Embrace Coloring Therapy: 10 Ways it Can Boost Your Mood!

Guest post by Bonnie K.T. Dillabough About Coloring Therapy

Nestled in the heart of my early memories, you’ll find a home steeped in affection and wisdom, lovingly curated by my grandparents. My grandmother, a lady of remarkable creativity and artistic prowess, held a singular role in shaping my youthful world. One of the enduring memories I have of her was the advent of our special times together when her collection of artists’ coloring books and an array of coloring pencils would come to light. This was much more than a playful diversion—it was an immersive plunge into what we now understand as “coloring therapy”.

Dragons Coloring Book is excellent coloring therapyOn sun-dappled afternoons, the kitchen table would transform into our coloring studio. Bathed in sunlight streaming through the garden window, we’d set out on our artistic ventures. Instead of coloring frenzy, each session of coloring therapy would start gently, guided by a lesson in art. Her teachings, a balance of theory and practice, would hold us captive, offering fresh perspectives on the use of colored pencils to breathe life into an ordinary drawing.

This version of coloring therapy wasn’t confined to meticulously staying within the lines. It was an exploration of colors, a study of light and shadow, and an experiment in applying these insights to our creative endeavors. We were introduced to the wonders of creating new colors and shades. We learned to blend harmoniously, and how to impart a sense of texture to our drawings.

Although my life took a different turn and I did not walk the path of an artist, these early encounters with coloring therapy instilled in me a deep appreciation for the art. It allowed me to discover the beauty of creation and the joy that even the simplest tools can produce when wielded with intention and love.

The tranquil serenity I found during our coloring therapy sessions remains a vivid memory, a testament to the healing power of shared creativity. We would sit together, absorbed in our coloring projects, punctuating the peace with chatter and shared stories. Even now, I can evoke that scene effortlessly—the sounds, the smells, the enveloping warmth—it feels as if it happened only yesterday.

Coloring Therapy Today

Today, when I engage in coloring therapy, I’m transported back to those carefree days. An unbidden smile finds its way to my face as I surrender to the sheer pleasure of the coloring experience. It’s this sense of joy that I am passionate about sharing with my friends and family. This led me to promote the adult coloring book experience within my circle and even sponsor a local coloring book initiative at our community center. After all, no one is ever too old to bask in the calming ambiance of coloring therapy.

The therapeutic benefits of coloring therapy are increasingly recognized by psychologists and behavioral therapists. It has found its place in the toolbox of therapeutic interventions, providing relief to those struggling with PTSD, anxiety, stress disorders, and even Alzheimer’s. I often ponder if my grandmother was aware of the profound, calming effects that her simple sessions of coloring therapy could have.

If you’re yet to experience the calming rhythms of coloring therapy, I would highly recommend it. Begin by choosing a lovely coloring book that speaks to you—they come in countless styles and themes. Arm yourself with some coloring pencils or markers, find a quiet space, and give yourself permission to simply sit and color. You might find that the act of coloring therapy becomes even more enjoyable when shared. Consider joining a coloring group with your kids or other adults. Many libraries now facilitate coloring groups, and there are numerous options on platforms like Meetup.com. The joy and tranquility brought about by coloring therapy is a delight to be shared, cherished, and remembered.

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough is the author the Dimensional Alliance series and of the coloring book series, “Peaceful Patterns Coloring Therapy” with her the first book in the series just out on Amazon.com “Joy is in the Journey“.

Please note, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the book links provided in this article.

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