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Failure is Success: 8 Failures You Won’t Believe!

I failed a lot in my life. But I make it a point to learn from every failure. Failure is success. That’s my motto. In 1972, when I was 12 years old, I ran away from home, but came back to protect my sister from my father (whatever you are thinking, it was worse). I.. read more →

16 Aug 2023
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Poor Price Expectations: 3 Key Insights into Ghostwriting Costs

Let’s talk about price expectations and ghostwriting. Just had a chat with a client who had a lifelong dream of writing a book. Big ambitions. Bucket list kind of stuff. They hoped the book would be their ticket out of their current rut. They wanted a book on technology and leadership. Fantastic! I’m all in… read more →

15 Aug 2023
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How 1 Small Kindness Transformed My Entire World 🌍

Discover the magic of small kindnesses: from grief to newfound community among belly dancers. Dive into a tale of unexpected connections. 📸❤️💃 read more →

04 Aug 2023
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Introvert or Extrovert: 3 Powerful Secrets to Discovering You

Dive into a personal journey from as I struggle with being an introvert or extrovert, capturing the challenges and triumphs faced along the way. read more →

03 Aug 2023
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Internet Trolls: Unlock the 16 Behaviors That Attract Them!

Internet trolls can make your online experience miserable. In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chatroom, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into.. read more →

04 Sep 2020
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How Mick Foley’s Legacy Improved My Perspective in 3 Ways

In 1993, I met a beautiful Guatemalan woman named Claudia. She was beautiful, with long black hair, a friendly attitude and outgoing personality. She was born in Guatemala but raised in Louisiana, giving her a thick accent combining the two cultures. We went on three dates, one each weekend, and then were married. We literally.. read more →

24 Jan 2020
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Cell Phones vs. The Real World: 6 Powerful Reality Checks

Let’s talk about cell phones. Have you noticed that people in general are so focused on these small screens that they forget where they are and become almost hypnotized? Here are a few incidents that I’ve observed. I was driving in the fast lane and some idiot was moving at less than 30 miles an.. read more →

02 Sep 2019
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Prejudice and Racism: An Incredible Bus Ride in 1960 that Changed My Life

In the 1960s, the United States was very different than today. People had a different attitude and many of the behaviors of those times would not be tolerated today. There is much to be admired about those years — after all, that’s when we landed on the moon — but there are also many things.. read more →

11 Aug 2019
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5 Pillars of My Philosophy for Lasting Happiness

My name is Richard Lowe Jr, and this article contains a summary of my philosophy. You can find out more about my employment history at my LinkedIn page and you can visit my online photo albums. I have many talents and I like to pursue life with verve and gusto, yet of course with full.. read more →

31 May 2015
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The Powerful Phoenix and the Dragon

Some of you have asked why I have a phoenix tattoo on one arm and a dragon on the other… The last time I communicated with my parents they told me I was “lucky” to have a good job, to have friends, and to be where I am. What a degradation that was! I was.. read more →

08 Oct 2011
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