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Richard Lowe Jr | Ghostwriter | Book Coach | LinkedIn Branding Expert

Your journey to prominence begins here. In a digital age dominated by fleeting attention, one thing remains powerful: authentic stories. Amid a vast digital sea, genuine tales rise above the noise.

Ready to Share Your Unique Story with the World? 🌍

Whether it’s your groundbreaking adventures in tech, the countless lives you’ve transformed through coaching, or the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship you’ve bravely embarked upon, your story isn’t like any other. It’s unique. It’s magnetic. And it’s brimming with potential, waiting eagerly to leap off the page and make its mark. Let’s collaborate to give it the stage it truly deserves!

Why Does Your Story Matter?

At the crux of every memorable story is a narrator who deeply comprehends its core. Writing transcends mere word assembly. It’s an art that weaves experiences, evoking emotions and kindling imagination. But with a busy schedule, writing can feel daunting. That’s where a seasoned ghostwriter steps in.

With a rich tapestry of 33 years woven with tech insights, I’ve held leadership positions that have shaped me both as a professional and an individual. Not only have I had the privilege of serving as a Vice President of two startups, but I’ve also been the Director of Computer Operations at Trader Joe’s, a dynamic role that allowed me to merge both my tech prowess with strategic operations.

My experience and dedication to capturing authentic narratives ensures that your story will be told with precision, passion, and a touch of personal flair. Let’s embark on this storytelling journey together!

Why Choose to Partner with Me?

Writing isn’t just stringing together words; it’s an art form, crafting a journey that captivates, educates, and inspires. Imagine diving into a narrative that not only informs but also emotionally resonates, transporting readers to a world crafted from your experiences and insights. I get it – with the myriad responsibilities on your plate, dedicating time to write might feel like an uphill battle. Hiring a ghostwriter is the solution to getting your book completed despite the vagrancies of life.

Drawing from my experience of ghostwriting over 48 books and armed with 33 years of tech and leadership wisdom, I merge the nuances of your story with the finesse of a seasoned writer. Whether it’s recounting tales from the boardroom, elucidating complex tech concepts, or capturing the essence of transformative coaching moments, I’m here to ensure your legacy is penned with authenticity, clarity, and passion. Partner with me, and together, we’ll craft a narrative that’s not just impactful but also undeniably ‘you’.

Unleash Your Expertise. Ignite Your Influence.

Ghostwriting will help rise above the competitionOur collaboration will refine your raw ideas into a compelling narrative that radiates authenticity, allowing your voice to be heard louder than ever. Your book will not just echo your thoughts but will be a beacon of your beliefs, bridging the gap between you and your audience.

Influence, Inspire, Transform

Ghostwrite for Influence, Inspire, TransformBy sharing your insights and experiences, you can influence your industry, inspire your peers, and create a lasting impact. A well-crafted book is not just a tribute to your professional journey, but it’s also a beacon for thought, action, and transformation in your field.

Embark on the Authorship Adventure

Embark on the Authorship Adventure and Rise Above the Crowd with a ghostwritten bookThe journey to authorship is an uphill climb, but you don’t have to go it alone. Together, we can traverse the challenging terrain, navigate the obstacles, and reach the summit of your legacy. Your insightful ideas and innovative thinking deserve the spotlight.


Our Adventure in Ghostwriting

  1. Heart-to-Heart Discussions: Before putting pen to paper, it’s crucial for me to get to the heart of your narrative. This is more than a simple interview; it’s a series of conversations where we’ll explore the contours of your experiences, the highs and lows, and the lessons learned. Together, we’ll uncover the gems in your story, ensuring they shine brightly in the final piece.
  2. Deep Dives and Research: Every tale deserves depth, and every claim needs its supporting pillar. Once I’ve grasped your story’s essence, I’ll plunge into a world of research. From understanding the intricacies of your industry to studying the trends and patterns, I ensure that every chapter is not only compelling but also factually robust. This meticulous approach brings authenticity and dimension to your book, making it a trusted source for readers.
  3. Collaboration Corner: This journey is as much yours as it is mine. While I bring the craft of writing to the table, it’s your insights and experiences that form the backbone of our work. Our collaboration is a dance – you lead with your vision, and I follow, molding your thoughts into eloquent prose. With continuous feedback loops and open channels of communication, we’ll co-create a masterpiece that’s reflective of your voice and vision.
  4. Final Flourishes: Once our narrative is laid out, it’s time for the magic touch. This stage is all about refining, polishing, and ensuring every sentence, every word resonates with purpose and clarity. I’ll meticulously comb through our work, adding the finishing touches that elevate your story from good to unforgettable. Every line, every nuance is rechecked and honed until it sparkles with perfection, ensuring your readers are left spellbound from start to finish.

