08 Jan 2018

Freelancing – Risk versus Reward

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Are you one of the millions of people worldwide who feel like a little piece of yourself dies every time you head off to work? If you answered yes, you need to assess and evaluate your options… and one of those options is freelancing. There is something rewarding and special about having the ability to work independently and remotely. Think of yourself as a commissioned salesperson – you eat what you kill. At the beginning of a freelance career you may be worried about from where the next injection of cash will come, but once you find your groove, pick up some clients, followed by some referrals, you’ll be on your way. Are you currently happy doing what you’re doing? Do you enjoy working for someone else? Since every decision in life comes with risks and rewards, we’ve compiled a list, so you can evaluate and judge for yourself whether or not freelancing is right for you.

What Does It Mean To Freelance?


  • Self employment – Do you have the organizational skills and discipline to be your own boss? Will you dedicate the time required to research and find new clients? Can you live without a guaranteed income? This can be a very scary proposition for many people as there is so much to consider – are you the sole bread winner in the family? Can you go for a time without an injection of cash? Do you have a bank roll to get started? If you’re still uncertain, remember that there are no guarantees that your “secure” job will always be there. We all know that the only things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes.

The risks and rewards of freelancingRewards (The fun part)

  • Freedom – Freelancing provides you the opportunity to be your own boss, work your own hours, make all the decisions and not have to answer to anyone but yourself.
  • Flexibility to work from where you want, when you want, any time of day that suits your schedule. The “when you want” could change based on the criteria imposed by your client, but you maintain the ability to work from the comfort of your home, in your PJ’s, while lounging in your favorite chair.
  • Travel – If you’re an adventurous soul in search of a career that will allow for more travel, freelancing offers the freedom and flexibility to do just that. Just ensure you have access to reliable internet.
  • Unlimited income potential – On one hand you have the worry and stress associated with not having a guaranteed income. But, the flip side is having the ability to generate more income because you are not sharing the wealth. You determine the level of effort which will reflect in the level of income earned.
  • More time for family – By eliminating your travel time to and from the office, you can now see the kids off to school and have more hours in the day to prepare proper meals and not feel like you are being rushed.
  • Save money – Travel comes at a cost. By eliminating your daily commute you’ll be saving fuel or public transit fares, as well as the money you generally spend on meals and parking while away from home.
  • Better health – The additional hours you save will allow more time to exercise, venture outdoors, or sleep longer, creating a healthier and relaxed peace of mind to be more productive and creative.

Freelancing has the potential to provide an individual with a plethora of personal rewards, while facing the threat of only one major risk. Therefore, it really comes down to two simple questions – Do you have the confidence that you can survive without a guaranteed paycheck? And do you have the wherewithal to carry yourself financially through some lean times? Ask yourself if the reward outweighs the risk. If it does – GO FOR IT!


Written by Geordie Seed, Freelance Writer

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Kathleen L.

Best decision I made was being a Freelancer, I control the time I want. It’s true in this article that it will not be easy at first but as soon you get clients and you give them satisfaction and beyond service, they will be soon returning to you and you will be referred by their friends and family. And the key to successful freelancing is your patience, determination, commitment and consistency.

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