14 Gut-Busting Tips to Choosing a Book Topic – Because Writing Shouldn’t be as Dull as a DMV Waiting Room!

Choosing a book topic fills many writers with dread. What the heck do you write about? How about using humor as a way to get those topics that truly shine?

Gut-Busting Tips to Choosing a Book TopicEvery aspiring author has had a showdown with the intimidating, glaring white abyss we call the ‘blank page.’ Trust me, it’s as much a universal truth as gravity – nobody’s exempt. Not even the best of us. I’m talking about literary giants, who, just like us mere mortals, have sometimes found themselves staring into this abyss, waiting for an idea to materialize. We’ve all been there, gulping down coffee like it’s the elixir of life, pacing around the room, desperately hoping for that much-anticipated light bulb moment. So, let’s just say, if you’re wondering about choosing a book topic, you’re in stellar company!

Now, it’s time to don our metaphorical adventure gear as we prepare to venture into this seemingly intimidating terrain. But remember, fellow writer, we’re taking this journey with a twist. Instead of trembling with trepidation, we’re going to navigate this labyrinth with a grin on our faces, a chuckle in our throats, and the firm belief that the pen (or the keyboard, in this case) is mightier than the sword. You see, we’re not merely embarking on a journey to find a book topic. Oh no, we’re transforming this daunting endeavor into a comedy fest.

That’s right! Our quest for the perfect book topic will be speckled with humor, offering laughter in the face of writerly woes. Each twist and turn, each bump in the road, is simply another opportunity to chuckle, another anecdote to weave into our grand authorial journey. And believe me, by the time we’re done, not only will we have successfully chosen a fantastic book topic, but we’ll have laughed our way through the process. So, buckle up, strap on your humor hat, and let’s dive in, one chuckle at a time!

Your Story – The Sitcom of Your Life

The journey to expertise isn’t exactly a smooth ride. It’s an array of hair-pulling and hilarious blunders. Remember that time you mistook a client for a janitor? Or when you misunderstood an important deadline and ended up rushing a proposal at 3 AM? That’s the stuff readers connect with. It’s the comical essence of your personal journey that makes you more than just a faceless expert. Your quirks and bloopers make you relatable.

Take your readers on this joy ride that is your life. The big moments, the small ones, the profound, and the downright absurd. Let them see the human behind the professional mask. Remember, it’s not about inflating your ego, but deflating it with humor. The goal isn’t just about showcasing yourself as an expert, but as a real, laugh-out-loud human being.

When choosing a book topic, don’t shy away from shedding light on your journey. Your personal narrative is the perfect playground for a unique and engaging book. Readers enjoy a well-written account of triumphs, trials, and the occasional misstep. In other words, work on building personal narrative with humor.

The Comedy Behind Your Products or Services

choosing a topicEvery great product or service has a tale, often one filled with laughs. Was your million-dollar idea born from a misadventure, or an experiment gone hilariously wrong? Perhaps the concept struck when you spilled coffee on your laptop, causing a caffeine-fueled epiphany? These comedic elements can turn any mundane backstory into a captivating tale.

Why are your offerings important? How do they bring joy or solve hysterically ridiculous problems in people’s lives? The key here isn’t to sell but to narrate and amuse. After all, your readers aren’t looking for a sales pitch; they’re in it for the story, the chuckles, and the character that is you.

Unveiling the story behind your offerings can make for an intriguing book topic. It provides context, stokes curiosity, and adds a sprinkle of humor to your narrative. When your readers understand the journey of your products or services, they develop a deeper connection with your brand and, most importantly, with you. For example, you can make boring product descriptions more fun by putting some humor in product backstories.

The Joy of Learning – Laughing All the Way

Knowledge doesn’t have to be a bitter pill. In fact, it can be a sweet delight when coated with a layer of humor. When choosing a book topic, consider the fun-filled adventure you can take your readers on by explaining the science, history, or technical details behind your products and services. Who said learning can’t be fun?

Maybe you can explain complex jargon using hilarious metaphors, or perhaps there’s a funny incident that perfectly demonstrates a concept. Your readers should feel like they’re learning from a friend, not sitting through a tedious lecture. When they close your book, they should not only feel enlightened but also entertained.

Remember, in a world where information is just a Google search away, it’s the humorous, quirky, and unique explanations that make your book stand out. In other words, work on making learning fun with humor.

Using Humor for Fiction Topics

Picking a novel topic, now that’s another giggle-fest, isn’t it? You could almost hear the cosmic roulette wheel spinning in the universe, waiting to land on “epic space opera” or “time-traveling rom-com”. Choosing a book topic for fiction can often feel like trying to catch a greased pig at a county fair.