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My Story: How I Became a Ghostwriter

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Richard Lowe, a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning across multiple facets of the tech industry. Over the course of my 33-year technical career, I’ve had the pleasure of undertaking a range of roles, each one a unique blend of challenges and opportunities.

My journey started at the cusp of innovation and ambition, where I served as the vice president of two dynamic startups. This experience provided a launchpad for my move to work on the SCADA system for Las Vegas Valley, Ojai, and New Haven Water Districts, where I contributed as the senior designer and project manager, playing a crucial role in managing water supply for these three cities.

Following that, I found my way to Trader Joe’s, a vibrant organization teeming with energy and potential. As the Director of Technical Services and Computer Operations, I had my hand on the pulse of various essential domains – from cybersecurity to disaster recovery, SaaS, data warehousing, and enterprise application development. It was a rewarding experience that broadened my horizons and solidified my expertise in the field.

in 2013, I chose to venture down a different path and embraced the world of ghostwriting. This shift allowed me to channel my understanding of complex subjects like “Metaverse,” “AR/VR,” “Internet of Things,” “Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning,” and “Cybersecurity” into books aimed at helping leaders grow in their professions.

In addition to ghostwriting, I’ve also extended my expertise to cybersecurity technical writing, where I help businesses develop comprehensive policies and procedures. And when the opportunity arises, I enjoy assisting professionals in enhancing their LinkedIn profiles, helping them stand out in their fields.

In short, I’m Richard Lowe – a tech enthusiast, experienced professional, and a passionate writer, committed to delivering value in every endeavor.


Unleashing Your Story with a Professional Ghostwriter

Ever felt like there’s a fascinating story bubbling inside you, itching to be shared with the world, but you’re not quite sure how to put it into words? That’s where I come in as a ghostwriter. I can help you navigate the journey from idea to story, enabling you to voice your unique perspective.

So, what does it mean to be a ghostwriter? Essentially, I am a professional writer who takes your ideas, knowledge, and experiences and turns them into a polished piece of writing, such as a book, article, or speech. But unlike a traditional writer, my work remains anonymous, hence the term ‘ghostwriter’. My role is to blend into the background, leaving you, the author, to take center stage. My name doesn’t appear on the cover or credits unless you want it to.

You might be wondering, what’s the advantage of having a ghostwritten manuscript? Well, one of the main benefits is timesaving. Writing is a labor of love and can be incredibly time-consuming. By collaborating with me, you don’t have to put your life on hold to get your story out there.

Furthermore, a ghostwritten work signifies quality and professionalism. I am experienced in crafting narratives that captivate and engage. I aim to present your ideas in the best possible light, keeping the reader’s attention hooked from start to finish.

There are several misconceptions about ghostwriting and how the process works. Many people believe that having a ghostwriter means they have to relinquish control over their story. But that’s not how it works. The ghostwriting process is a shared journey. You remain the storyteller, and I am here to guide and facilitate, helping you tell your story in the most effective and engaging way possible.

The ghostwriting process starts with a conversation about your ideas, aspirations, and the message you wish to convey. I will then outline your project and create a plan for your story. We’ll have regular check-ins to review progress, make adjustments, and gather your input.

Remember, my role as a ghostwriter isn’t to replace you as the author. Instead, I work to amplify your voice and ensure that your story is told exactly as you want it. I bring structure to your thoughts, clarity to your expression, and ensure a meaningful engagement with your readers.

So, are you ready to tell your story to the world? As your ghostwriter, I could be just what you need to bring your vision to life. 📚🖊️


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