Fantasy Book Empire: Simple Training That Quickly Teaches You How to Make a Living Writing Fiction

What If You Could Write a Fantasy eBook This Week? Not Only That, But What If You Could Know EXACTLY How and What to Write, How to Publish Your Book, and How to Start Promoting It on Amazon?

What If I Could Show You a Method You Can Use to Jump Start Your Way into Being a Best Selling Fantasy Author?

Would You Like To Publish A New Short Fantasy eBook Once A Week?

Fantasy Book EmpireA Dragon Took A Chomp Out of My Hat!

Dear struggling author,

My name is Richard Lowe, and I was the Director for Computer Operations at Trader Joe’s. I made plenty of money and had a good career, but something was missing.

In 2013, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream and become a professional writer. But that didn’t mean I knew how to write a fantasy story, how to publish it and, most importantly, how to sell it.

Is Writing and Selling Books an Issue For You?

  • Did you publish a book, and it just doesn’t sell?
  • Do you want to write a fantasy story but don’t know how to get started?
  • Do you struggle with story structure?
  • Do you know how to build your audience of readers who demand your short fantasy eBooks?
  • Would things be easier if you knew the EXACT methods for writing, publishing and promoting your short fantasy eBooks?

I know that I’ve experienced these exact problems myself.

I’ve learned – the hard way through painful trial and error – that spending months or even years to write a fantasy book simply doesn’t work.

The key to selling books is a LOYAL AUDIENCE of fans. People demanding your next story, writing you thank you emails, and eagerly writing reviews.

Writing and publishing short eBooks FAST is the solution that works.

As An Indie Author You Have So Much to Learn – Always!

Learning never ends, right?

You need to learn how to write fantasy, about publishing, promotion, book covers and proofreading.

The list seems to be endless and it’s overwhelming for sure.

So Where Do You Start?

You may have already written and published a book or two. Perhaps you got lucky and sold a few copies, got some good reviews, and made a few bucks.

But you want more, right?

If you’re anything like me, you want your books to sell, to make you some money.

But nothing you do seems to work. So, you keep writing, hoping against the odds that your new book will sell.

How Can You Gain an Audience If All You Want to Do Is Write?

It’s possible. Some authors spend ages writing their book and it immediately takes off.

But those authors that make it know something – they know that to sell books they need fans.

There’s That Problem Again: Getting People To Be Excited About Your Books

You want fans. You want people to DEMAND more books from you.

The only reason why most writers don’t sell books is because they haven’t built that following of loyal fans.

It’s the old chicken and eggs problem – you need fans to sell books, but you can’t get fans until you have books to sell.

Before I Tell You About the Plan I’ve Created, Let Me Share My Own Personal Story…

When I was in grade school, my teacher realized that I had a vivid imagination. To keep me engaged, she suggested that I write a fantasy story.

At first I hated the idea. I didn’t want to write! I wanted to be outside dreaming of being a knight in shining armor fighting dragons.

My teacher suggested that I write a story about me fighting dragons as a knight.

I fell in love with the idea!

That was a Friday, and I remember it well. I wrote for the entire weekend, barely sleeping, and by Monday morning I had banged out a fantasy story. My very first fantasy story.

My teacher was so happy with the story that she made me read it out loud in front of the class. I wasn’t too thrilled about that – I was a bit shy – but still, I was so proud of my achievement.

That Teacher Taught Me Something That I Hadn’t Previously Realized

I CAN write my own fantasy stories.

Not only that, but I can also write them fast.

I wrote a 10,000-word fantasy story in a weekend.

Short Fantasy Kindle eBooks

Fast-forward a few decades. Today, we have Amazon and the Kindle.

I discovered that there is a huge market for short Kindle eBooks.

There are several advantages to purchasing these shorter books…

Short eBooks are generally priced at $3.99 or less, which allows consumers to purchase more books with the limited amount of funds they have available.

Reading a 100,000-word book could take several weeks, and a Kindle Short Read can usually be consumed in a few hours or a single day, which allows consumers the ability to read more stories and still have plenty of time for friends, family and activities.

2018 08 20 8 16 27This fantasy book, When a Child is Born, is 21 pages long and sells for $2.99. It’s selling very well for a short eBook, with an Amazon sellers rank of 109,649.

Since readers can generally read a short book in a single sitting, they find they can finish the book while the story is still fresh in their minds, without forgetting important details in the story.

People love their fantasy stories, but those of us with kids, family and jobs can seldom commit ourselves to reading a book that will take weeks or months to read.

Short Kindle eBooks are perfect for fantasies.

  • They are short and to-the-point.
  • You can read them in a few hours.
  • There’s not a lot of room for fluff and meaningless plot and story.
  • You get to find out what happened and why without losing your whole darn day.

Fantasy Has Longevity

I fell in love with fantasy when I was a child.

