11 Nov 2020

Holiday scams and computer security with The Writing King Richard Lowe

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December 20, 2015

Holiday Scams
Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2015-12-20.mp3

Scam artists don’t take days off, especially during the holiday season. With only a few shopping days left before Christmas, it is prime time for the con artists. Many people are so busy not paying attention that they become easy and vulnerable targets. Expert guest, Community Outreach Specialist and Elderly Police Officer, Cherie Aschenbrenner, shares her tips to avoid being conned. Cherie also talks about being proactive when you are leaving your home to avoid being robbed. Internet scams are also rampant during the holidays because of peak buying. Expert cyber guest, Richard Lowe, wrote “Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex” a book about computer security. Richard says everyone should learn all that you can and follow their gut when computing. If it feels off, it most likely is, or as best said, when in doubt, do without!


Richard Lowe Computer Security Expert

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