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What If You Could Write a Mystery in a Week or So? Not Only That, But What If You Knew EXACTLY How and What to Write, How to Publish Your Book, And How to Start Promoting It on Amazon?

Did You Know That Mystery Books Earned $728.2 Million In 2016

Why Aren’t You Writing Mysteries?

I have a little secret passion…

Something that I don’t like to talk about…

Oh, it’s not one of those terrible, deep dark secrets…

It’s just a guilty pleasure. Something I do when I need to relax and try to solve a puzzle…

The puzzle of a crime.

Who did it? Why did they do it? Will the police or the detective figure it out? What will happen if the criminal isn’t caught? Will they commit another horrible crime?

What’s wrong with enjoying a good mystery?

Nothing at all, except I get involved in the mystery and stay up all night long, even forgetting to eat, to find out “who done it?”

Sometimes I’ve picked up a mystery book, started reading, became enthralled, then looked up and realized the whole day had passed me by. I spent the whole day until the late afternoon, still in my PJs, trapped inside a great mystery because I simply couldn’t put it down until I found out who killed the principle, how they did it, and what motivated them.

That’s why short Kindle eBooks are perfect for mysteries.

They are short and to-the-point.

You can read them in a few hours.

There’s not a lot of room for fluff and meaningless plot and story.

You get to find out what happened and why without losing your whole darn day.

It has happened at last! Finally, the literary world is a meritocracy! Crime fiction – which I first became aware of as the Best Genre Ever when I read my first Enid Blyton mystery at six years old – is now officially the UK’s bestselling genre. Nielsen Bookscan data at the London book fair has revealed that crime novels in 2017, for the first time since Nielsen’s records began, sold more than the category rather vaguely labelled “general and literary fiction”.Sophie Hannah, The Guardian, April 2018

According to a survey in 2015, 47% of respondents said they had read a mystery, thriller or crime book the year before.

A whopping 50% of eBook readers said those same genres were their favorites to read.

Sally Spedding, author of eight crime novels via traditional publishers, went indie (became a self-publisher) with her ninth book, Cut to the Bone, after her publisher decided to produce eBooks only, and shortly after that, put an end to publishing fiction. Spedding has quickly learned that succeeding as a self-published author means maintaining a vibrant digital and social presence. She keeps up with her website, produces a blog, and networks on Facebook and Twitter.

“I remember checking the numbers after one weekend of [offering the book for free], and I had something like 50,000 downloads,” Mark Dawson, British bestselling author of the John Milton, Beatrix Rose and Soho Noir series, said. “That’s 50,000 readers who may read and buy the next book.”

By 2014, “things went stratospheric,” Dawson says, and he was able to quit his job and devote himself full-time to writing.

47% Of Readers Stated They Read a Mystery, Thriller or Crime Book in 2015!

Why aren’t you writing mysteries?

Don’t know how?

Think it’s too hard?

Don’t understand how do it?

Never written one before?

Well, if you don’t at least try to write a mystery, you’re passing a huge market by!

You are literally passing up sales and turning away potential income.

Ready To Give Mysteries a Try?

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Why Aren’t You Writing Mysteries?

Concerned that you can’t sell Mystery books or make money with them?

Mystery Book EmpireThe popularity of mystery shows no sign of retiring. The books remain as popular as ever especially since today’s mystery writers are more diverse than ever before. While Victorian cozies are highly popular and read by scores of readers, the modern sleuth with her hand on the computer and a cell phone in her pocket are just as popular and gaining more so every day. The strong woman who can kick-box a criminal into submission is becoming a role model. Murder mysteries are a genre which will never fade. In all its forms mysteries will definitely continue to capture readers’ imagination, now and long into the future.

Worried that mysteries are not for everyone? Think again. Mysteries are popular with men and women of all ages, and books within the genre are eagerly read by people of different cultures all over the world.

Do you think you might have difficulty finding fans for your works? People enjoy mysteries so much that they actively seek out stores featuring the same town, detective, police officer or main characters. The fans literally demand more once they find something they enjoy.

Introducing Mystery Book Empire!