In fact, I read every fantasy book that I can get my hands on… 

Guess what? It’s the same for many fantasy readers. They read every fantasy book they can get their hands on or afford.

If I could, I’d read them all day long, every day. Of course, I have to earn a living, raise a family and live life. But fantasy is my passion.

And when they find a series … they will buy and read every single book, then write about them on their social media and everywhere else they can think of.

Once they reach the end of the series, they will pester the author for more. Fantasy readers have an insatiable appetite for the genre.

This is the perfect situation for a writer. The audience DEMANDs more, BEGs for more and tells their friends about the greatness of you (the author) and the books you’ve written.

Elves, Gnomes, Ogres, castles, floating buildings, magicians, the beautiful princess … Your readers want wondrous worlds with opportunities for fantastic adventures.

The Short Fantasy Kindle eBook Challenge

Good things often come from merging different ideas. For me, the revelation appeared to me when I realized that fantasy and short Kindle eBooks, combined, was the answer to killing two birds with one broadsword.

  • Quickly getting books out there for readers to find.
  • Building an audience of loyal fans who DEMAND more books.

Why short fantasy Kindle eBooks?

Because you can write And publish them quickly – as often as once per week.

Introducing Fantasy Book Empire!

Fantasy-Book-EmpireFantasy Book Empire Takes you step-by-step all the way from coming up with a great idea for fantasy story, putting together a plot, building character arcs, writing, editing, proofreading, creating a cover, publishing, and promoting.

  • Learn how to write an enthralling fantasy eBook.
  • Understand what makes for a great fantasy story.
  • Find out how to research and discover great story ideas.
  • Learn how to define a masterful plot that keeps your readers begging for more.
  • Understand how to write FAST so you can publish books quickly.
  • Know the importance of a great cover and how to create one.
  • Learn the ins and outs of publishing for Kindle.
  • Know how to write a book description that grabs your readers attention!
  • Learn simple techniques for promoting your book.

Your eBook told me what I hoped to read, writing an eBook isn’t that difficult. Focus on the process and I can deliver a short eBook. My hopes to become a published author have risen dramatically after reading this book. — Greg

Inside this complete PDF training system, you’ll find…

  • Learn the Process
  • Understand the Essential Elements of Fantasy
  • Brainstorm Story Ideas
  • Plot and Outline Your Book
  • Develop Your Characters
  • Do Your World-Building
  • Define Your Settings
  • Write
  • Edit and Proofread
  • Design Your Book Cover
  • Publish Your Book
  • Do Some Simple Book Promotion
  • Rinse and Repeat…

This Is a Labor of Love

I’ve talked to a lot of authors over the past few years. And it breaks my heart to see so many wonderful people passionately writing, creating a wondrous book, only to have it not sell.

I’ve gone through that myself, so I understand their pain.

I know that fantasy sells, it’s one of the largest categories on Amazon. I know that short Kindle eBooks sell, because people love the convenience of being able to read a story over lunch or on their break.

Because of that, I’ve labored over how to help my author friends get their books to sell.

They want the same thing that I do – a nice, steady income from doing something that they love. How could I not support that?

Can you imagine writing books that sell and regularly make money? Can you imagine living the writing life – having the freedom from financial worry or the possibility of losing your job in an unstable economy?

What would that mean to you? What would you do differently if your primary income was from your writing and publishing efforts and not spending your days slaving away for some faceless corporation?

Delivered in a 90-page PDF, you will find this training to be exactly what you need, to help you get started writing fantasy short stories that consumers will love to read…

If you’ve always wanted to be a successful science fiction author and you want a comprehensive and practical guide to creating epic short eBooks. then this book is for you. This isn’t a book on theory. Richard has written an easy to follow guide to creating fiction that sells. I was impressed by the lack of hype. He covered all the bases and that’s not fiction…that’s a fact.  — Bonnie

This Is Your Change to Take Charge of Your Writing Life

You can write short fantasy eBooks with just a few hours a week. You can publish them at a rate of once a week, every other week, or once a month. The schedule is up to you.

As you write more books, your fan base will grow and then you can decide. Do you quit your job and live in full financial freedom? Do you write in your spare time?

Fantasy Book Empire hands you the reins so that you are in charge. No one else can tell you what to do.

Start Using the Information in Fantasy Book Empire Today

You can start writing short fantasy Kindle eBooks today with a small one time low investment.

For less than the price of a seeing a movie with popcorn and soda, you can make an effective move towards a bright future immediately.

Click below to download the e-book in a few minutes from now and start writing fantasy today.

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PS Even if you only have a few hours a week, you can write, publish and sell short Fantasy Kindle eBooks. The faster you write quality books, the faster you build dedicated fans, the more money you make.

PPS fantasy is one of the most popular genres in the world. Popularity is growing day by day. Learn everything you need to get into this fulfilling niche – it will be a lot easier than you think.


Richard Lowe