“But how do I choose?” you may ask. The trick, dear writer, is to marry your passion with what your readers can’t get enough of. I know, I know, it sounds like trying to square the circle, right? Just remember, “writing what you know” doesn’t mean you’re confined to penning memoirs about that one summer you spent playing Fortnite. You know more than you think. Your favorite movie genres, that painting that moved you in an art gallery, or that time you got lost in the city – they can all spark a stellar story idea for choosing a book topic.

Just as you think you’re onto something, the plot thickens! We’ve all been there, my friend, deep into the night, questioning the very fabric of our plot, wrestling with characters more stubborn than a mule, constantly editing and rewriting until our masterpiece turns into a peculiar mix of The Matrix, Pride and Prejudice, and The Hangover. But fret not, because this chaos is part of the journey in choosing a book topic.

You see, writing fiction is like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle while the pieces are continuously changing shape. You’ve got to take a step back, have a hearty laugh at the predicament, and bravely dive back in. After all, the beauty of choosing a book topic for your novel lies in this unpredictability, in the constant whirlwind of ideas, in the joy of creating a world woven from the threads of your imagination. Remember, everyone loves a good story, but they can’t resist a tale told with passion and humor. So go on, take the leap, and let your creativity run wild. In this journey of choosing a book topic, you’ll surely find your narrative!

Ghostwriters Are the Secret to Writing a Book Filled with Humor

Ah, the captivating world of ghostwriting, where the laughter is secret but the impact is undeniable. As a writer, stepping into the realm of ghostwriting opens up a whole new dimension of comedic exploration. So, how does this unique craft intertwine with the whimsical art of choosing a fiction book topic?

Imagine being the hidden hand behind the laughter, crafting jokes and stories that resonate with readers while remaining incognito. Ghostwriting allows writers to don various masks, embodying the voices of different authors and genres. It’s like being a comedic chameleon, adapting to various styles and personalities with every project.

When it comes to choosing a book topic as a ghostwriter, the key lies in harnessing your own comedic genius while honoring the author’s vision. You become a conduit for their humor, capturing their unique perspective and infusing it into the narrative. It’s like finding the perfect rhythm, the punchline that will elicit laughter and keep readers hooked.

Ghostwriting offers writers the chance to explore an array of fiction book topics, from side-splitting comedies to heart-pounding thrillers. It allows you to delve into the minds of others, discovering their untold stories and transforming their ideas into literary gems that ignite laughter in readers’ hearts. The art lies in striking a delicate balance, seamlessly merging your own comedic flair with the essence of the author’s voice.

So, if you find yourself wielding the ghostwriter’s pen, embrace the whimsy, the unexpected twists, and the power of laughter. Each project becomes an opportunity to showcase your versatility as a writer while delivering stories that captivate and amuse. Ghostwriting becomes a delightful collaboration, where your comedic talents intertwine with the visions of others, leaving a lasting impact on both the author and the readers who revel in the comedic journey you create together.

Conclusion: The Punchline of Choosing a Book Topic

A great book isn’t about making a hard sell; it’s about making a hearty laugh. Your book isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s a comedy show, a narrative, a confidante that builds lasting relationships with your readers. When they turn the last page, they should feel like they’ve just had a great conversation, full of wisdom and laughter, with an old friend.

When choosing a book topic, remember that humor is your secret weapon. It doesn’t just keep your readers entertained, but it also makes your content memorable. So, let loose and let your humorous side shine through every word, every anecdote, and every piece of advice.

Remember, the process of choosing a book topic shouldn’t be a chore; it should be a laugh-out-loud journey. Enjoy the ride and let your readers enjoy it too.

Richard Lowe
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Allison C

I couldn’t help but think of Fran Leibowitz as I read your article. After writing a couple of very funny books in the 1970s, she has been the writer’s block among blocks. But then she’s been lucky to be able to transform herself into an erudite semi-comedian. Nevertheless, I think you are absolutely right about using humor to get one’s creative juices flowing. Great idea to make writing more fun and less daunting!

The Joyous Living

I am trying to finish my first full length book and will have to remember your advise. “remember that humor is your secret weapon.” I like that. Saving this for later.

Catherine Kay

Choosing a book topic can be daunting, but these tips are a game-changer! Thanks for making the process so much more exciting and engaging.


I’ve always thought humor is such a powerful tool in driving a story, no matter the genre. I have read some autobiographies that had me laughing out loud.


I love this so much! I have read books in my niche, and I had to put them down because they were just sooooo boring. They need personality!


It is good to find topics that are interesting and that make writing enjoyable! These are great ideas for picking just the right topic for a successful book.


Such a helpful article on writing. I’m sure I’ll use these tips going forward.

Veronica Samos

I really enjoyed your article on choosing a book topic with humor! Your tips are incredibly entertaining, making the daunting task of book writing seem much more approachable and fun.


I so wish that I had more humor in my writing, I even wish my personality could make people laugh more! If I need to write something funny, I need to hire you!


This is the perfect cure for being stuck in a creative rut. Sometimes we all just need a little inspiration to keep writing – especially clever humour!