3 Awesome Tips for LinkedIn Profile Optimization

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Focus On LinkedInPicture this: LinkedIn, the digital realm’s most upscale professional networking jamboree. Some folks have mastered the art of “networking at LinkedIn parties,” dancing through this social soiree, making connections left, right, and center. Then, there are those who’ve decided to use it as a 24/7 infomercial channel, driving people away faster than you can say “unfriend.” Guess who gets the most leads?

As your trusty LinkedIn Branding Guru specializing in LinkedIn profile optimization, I’ve observed enough profiles to differentiate between a winning “Effective LinkedIn branding strategy” and a snooze-fest. The difference? Let’s unwrap this conundrum.

Sales Pitches: LinkedIn’s Social Blunders

Picture this: you’ve just met someone at a party. You’re about to introduce yourself when they turn into a relentless sales machine. Sounds like a nightmare, right? This is a classic case of “avoiding LinkedIn sales pitches.”

Here’s a funny thought. Instead of being an eager-beaver salesperson, channel your inner chat show host. Get to know them. Something like, “Good morning! Fancy being a writer! How exciting! How can I assist you today?” Now, that’s what I call an “Effective LinkedIn branding strategy.”

Today I received the following message from a brand-new connection:

Thanks for connecting. We can help you with digital marketing, SEO, Web Design, SMO, PPC, Mobile App Development, Branding and Lead generation. Let me know if you need any of these services. Waiting for you reply.

Think about how this would work in the physical world. You’re walking down the street and you say hello to someone. Before they even tell you their name or ask how you are doing, they shove their business card in your face, start talking about their products, and slip some flyers in your pockets.

A better, more successful strategy is to open the relationship by talking about another person.

Good morning. Thank you for the connection. I see from your profile that you are a writer. That’s a fascinating occupation and it must be very rewarding. Please write back and let me know how I can help.

Which introduction do you think would get a better response?

The Ghost Profiles: Don’t Be the Invisible (Wo)Man

LinkedIn Profile OptimizationThe only thing worse than a relentless sales machine is a ghost—someone whose profile is so empty and neglected, you start to question if they exist at all. You don’t want to be the vanishing act of the “networking at LinkedIn parties”. Update your profile picture, add a compelling summary, list your work experiences, and for Pete’s sake, share an update or two. “Optimizing LinkedIn profile” doesn’t mean you have to be the next Shakespeare, it just means you should show you’re an active, real person. There’s no room for ghosts in LinkedIn’s shindig.

Pro Tip: Don’t Let Your Profile Collect Digital Dust

Did you know LinkedIn, like a proud parent, loves showcasing your “Engaging LinkedIn updates” to everyone? The more you alter, post, and update your profile – in other words, “optimizing LinkedIn profile” – the more LinkedIn puts you in the spotlight.

Remember to set ‘Notify your Network’ to YES, so every time you give your profile a makeover, all your connections get to see. But, of course, if you’re pulling off some James Bond level secrecy changes, feel free to switch that off!

A stale profile doesn’t win any popularity contests, nor does it tickle the fancy of those search engine bots. Keep things fresh, or your LinkedIn fame might just go poof!

Media is Your New Bestie

Want to be the life of the LinkedIn party? Add a dash of media to your profile. Videos, slideshows, links, documents, photos – the works! This is the essence of a “media-rich LinkedIn presence.”

Here’s a fun idea: Shoot a snazzy 2-minute video of you talking about your work. Who wouldn’t want to see your face instead of reading blocks of text?

You can include the following in your summary and each of your experience sections.

  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Links
  • Documents
  • Photos

The Grand Finale

Look, your journey on LinkedIn is a lot like real-life party networking. The rules are simple – be interested before trying to be interesting, avoid being a ghost, update often, use all the fancy tools, and remember, everyone loves a good laugh.

In this humorous guide, you’ve learned how to ace “networking at LinkedIn parties”, avoid LinkedIn sales pitches, and the magic of a media-rich LinkedIn presence. Now, go forth, young grasshopper, and make some ripples in the LinkedIn Pond! Enjoy your newfound fame and remember to share a laugh or two along the way.

Richard Lowe
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Maree Moreland

Wow. You have saved me. I was about to send out a marketing spiel to all my LinkedIn connections. I will rethink this tactic. Thank you