28 Nov 2017

Nothing is Better for an Entrepreneur than a Book

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Who needs to be an author of their own book?

Any entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. In other words, anyone who runs their own business and wants to become known as the expert in their area.

Why? A book is he absolute best way to establish:

  • Credibility – What you know and backs it up with your credentials
  • Expertise – Why you are the expert in the subject area
  • Branding – What you want people to know about you, your business, products and services
  • Your message – What you tell your customers or audience

People look up to and respect authors. Anyone who has authored a book is instantly granted respect.

Why do you think famous people often publish books? One of the things in common between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is they both published books. Lee Iacocca authored his own book and Oprah Winfrey published several herself. They do this to put out their message, take control of what is thought and said about them, and to define their image.

Of course, none of these people actually wrote a book. They all most likely hired ghostwriters to create their books for them.

What do ghostwriters do?

Ghostwriters listen to their clients, do interviews, perform research, and write books. Once the book is written, they work with their clients to revise as needed until it’s ready for publication.

The interesting fact about ghostwriting is the ghostwriter is invisible. They get paid up front for the work, and usually (although not always), their name is not connected to the book and they do not collect any royalties.

The entrepreneurs name is shown on the cover as the author.

Consider authoring a book. It will put your business on the map. If you don’t have the time or are not a writer, then hire a ghostwriter to do the work for you..

There is nothing better than authoring a book to build  your brand.

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