Professional Ghostwriting

Do you know anything about professional ghostwriting services? These are freelancers who help you take that idea from your brain and expand it into a book.

I have an important story to tell and other people need to know.

Professional ghostwriting will get your book written for youThat’s the way it always starts; a desire to tell your story to the whole world. Your family and friends agree. Possibly you want to share what it felt like to stand in line at Auschwitz; maybe you were adopted and you want others to understand the experience; or you have been amazingly successful in business and want to share how you did it to help others also succeed. Or maybe you have a product or service that you’d like to promote. Perhaps you want to write novel you’ve been working on or thinking about for decades. Whatever it is, you know that a book is the answer for you.

But I Don’t Know How to Write a Book

Unfortunately, this is how it usually ends. You’re not a writer, you’ve never published a book before, and you lack the time it takes to write a book. Perhaps you have notebooks where you’ve written your thoughts and ideas, maybe you have recorded your feelings and opinions. But that’s as far as it goes.

Lack of writing skill or knowledge is one of the most common reasons that people don’t get started on their book.

I Don’t Have The Time

Maybe you been thinking about a book for a while but you’re a busy executive so never found the time. every day you think about that book that will define your expertise and help build your brand. And every day something comes up and you can get started. It could be that new business venture, a crisis, Zoom calls the go too long, and any number of other things. You know the drill – something always seems to come up.

Maybe you’re like me. I spent almost two decades writing a novel and got about halfway through. I sent that half to a few friends and they loved it and told me that I should complete the book. In fact, one of them demanded it. Yet, even so, holding down a full-time job, raising a family, and doing everything else that comes up in life got in the way.

Lack of time is another of the reasons why people don’t get started or can’t finish their book.

You Need a Professional Ghostwriter

What is a ghostwriter? According to Wikipedia, “A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.” In other words, they write your book for you! No need to worry about your time or skills. You just need to give a few interviews and review what the ghostwriter has written.

Whatever the story you want to tell, whatever you want the world to know, professional ghostwriting will help you get it all down in a way that is interesting to read.  How does a ghostwriter help you to write your book?

  • They interview you to get your ideas and concepts for the book. After all, it needs to be your book.
  • They outline your book and get your approval before proceeding.
  • They perform any research necessary.
  • They do the writing.
  • They work with you to revise it as necessary.
  • They do all of the heavy lifting needed to get your book from an idea in your mind to a finished manuscript.

Professional ghostwriting is exactly what you need to get that book that’s inside you published and out to the world.

Brand Your Business With A Book

Publishing a book about your business is the best way to establish your credibility and expertise. You get to tell your store they way you want it to be told, and then you can use it in your promotion and marketing plans. Your book becomes the foundation of how you make your business known.

Your book becomes a major tool in your marketing toolbox that you use to promote yourself. Use your book to gain speaking engagements, get notice from the media, to hand out to customers, and to get new clients or jobs.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

If you’ve got a novel inside you, just waiting for the right time to get out, wait no longer. I can help you write your novel of any genre, and tell the story the way you want it told.

Memories To Share

I’ve written several memoirs, including the biography of an Afghan politician. I can help YOU tell your story to the world.

Deadlines and Budget

I’ve been a business person most of my life, and I’ve worked hundreds of projects from beginning to successful completion. I meet deadlines.

Worldwide Professional Ghostwriting

I conduct interviews over the internet using tools such as Zoom or the telephone. I can ghostwrite your book regardless of your physical location.

Confidential Professional Ghostwriting Services

I maintain strict confidentiality of everything you tell me. That’s part of “the code of a ghostwriter”. The book will be YOURS and it will have YOUR name on the cover.

Having trouble writing your book? A professional ghostwriter might be your answerContact The Writing King today and get started on your dream of writing and publishing your book. There is nothing in the world like seeing YOUR words and ideas in print.

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world after your book has been completed and published.