Book Sales Explosion: A Powerful Method to Promote Your Book

Attention Writers!

How Would you Like to See a Book Sales Explosion

Learn How to Sell Hundreds or Thousands of Copies of Your Books

Good day! My name is Richard Lowe, and I’m a bestselling author. I wrote and published over 60 books. I was so proud of the accomplishment.

As long as I can remember, I had a goal of being a great author. I had just published my second book, and now I felt like a writer!


The books were not selling. I kept writing, and the books didn’t sell.

Oh sure, sometimes I’d do a promotion or stumble onto something, and I’d sell a few copies. One book even became a Kindle bestseller for a week or so, and another sold a thousand copies.

But none of that was steady. It was hard work. Really hard work which usually didn’t pay off.

I’d almost given up trying to sell the books. At least with ghostwriting, which is what I do for most of my living, I commanded big bucks and could find clients willing to pay my rates.

However, my dream remained. I wanted my books to SELL. Sigh.

Have you felt this way? Did you want to give up your dream?

Most Authors Struggle with Sales!

You’re Not Alone!

I doubt you are making sales.

Most authors don’t sell more than a few copies.

The problem is there are thousands of books published on Amazon alone every single day.

And the simple fact is you are almost certainly not getting any traffic.

Your books may be great. They may be the best books ever written. But they won’t sell if no one sees them.

That’s the problem.

Getting a steady stream of people to look at the book page. From there, it’s just a matter of a good cover, description and a great book.

And That’s Why You Are Not Making Book Sales: No Traffic!

Sure, I know there are many ways to promote books.

I’m sure you’ve tried them all. I surely have.

But did they work? Did you actually make money?

Even if you sold a few copies of your book…

Don’t you want to sell more?

Wouldn’t you like your books to sell at a steady rate? Think about it, even selling one book a day is 30 books a month or 365 books a year. If you have many books, that can add up quickly.

  • Most promotional methods cost money, and rarely make that investment back.
  • Free promotions don’t work and eat up enormous amounts of time – you’ll spend hours and hours of work to get almost no return.
  • Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads cost too much. Expect to lay out a thousand dollars, minimum.
  • Paid advertising in newsletters won’t get you any real sales. I know, I’ve tried them all. They are expensive and waste money and time.
  • In fact, for most authors, the traditional book promotion methods don’t work to make any real sales.

What If I Told You How You Can Sell Thousands of Copies of Your Book?

Can you imagine?

To work your heart out…

To put your soul into your writing…

And to actually make money at doing something you love.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, “Yes, my books are selling!”.

Introducing Book Sales Explosion Rapidly Expand Your Book Sales with Simple Videos

Woman with camera


Inside Book Sales Explosion You’ll Learn Everything You Need to Use

Video To Explode Your Sales and Keep Them Selling Day After Day…

  • No expensive equipment needed – just your smartphone and a tripod or selfie stick.
  • You don’t need to appear on camera ever if you don’t want to.
  • Videos are easy to create at any time of day or night.
  • Get Google to REALLY take notice.
  • Different techniques to get the attention of your readers.
  • Where to post your quick videos for the best results.
  • Quick, simple and no special training needed.
  • And many. many more…

Learn The Secrets to Creating Quick and Easy Videos to Explode Your Book Sales

Using Book Sales Explosion

  • Smartphone videos – Lear to use your Smartphone to create and edit videos for promoting your books.
  • Use only FREE tools – There is no need to purchase anything unless you want extra features. You can create and edit videos for no charge.
  • Boost in SEO – How to use videos to boost your website search engine rankings.


You carry a smartphone with you all the time, right?

Learn how to use that always available device to build your audience and explode your sales.

  • Why is video so effective at getting readers to your books?
  • How do you make videos anywhere that appeal to your readers?
  • What are the best platforms for video?
  • How do you attract Google to your videos?

Video really works!

Imagine what you can do with the extra money from selling your books!

See money flow into your bank account month after month.

Making videos is simple and free.

All you have to do is follow the guide and implement.

Get YOUR Copy of Book Sales Explosions Today at The Special Rate!

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Richard Lowe