16 Oct 2022

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Help with your Networking

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You need a LinkedIn profileToday someone mentioned to me that they didn’t see the value of having a LinkedIn profile. I can understand their thought process to a certain extent, because up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t think much about LinkedIn. I was more concerned with my Facebook profile, because I was very involved in locally on a social level. Facebook is perfect for social networking.

Focus On LinkedIn

Learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile the right way. Get your copy of this book today.

While I worked at Trader Joe’s, keeping an up-to-date LinkedIn profile wasn’t even on my priority list. However, in mid-2013 I decided to leave my job of 20 years, move to Florida, and pursue my dream of becoming a professional writer (and now ghostwriter).

For 33 years, I worked for someone else, first as a Vice President of Consulting, and finally as Director of Technical Services and Computer Operations. Networking was a task that did in person, by going to computer related events, conferences, training classes and seminars, as well as by visiting clients and vendors directly.

It never really occurred to me to use services such as LinkedIn to leverage my professional background for networking purposes.

That all changed when I left Trader Joe’s. Since I felt that customers for my writing business could come from all over the world, the value of a LinkedIn profile became obvious. Once I looked over my profile and realized that I had little understanding of how to make it work for me, I called a company that writes LinkedIn profiles. I bought the high-end premium package and was interviewed by Donna Serdula, the owner of the company. Shortly after, Donna hired me to write profiles, and within a couple of years I had completed over 300 of them.

What’s Important in a LinkedIn Profile?

Read my book, Focus on LinkedIn, to gain a full understanding of what is important in a profile. There is an art and a science to understand what to include, and almost as important, what to exclude from your online professional presence. Better yet, I’d be happy to optimize your profile for you. Click here to find out how.

Briefly, though, remember LinkedIn is a search engine, and even more importantly, other search applications such as Google also index LinkedIn profiles. Many of the on-page SEO techniques that you use for web sites and blogs also apply to LinkedIn profiles. Also, all of the mistakes that can cause a web site or blog to be classified as “spam” equally apply.

What does this mean? Be honest and truthful in what you write about yourself. Not only does this make a better impression with potential employers, but it will find you better qualified positions and work.

Additionally, don’t spam. Don’t send connection requests to people you don’t know, unless they make it clear in their profile that they want unsolicited connections requests. LinkedIn is not very forgiving about spammers, so don’t get caught up in that or you’ll find yourself with reduced capabilities or even banned.

What Does an Optimized LinkedIn Profile Do for You?

An up-to-date, accurate and honest LinkedIn profile allows prospective employers and businesspeople to find you online. It helps separate you from the millions of other people on the web. The better job you do in creating your LinkedIn presence, the more luck you are going to have at getting contacted by the right people.

Conversely, if you have a poorly written LinkedIn profile, it shows you don’t understand how to use one of the most important resources available for a business professional. It also reduces your opportunities because the right people won’t find your profile, and when they do, they won’t see a reason to connect.

These days, being internet and network savvy is critical to survival. Create a beautiful, accurate, and on-target profile and you demonstrate you value contacts and understand how to network online.

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