  • Learn everything you need to know to write an enthralling mystery.
  • Understand the elements of a great mystery story and how to use them.
  • How to research and discover great story ideas.
  • How to define a masterful plot that keeps your readers begging for more.
  • How to write FAST so you can publish books quickly.
  • The importance of a great cover and how to create one.
  • Learn the ins and outs of publishing for Kindle.
  • How to make a book description that grabs the attention of your readers.
  • Learn simple techniques for promoting your book!

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Mystery Has Longevity

My late wife loved mysteries.

I have always enjoyed shows like Columbo.

In fact, I’ll read every mystery that I can get my hands on.

Guess what? It’s the same for many mystery readers. They read every mystery book they can get their hands on or afford.

Several girlfriends from long past read mysteries all day long. They loved them!

And these readers they find a series … they will buy and read every single book, then write about them on their social media and everywhere else they can think of.

Once they reach the end of the series, they will pester the author for more. Mystery readers have an insatiable appetite for the genre.

This is the perfect situation for a writer. The audience DEMANDs more, BEGs for more and tells their friends about the greatness of you (the author) and the books you’ve written.

But Why Write Short Kindle eBooks?

Readers LOVE Short Stories And Kindle Short Reads

There are several advantages to purchasing shorter books…

Short eBooks are generally priced at $3.99 or less, which allows consumers to purchase more books with the limited amount of funds they have available.

Reading a 100,000-word book could take several weeks, and a Kindle Short Read can usually be consumed in a few hours or a single day, which allows consumers the ability to read more stories and still have plenty of time for friends, family and activities

Since readers can generally read a short book in a single sitting, they find they can finish the book while the story is still fresh in their minds, without forgetting important details in the story.

People love their mystery stories, but those of us with kids, family and jobs can seldom commit ourselves to reading a book that will take weeks or months to read.

Short Kindle eBooks are perfect for mysteries.

  • They are short and to-the-point.
  • You can read them in a few hours.
  • There’s not a lot of room for fluff and meaningless plot and story.
  • You get to find out what happened and why without losing your whole darn day.

So, I’ll ask again, why aren’t you writing mysteries? 

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Short Mystery Stories Are Easy When You Know What To Do

“Fortunately, Richard is as good of a teacher as he is a writer…” – Bill Platt

If you have decent storytelling skills, then you will soon discover that you are perfectly capable of writing good mystery stories…

If you understand what mystery readers want in a story, you will be perfectly positioned to give them exactly what they want…

If you are willing to accept direction from a professional storyteller, you will be able to reliably develop proper mystery stories…

If you can follow instructions, you will find it to be much easier than you have ever imagined it could be…

If you are willing to commit yourself to focus on 6,000 to 10,000-word stories, then you will soon find yourself in a position to self-publish a new story every week…

If you can maintain your focus for one year, you could have 52 books available for sale on Amazon one year from now…

Why aren’t you writing mysteries?

  • Don’t know how?
  • Think it’s too hard?
  • Don’t understand how do it?
  • Never written one before?

Well, if you don’t at least try to write a mystery story, you’re passing a huge market by!

You are literally passing up sales and turning away potential income.

How Can You Apply Your Writing Skills to Writing Outstanding Mystery Stories?

There is a process to follow when writing and publishing short mystery stories…

  • Learn the Process
  • Understand the Essential Elements of mystery
  • Brainstorm Story Ideas
  • Plot and Outline Your Book
  • Develop Your Characters
  • Do Your World-Building
  • Define Your Settings
  • Write
  • Edit and Proofread
  • Design Your Book Cover
  • Publish Your Book
  • Do Some Simple Book Promotion
  • Rinse and Repeat…

Introducing Mystery Book Empire!

