14 Dec 2020

Internet of Things: Digitize or Die

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Digitize or Die Nicolas WindpassingerLast week was an incredible week.

The Internet of Things: Digitize Or Die

You see, I’ve been working with Nicolas Windpassinger on his book, Digitize or Die, for almost a year, and last week it was published!

For him, it’s a labor of love, and it shows. The book came out fantastic and I’m proud that I had the opportunity to work with him. The subject is near and dear to my own heart, since I have a strong background in the computer field, automation and automated logistics.

From the description: “The IoT will disrupt all businesses, their leaders included, and you can take full advantage of this transformation to your benefit. The IoT is already transforming numerous markets and companies. Making sense of these changes, and more importantly, understanding how to leverage them to grow head and shoulders above your competition is one of the objectives of this book.”

“Technologies are evolving laser fast, but have not yet established their “rules of the game.” Indeed, it is an exciting and important time because you have a unique opportunity to change and adapt the game rules to suit your needs – and in so doing, outperform your competitors.”

Every company in the world, whether it’s a new startup or has been around for over a century, will feel the effects of the IoT. If they prepare and change, they can ride the wave of disruption and take advantage of these new paradigms. If not, the business will shrink and fail.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, the Chairman and CEO, Schneider Electric,, said, “Nicolas’s book is all about the Internet of Things (IoT). Not only is it about IoT technologies; it traces how the IoT is changing the way companies must operate in the coming decades to survive and thrive with redesigned strategies, go-to markets, and portfolios.”

If you want to learn what your company can do to prepare for the digital age and the Internet of Things, pick up a copy today.


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