
  • Define your setting.
  • Write!
  • Edit and proofread to ensure the highest quality.
  • Get a cover.
  • Publish your book.
  • Do some simple promotion.
  • Do it again and again.

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