Fusion Con 2017: 50 Awesome Photos

Richard Lowe Jr enjoying Fusion Con

Ghost Rider greeted me on the way into the eventFusion Con is an annual event, and this year it was held at the Safety Harbor Community Center. It’s a beautiful location with lots of street parking. As I parked, I noticed a small swamp in front of my car, surrounded by a fence with a sign that stated to watch out for alligators. Well, that’s pretty normal for Florida, I guess.

After a short walk around the community center, I ran into Ghost Rider. He stood next to half a dozen nice looking Waiting to get in to Fusion Con 2017 in the community center in Safety Harbormotorcycles. I took his picture like a good blogger, chatted with him for a few minutes, then proceeded to get in life.

I was a little early (I’m always early) so had some time to kill and looked around at all of the people. It was an interesting crowd, with lots of excitement. The youngsters seemed to be especially happy to be there. I stood in line briefly until I realized that I had been invited as a blogger and could go straight into the press table. Melissa Mabe was there, all smiles as usual, greeting people as they walked in. I’ve been to dozens of comic conventions, including Comic Con in San Diego, and this was the friendliest opening yet.

Great start to Fusion Con

Melissa Mabe greeting people as they enter Fusion Con“Off to a great start,” I thought, as I picked up a wrist band from Melissa and turned into the main exhibit hall. It was a very hot day, but even so the place was crowded from the time it opened until I left a couple of hours later. Of course, it’s nothing like Comic Con in San Diego with its 150,000 or so people, but nonetheless, I felt it was a nice sized crowd, and they all seemed to be having fun. Richard Lowe Jr enjoying Fusion Con

Melissa kindly took a photo of me, and as you can see, I was dressed for comfort. The Hawaiian shirt is left over from the days that I worked at Trader Joe’s; I had over a hundred of them when I left in 2013. They’re comfortable, even in the heat of central Florida. Star Wars stormtrooper guarding the food supply

As I entered the large hall (there were two halls), I noticed a stormtrooper diligently guarding the food. He glared at me as I passed – or at least I imagined he did but didn’t cause any trouble. I guess I didn’t look like a member of the rebellion. Fusion Con main exhibit hallNext. I entered the main exhibit hall, and as you can see it was fairly large.

This was very early in the day, and it got a lot more crowded later. Main exhibit hallAfter that, I wandered around the hall and ran into George Lowe, who is the Space Ghost. We had a great conversation about his roles on television, animated series and elsewhere.

He’s a really nice guy. Space-Ghost-300x225I realized I left my business cards outside in the car, so quickly ran to get them. On the way back, I ran into Batman, and so, of course, had to shoot a picture. Batman-300x225 And also, Spiderman.

DSC02441-300x225 April-Hunter-wrestler-300x225I had to get a picture of April Hunter. She’s a very talented lady, a wrestler, writer, model and actress. We’ve known each other for a while – we ghostwrote the same book. Jack-Swagger-300x225

After that, just a couple of tables away, I met Jack Swagger, a former WWE wrestler. We talked for a few minutes. Really nice guy. Mark O'donnel with stormtrooperTo the right is Mark O’Donnell, the president of RGA Network, posing with a Stormtrooper. All in all, a really good way to spend a day. Good quality entertainment, good food, well presented, and family friendly. I’ll make a point to go to the next one as well.

Patrons of Fusion conPatron of Fusion Con

Fusion Con PhotoFusion Con











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Richard Lowe
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How cool! It looks like Fusion Con is a very fun event. I would love to visit something like this!

Samantha Laycock

This looks like it was fun! I love how everyone dressed up!

Jennifer Passmore

It looks like a fun time, thats for sure! Everyone looks like they’re really enjoying themselves!


Fusion con seems a super fun event! I love going to events like that, they’re super awesome and so much fun for the entire family.