500 Historical Writing Prompts to Write Great Stories

If You Aren’t Writing, You Aren’t Selling Books! Can’t Think of Something to Write About? You Are Losing Money and Sales!

500 Historical Writing Prompts

I’m a very talented writer – according to my many ghostwriting customers and the Amazon reviews on books that I’ve written.

But having the talent to write is not always enough…

I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve spent staring at a blank computer screen trying to figure out what I was going to write next…

All that time not writing, banging my head on the wall, because I can’t think of an idea is lost forever, never to be recovered.

Why is coming up with an idea so difficult?

Writer’s Block Is Horrible! But It Is Easily Defeated

There are many ways to crush writer’s block to get back to the important task of writing…

Because sitting there, staring at a blank screen is wasted time.

I conquer writer’s block by taking long walks, reading books by other people, and getting enough sleep.

That’s all well and good, but sometimes the problem is just figuring out what to write about.

Getting that kernel of an idea on which a whole story or novel or short eBook springs.

But it shouldn’t be so difficult to find new ideas.

After all, it’s a big universe with infinite variety…

Things are always happening…

People are always working, conflicts are occurring, and change is the only constant in life.

So what’s the best way to break through that initial writer’s block?

How to eliminate or reduce the time trying to figure out the kernel of the story, the initial spark.

Introducing Historical Writing Prompts!

500 historical writing prompts

To help you with the challenge of coming up with interesting ideas

To get you past the idea stage and into the fun and productivity of writing your book!

I’ve mapped out 500 historical writing prompts for your Historical short Kindle eBooks.

Think about that for a moment,

500 historical writing prompts. 500 different ideas for you to use to write a book. 500 ways to make money. All designed to get you started on your way to writing a great book!

Look At All the Topics! Each With One Or More Pages of Writing Prompts

  1. Africa – Epic narratives set against the diverse cultures and vast landscapes of Africa.
  2. Alternate Realities Due to Different Historical Decisions – Intriguing tales based in realities where historical outcomes took a different turn.
  3. Ancient Kingdom of Egypt – Stories rooted in the grandeur and mysteries of ancient Egypt.
  4. Art – Narratives intertwined with the rich history of art across cultures.
  5. Aztec Civilization – Accounts unfolding within the rich, intricate history of the Aztecs.
  6. Behind Enemy Lines – Tense dramas set in the heart of enemy territories during wars.
  7. Building – Tales reflecting human spirit and architectural prowess through the ages.
  8. China – Stories set against the backdrop of China’s captivating ancient and modern history.
  9. Civil Rights – Dramas revolving around the struggle for equality and justice.
  10. Colonial Australia – Tales emerging from the colonial era in Australia.
  11. Crusades – Engrossing narratives set during the historic religious Crusades.
  12. Entertainment – Tales that highlight historical shifts in the entertainment industry.
  13. Exploration – Accounts of human endeavors of exploration and discovery.
  14. French History – Stories set against the riveting backdrop of France’s rich history.
  15. Games – Narratives about the evolution of games and sports in human history.
  16. Greeks – Stories steeped in the philosophy, politics, and legends of ancient Greece.
  17. India – Narratives set within the vibrant cultural and historical tapestry of India.
  18. Inventions – Tales that highlight key inventions that shaped human civilization.
  19. Music – Stories tracing the historical evolution and cultural impact of music.
  20. Mystery – Tales combining historical facts with elements of mystery and intrigue.
  21. Pirates – Swashbuckling narratives set during the golden age of piracy.
  22. Plagues – Gripping tales of survival and resilience during historical plagues.
  23. Religion – Narratives exploring the evolution and impact of religious movements.
  24. Renaissance – Accounts of the cultural, artistic, and scientific rebirth during the Renaissance.
  25. Revolution – Dramas set against major revolutionary movements that changed the course of history.
  26. Rome – Stories set in the backdrop of the grandeur and complexities of ancient Rome.
  27. Russian Revolution – Narratives set during the tumultuous times of the Russian Revolution.
  28. Space – Tales of human ambition and achievement in the exploration of space.
  29. Trojan War – Epic narratives set during the historic Trojan War.
  30. US Revolution – Accounts of struggle and triumph during America’s fight for independence.
  31. Victorian England – Stories set in the social and cultural context of Victorian England.
  32. Vikings – Bold narratives from the age of Vikings and their seafaring exploits.
  33. War – Gripping accounts of major wars and their impact on human history.
  34. World War I – Stories set against the backdrop of the Great War and its far-reaching consequences.
  35. World War II – Tales unfurling amidst the horrors, heroism, and changes wrought by the Second World War.

Pick a Sub-Genre, Any Sub-Genre, Then Find A Prompt You Like Then Write Your Story

You’ll only need a few minutes to find a prompt that you like…you have 500 Historical Writing Prompts.

Then all you need to do is write the story around the idea sparked by the prompt.

Your brain will flood with ideas as the story forms in your mind.

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