02 Apr 2016

Use LinkedIn Branding to Accelerate Your Career

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Focus on LinkedIn talks about the need for a personal brandThe Introduction of Focus On LinkedIn (available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback and audiobook formats) talks about the need to define a brand on LinkedIn.

Would you like to build a network of people who are like-minded and responsive to your message? Do you want to receive qualified leads day after day? Are you confused about how to use LinkedIn to get your message out or to generate new business? Did you create a LinkedIn profile, only to have it just sit there and collect virtual dust?

Read this book to get the answers to all of those questions and more. You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn as your primary professional social media platform and how to leverage your social networking reach. By the time you’ve completed reading, you will gain an understanding of where LinkedIn fits into your marketing campaigns and your professional life.

Used correctly, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful professional networking tool which can get your brand and message delivered directly to a target audience of business professionals. A well-written profile which is kept up-to-date can generate leads for new business, improve your image to your customers and fellow professionals, and help you find employment.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is intended to be used for business and professional activities. Do not confuse LinkedIn with other social networking sites; save your personal, political or similar commentary for Google+, Facebook or similar networks.

The idea behind Focus On LinkedIn is to show you how to use LinkedIn as the focus of your professional brand. There are many other books and courses on how to market using LinkedIn, how to generate leads, and how to optimize your profile. Those books will complement the information within this volume.

Does LinkedIn work? I receive well-qualified leads regularly, and these have resulted in quite a bit of new business. In fact, I have acquired more business through LinkedIn than via any other marketing effort.

It is important that your profile communicates your message in a manner which is easy to understand. Doing this helps people find out more about you, your business, and your products and services.

Defining a LinkedIn Brand Will Boost Your Job Search

Using LinkedIn to define your personal brand requires time and effort; if you need help creating an excellent profile, I can help by optimizing your profile. We specialize in creating optimal LinkedIn profiles for business professionals. In my role as a Senior Branding Consultant, I work with executives, managers and others all over the world to ensure that their profile portrays their brand persuasively.

Before doing anything with LinkedIn, complete your profile, regardless of whether you write it yourself or contract with me to compose it for you. Use the summary to define your brand and your message, while the remaining sections — experiences, education, and so forth — reinforce your depth of experience and knowledge.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you can begin to leverage the power of LinkedIn. Creating the perfect profile isn’t enough to promote your brand, although it’s a great start. To put yourself out there in front of people – to gain their eyeballs so to speak – you have to communicate with them on a regular basis.

In other words, it’s all about building relationships with your customers, coworkers, peers, managers, vendors, consultants and others; the people whom you want to be interested in your business, products, and services.

The purpose of this book is to help guide you through the maze of LinkedIn, so you can use it effectively in your professional and business life. Doing so will result in an extensive network of professionals becoming interested in you, your products and your services, and potentially lead to increased income.


Purchase Focus On LinkedIn today to understand how to use LinkedIn as part of your personal branding strategy.

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Kim Steadman

You make a good point about LinkedIn. With LinkedIn you are in complete control of what someone sees and reads. You aren’t at the mercy of other people tagging you, or the endless ‘fluff and stuff’ that may appear in Facebook. LinkedIn is a place where you have complete control on you, your brand. Ok. I’m starting to see the light regarding the importance of LinkedIn

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