  • Learn how to write an engaging mystery eBook.
  • Know what readers are looking for in a mystery.
  • Understand what makes for a great mystery story
  • Find out how to research and discover great story ideas
  • Learn how to define a masterful plot that keeps your readers begging for more
  • Understand how to write FAST so you can publish books quickly
  • Know the importance of a great cover and how to create one
  • Learn the ins and outs of publishing for Kindle
  • Know how to write a book description that grabs your readers attention
  • Learn simple techniques for promoting your book

Delivered in a 80-page PDF, you will find this training to be exactly what you need, to help you get started writing mystery short stories that consumers will love to read…

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Writing short Mystery ebooks for the Amazon Kindle platform is simple.

In fact, you will find it to be far easier and far more gratifying than you ever imagined it could be.

  • Don’t agonize over the steps
  • Don’t pound your head on the wall thinking of ideas
  • Don’t spend hours perfecting single sentences or paragraphs,
  • Don’t fret about how to promote and market your work.

Use this System to get done what needs to get done without over-complicating any part of the process.

The goal is to produce one mystery per week (or every two weeks as fits your schedule), working only a few hours each week.

When you go through this training, you will know exactly what you need to know to replicate what I have done hundreds of times before.

Here is what you can expect to learn to do, and how long it will take for each step in the process:

  • How to quickly find a story idea (5-10 minutes);
  • Refine your idea (15 minutes);
  • Outline your book (15 minutes);
  • Detail your characters (15 minutes);
  • Describe your settings (15 minutes)
  • Write your story (depending on your writing speed, 6-12 hours);
  • Edit your story (1-2 hours);
  • Proofread your story (1-2 hours);
  • Create your book cover (15-30 minutes);
  • Publish on Amazon (15-30 minutes);
  • Do some simple book promotion (15 minutes);
  • Rinse and Repeat…

52 Opportunities for People To Read Your Books and For Amazon To Pay You More Royalties

I spent a full year writing the next great American novel, and I still didn’t get the silly thing finished or published.

After one year of really hard work, I still had nothing to show for all of my efforts, except for a half-finished book manuscript and no book royalties.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.

I could have spent another year trying to finish my novel, and I could have finished the year in the same boat in which I started the year — paying the bills with client work and not earning any money from my own books.

But, with the proof-of-concept book behind me, I  knew there was a better way to go forward.

In 2014, I began focusing his time and energy on short ebooks for the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

In doing so, I forever changed his financial outlook…

Four years later, I am absolutely convinced I made the right decision when I decided to focus on short ebooks.

Just a Few Hours Each Week

Some of the greatest writers of the last century started their careers writing short fiction, and now you can do the same.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, magazines were the primary consumers of short stories…

Now, we have Amazon Kindle from which we can launch our writing careers.

If you only have ten hours a week to dedicate to your writing career, write one book every two weeks.

If you have more time to dedicate to your task, you can pursue publishing one to two ebooks per week.

You are just minutes away from making the decision you need to make, to start building your publishing legacy…

  • You are going to learn a proven system for writing mysteries that will let you focus on story telling, instead of how to write a story. This will allow you to spend more time writing and less time on non-productive tasks.
  • Less time writing will allow you to have more time to spend with family and friends.
  • Having more books available on Amazon will provide more opportunities for new readers to discover you and your books, which will give you more chances to grow your audience.
  • More books on Amazon will give consumers more reasons to give you money, which result in you selling more books and receiving larger royalty checks.
  • Having more books on Amazon will allow consumers to quickly determine that you are not just a flash in the pan, which may convince readers to add you to their “favorite author’s list,” leading them to buy more of your books long-term.
  • Writing in a series will incentivize more people to buy more of your books, if they like the stories you are writing.
  • Having even 10 books on Amazon will increase your likelihood of you producing a book that goes viral ten-fold, driving a lot of sales, without you needing to spend time and money promoting your books.
  • Producing more stories more quickly will allow you to start growing your Amazon royalty check sooner rather than later. This way, you don’t have to hang your success on whether one book finds an audience or not.
  • “I see that author everywhere,” will give more consumers the confidence they need to take a chance on your books.
  • The sooner you can get to fifty books on Amazon, the sooner it will be when you are earning the kind of money you would like to earn as a result of your books on Amazon. When writing short ebooks, you will be able to get to fifty a lot faster than if you were writing full length novels.

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Richard Lowe